For everyone’s birthday party you will want to have fun. Make memories that keep this day special and helps you enjoy yourself with your friends. For 60th birthday it should even be more fun as you approach the senior citizen league. Some of the games include trivial, dictionary, heads-up, bingo, truth and dare, and many more.

    1. Birthday Bingo Game

    It’s one of the funniest games you can enjoy on your 60th birthday with the grandchildren or even agemates. Consider adding more energy to the game with a few twists. To enjoy the game more, ensure you follow the following tips;

    • Play different styles of the bingo game
    • Use food for the game.
    • Alter the bingo cards
    • Double the prizes
    • Human Bingo
    1. Heads Up

    This game requires an app from Appstore or Google Play. You need to download and enjoy hours of entertainment on your great day with the guests. The game brings all of you together, concentrate making it more interesting because everyone wants to win. It can include animals, movies, public figures, celebrities, and more.

    1. Telephone Pictionary

    It’s a hilarious cross-game between telephone and dictionary drawing game.  The game requires no unique materials besides standard paper and pens.  It involves writing and drawing phrases among friends and a lot of thinking.

    It creates fun when people see how the phrase has evolved from the original person to the others. The art of guessing makes the game entertaining. Keep repeating the game steps until the original paper gets to the owner and makes the fun charting the sentence and pictures.

    1. Truth or Dare

    It’s a simple game that everyone knows about, including the kids. The game can become wild or tame depending on how the guests decide. To make it more fun and allow the guest of honor to enjoy, understand their abilities and hobbies. Even if caught off- guard, they will have fun. Ensure the daring ideas aren’t things that are overboard, especially for the birthday mama or dad.

    truth or dare

    1. Human Cluedo

    Depending on how long you want to host your birthday party, the game can last for hours to several days.  Whether the party will be at home, a hotel, or even a camping site, the game can help add a lot of fun to everyone. The game requires the guests to have the target, weapon, location, and the fun plays out. The mission is to kill the target by being more cunning and not trusting anyone.  You can watch movies on what clues to use to make it creative and even more fun.

    1. Cards Against Humanity

    It’s an absolute classic game, especially for parents with simple rules to follow.  The game pleases everyone, and it’s highly replayable.  However, the game is not for the faint of heart, especially of the awkwardness from the cards’ insensitive nature.

    To overcome the feeling, ensure the guests have more common interests or background. Those who match the cards draw big laughs and more opportunities for funny pairings throughout the game. The absurdity of the pairings creates funny moments, which is the ultimate charm of the game.

    1. Dictionary

    To enjoy the game, you should have a dictionary, paper, and pens. It’s fun for people to guess the word correctly, which makes your mind attentive. The game helps you relieve all your mental stress because you have to think fast to spell correctly. Every correct guess you make earns you a point, or even when someone else makes the same definition as yours.

    The game is always new every time you play it and fit all ages and skills. It’s the best fit for your birthday dinner with a small quiet gathering of around 8-10 people. If you many guests, you can have the game in several groups.

    1. Chocolate Game

    This game is a great laugh and fun for all ages, especially since winning means enjoying a delicious chocolate bar. It’s suitable for a birthday party dinner. Have a chocolate bar and combine it with dress-ups to get the fabulously game set.

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    The game can be rowdy as doubles come thick and fast. The leader should be ready to change the game rules if one doesn’t get a chance to eat the chocolate using double 3, double four, or double five rules.

    1. Sheet Mime

    The game has many ways of playing it, but the basic rules are the same. It’s the same as Charade though it’s a little bit hard. Adults can have much fun with the game, even in kids’ presence. The game contains four different rounds, with each having an extra level of difficulty.

    The game is flexible, and you can change it to deliver the words the way you like them.  It’s fun trying to describe a name in one word, acting it out under a sheet, or even using your eyes.

    1. Musical Chairs

    The game is more of a dance and exercise, too, creating fun as people play it. It best for all kinds of ages, from kids to adults. The aim is to keep the members dancing to the rhythm as they go round, and when the music is over, everyone should sit on a chair.

    1. Charade Whispers

    It’s an excellent game for a group of people who want fun. The game telephone charade puts a twist on the typical charades, you know. It may be tricky, but it will have all rolling on the floor with laughter because it’s much fun.

    1. Wiki Top List Trivia

    The game is suitable for everyone and people of different interests. The questions split into rookie and pro formats and cover a wide range of activities, including sports, entertainment, health, and more. The game determines the players’ ability to answer general knowledge and common culture questions.

    These are some of the best fun games to have at your 60th birthday party.  You should consider having some of them on your birthday for joyous, memorable moments.