Have you been given the responsibility of organizing the monthly office birthday party for a team member (s)? Apart from ensuring that the venue is well-set and there is good food, cake, drinks, and snacks for a memorable event, you need to come up with office birthday party games for everyone to have fun.

    What are good group games? You need to think of quick fun office games that everyone will participate in. Apart from keeping the party going, such games will make participants bond, and this will go a long way in creating teamwork at the workplace.

    10 Best Office Birthday Party Games for Your Team

    Most offices hold birthday parties every month to celebrate one or more employees who were born that month. This helps enhance employee recognition efforts at the workspace. Apart from the regular cake and wine, why not include employee engagement fun activities in the office during such an event to further motivate the team? Here are the top10 outdoor and indoor office party games that you should try.

    1. Musical Chairs

    What games can we play in office? Start with the obvious then slowly introduce new challenging games. They say that the inner child in adults cannot resist some little fun, so why not try musical chairs? Organize enough chairs minus one in a circle for the members. While standing, make the group sing a song that everyone knows, and when the song ends, the person who cannot find a seat is out. Every time a person is out, remove one chair so that there is one less, and the winner will be the last person who remains after everyone is eliminated.

    1. Guess Whose Job

    Everyone has a story to tell about their work. In this game, each person writes down two job-related facts on two different pieces of paper. As the game’s leader, shuffle the papers then let the members pick two papers randomly. Each person should guess whose job has been narrated in the paper.

    1. Don’t Laugh

    Birthdays are happy events that can be made more exciting with outdoor or indoor office games for employees like Don’t Laugh. This is one of the as little as one minute indoor games for office, depending on the number of team members, whereby everyone forms a circle and quickly takes a turn to look at the next person, then say hahaha or hohoho, while making faces, going clockwise. The person who laughs is out; therefore, the winner is the last person standing. Simple and fun, right?

    party balloons

    1. Belly Balloon Break

    It is a birthday celebration, and you can make more use of the balloons used to decorate the space by playing Belly Balloon Break. In pairs, let the team members pop balloons by squeezing them between their chests without touching. The winning pair is the one that will have many balloons.

    1. Blind Artist

    Can your team members coordinate to succeed? In the spirit of promoting teamwork, randomly pair up players and make them sit back to back. Give a picture to each of the players on one side, and a blank piece of paper and a pencil to the ones facing the opposite side. One pair after another, let the one with a picture describe the image using indirect words, and their partner draws what he/she thinks was described. You can then award the best pair.

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    1. Hamburger

    In pieces of paper, write down different ingredients for making two different burgers, then tape each note at the back of each team member. Members should then assemble in the order that the burgers were made to form two different teams. The first team to organize themselves wins. Instead of a burger, you can try common food known by everyone in the team.

    1. Truth or Lie

    In two groups, every team member should write down two truths, and one lie about themselves. The papers will then be mixed and exchanged with those of the opponent group. The opposing team is supposed to open one paper at a time, identify the person, and say which statement is a lie. The winning team is the one that will have more right answers. This will help to know if your team members actually know each other.

    1. Name the Song

    Are you thinking of a themed office birthday party? If so, you can go the extra mile by selecting the type of music that will be played and inform the members that country, rock, or whichever genre will be the songs of the day. In this game, play the first three to five seconds of a song, and the team member who shouts the right answer first gets points, and anyone who can sing the next line knows the singer or year of release gets extra points.

    Playing tug of war
    Playing tug of war
    1. Tug of war

    Do you have good space outside your office for team building and other outdoor office activities? If yes, the tug of war is a good game to try. Divide the team into two equal groups. Bring along, solid rope, then make the members of the two groups line up behind each other, but opposite the other group with space in between. They should then hold the rope and pull. The members that cross to the side of the other team will be the losers.

    1. Do Opposite

    This simple office birthday party game is played by assigning one team member to give directions to the other players. However, the players are supposed to do the opposite. For instance, if the leader says standstill, members are supposed to walk or move. If someone does exactly what is said, then they are out.

    Other games

    • ABC Challenge
    • Office Photo Hunt Game
    • Wiggle Away Relay
    • The Statue Game
    • Work Bingo

    The 10 above are the best office birthday party games to cheer up your members and at the same time build teamwork that will translate to their day to day jobs. Baring in mind the time factor, select a few that everyone will enjoy and want to participate. Try them and share with us your experience in the comment section below.

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