Anyone who loves Harry Potter knows that any party they hold will have it somewhere in the theme. Harry Potter makes an excellent theme whether you are holding a graduation party or a birthday party for kids. But how does one organize an exquisite party that will have everyone enjoying the moment? Below are unique ideas for both DIYs and non-DIYs for the party. Please find a way of tweaking everything to make it work for you.

    Start with the Perfect Invitation card.

    As you organize the party of a lifetime, the fun should begin at the invitation stage. Make the cards have a touch of Harry Potter by making them wizardry. This can be an excellent crafting opportunity for you and the kids to create Hogwart stamps that you can use on the invitation cards. Make it as interesting and believable as possible. If you are a die-hard fan of the movie and books, then you can be creative with this. Use the same stamp during any of the party games.

    Floating Candles

    Remember that this is a magical themed party, and all the decor and games should give a hint of the same. Floating candles should feature somewhere in any of the games and decor. Use LED lights in paper lamp shades. Please find a way of making other shapes such as Harry Potter’s characters and use the same technique of having them floating around. The kids will love playing pretend games with these figures.

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    Balloon Games

    Balloons make a significant part of any party regardless of the theme one goes with. Including them in a Harry Potter party only works if you do some adjustments and art. Draw a few owls with different colors to make them a significant feature at the party. Kids will be happy playing around with these balloons.

    Building Sorting Hats

    A Harry Potter party is not complete until it has a few straw hats in it. Rather than buying these hats, make the kids attending the party make them. Bring in different colored papers and have a craft corner. This is one of the easiest ways to have the kids exercise their creative minds. Let them get as creative as they can with the sorting hats.

    harry potter sorting hat

    House Scarves

    Making colorful house scarves is one of the highlights of any Harry Potter party. This is an exciting thing to do with all the kids that attend the party. They will appreciate playing with the colorful yarns. Some of the scarves will not be anything anyone can wear to another gathering, but the experience is something they will cherish for life. Just make sure to have an adult at this station supervising everything they are doing. For very young kids, have fabrics and paint rather than real yarn. It is all about being creative.

    Snack Labeling

    Parties do not have to be about typical fun that most kids are used to. Think outside the box and have them do something different but still fun. Organize the different snacks in jars and have the kids create unique labels. They can draw inspiration from the story and come up with names that only they can identify. The adults may be confused by the names, but you can be sure that the kids will enjoy this.

    Let the Kids Make their Own Drinks

    Magic makes everything better when it is used properly, at least according to Harry Potter.

    Involve the kids in making their own drink. Let them mix all the flavors they want as long as there is no alcoholic drink involved. They will be happy playing pretend bartenders and mixologists for their little friend. Let them name the different colored drinks and some of the strange names from the movie. This kind of role-playing makes for some memorable times for the kids.

    Make Wand Making Part of the Games

    Kids will enjoy flipping their wands around as they pretend to be the best or worst magicians. Consider having a station that the kids can participate in making their own wands. An adult can supervise this process to minimize chances of accidents as the kids handle knives and blades. It will be a fun activity for them to enjoy.

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    Flying Keys Games

    Strange animals fly in the Harry Potter movie. You can try to recreate the same shapes using keys and transparent threads that make the keys appear as though they are floating or flying. Include this in the magical treatment and narrations to capture the attention of the kids.


    Use colored hula hoops to make circular quidditch and have the kids pretend to fly through them in magical brooms. They will definitely enjoy doing this. Add a twist to it by making it a competition for them to fight for a price.

    Whatever game ideas you have for the party, make sure that it is exciting and interesting for all the kids. Choose games they can relate to and actually participate in.