Parties without games are dull. Fortunately, having a theme for your event makes it easy to choose appropriate games that work out for kids and adults alike. When you decide to go with a Dory-themed party, the following games will undoubtedly work out correctly.

    They are not only exciting but also engaging and fun to do. What’s more, these games do not age restrictive, meaning that anyone attending the party will love them. However, most Finding Dory-themed parties are for kids, considering that the show is a kid’s show. Ensure that the décor and games you pick are familiar and that all the kids attending the party will enjoy role-playing and mimicking their favorite characters. It is a great idea to recreate some of the scenes and have the kids participate. Below are a few picks that you will love.

    1. Finding Dory Sprinkler Game

    If you can find the Fining Dory sprinkler with the decorations and protruding balloon-like features, then this would be great. However, you may need to have an adult supervise the kids because they may be tempted to push the balloon sprinkler to release water in all directions. Fortunately, in case this happens, and they break it, a regular sprinkler will do. Just make sure to ask parents to get their kids to find Dory-themed swimsuits. You can be sure they will enjoy running in the water in their bathing costumes right after they have a little snack.

    1. Craft Station

    Get yourself a few craft pieces such as colored sand, mason jars, some shells, water-resistant papers, and pens. You can put a few images from the Finding Dora show to help the kids trace out their favorite characters as they make mini-aquariums with the available material. Appoint one adult to watch over them to avoid making such a huge mess. The good news is that they will love making different pieces that you and the other adults will enjoy relaxing for a few hours.

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    1. Shell Hunt

    Have a large sand truck delivered in your backyard and hide in a few shells for the kids to find. Buy shells that resemble those from the show and make the kids find specific ones. You can throw in a few neutral shells to make the game enjoyable. It is possible to give the game an even more exciting twist by adding a prize for whoever finds a specific shell. The kids will be busy at work as they dig into the sand. It would be a great idea to request those attending the party to change clothes because they will need showering after this game.

    1. The Photo Booth

    Here is an activity that can include the adults. Make the session more exciting by having a few silly eyeglasses at the booth for anyone who wants to role-play. Make silly videos and take photos to remind yourselves of the fun in the future. Your little daughter or son will certainly remember this day for a long time to come.

    photo booth party ideas

    1. Décor station

    Nothing excites kids more than having colors all around them. Please make a special station with all the necessary colors and material for them to create their take-aways. You can have a few inspirational pieces that they can look at. However, allow each kid to be as creative as they want to be, and you will be surprised at how much they can create. This should be a great chance for them to bond with the part kid.

    1. Quiz and answer session

    Please find out how well the kids know their favorite show. You can be as creative as you want with this quiz-answer session. The bottom line is to pick the most intriguing questions and find out who knows the show better. Have a few candy treats or toys for those who answer most questions well.

    1. Role-Playing

    Are you wondering how to get the kids to participate without much resistance? Well, you can create little fancy costumes and ask them to role-play their favorite scenes. Allow them to imitate the characters’ sounds and voices, making them feel as though the entire re-enactment is real.

    1. Story Time

    This idea is great for parties, especially towards the end of the event. Kids will probably be worn out from playing in the pool and overeating cake and candy that something relaxing would be better for them. You can create a cozy story corner and have them sit around. Rather than have an adult read the story to them, have each kid take part by reading a portion of the story. They will enjoy and look forward to their turn. It is the perfect way to end a long day.

    1. Let them Play with Finding Dory Paper plate Puppets.

    One of the other easy ways to have the kids participate at the party is to get them playing puppets. Buy several Find Dory paper plates and have the kids role-play with the puppets in turns. You will learn what eat kids love from the show just by watching them narrate different scenes. It will be fun.

    1. Have a Little Kitchen for the Cake Lovers

    Do you have girls and boys who enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking? If so, then playing pretend kitchen will be a great idea. Buy kitchen accessories that match the theme and have them prepare. Finding Dory cookies and cupcakes. They can then serve everyone at the party or have a nice little tea party.

    1. Fashion Catwalk Event

    Let the little boys and girls show off their fashion sense by organizing a little fashion show as part of the party games. You can have a few themed attires for them to choose from. Allow them to accessorize and play around with safe makeup and colors. This should be fun.

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    1. Fruit Punch Competition

    Food challenges are a highlight for any party. Have the kids compete for a Find Dory toy. Mix enjoyable fruit juices and add a dash f blue color to rhyme with the party’s theme. The rest of the attendants can cheer as the kids have fun competing.

    The idea is to ensure everyone feels that they belong. Choose exciting but straightforward games for all.