When you have a child’s birthday party, you can’t go wrong with a pirate theme. A Pirate-themed party should have fun pirate party games for the little guests to enjoy. You might be surprised at how the kids will be happy running around and playing with each other. Therefore, a pirate party is a great theme for all kids who like action and a wild imagination. These ideas will help you plan activities for the ultimate pirate party.

    1. Walk the Plank/ Pirate Duel

    It’s a fun game to play for any party occasion with older kids. The plank game helps in balance, coordination, and teamwork. That’s why the game is suitable for older kids as younger kids may feel frustrated, especially in coordination.  The kids enjoy it so much and learn to work as a team.

    For more fun, you need to separate the group into two teams. Make two groups start and finish lines for each. The game’s main aim is for the whole team to walk the plank to the finish line without falling.

    1. A Treasure Hunt

    You can make up anything for the clues. If the party has many guests, divide them into groups. The game offers a massive amount of endless fun and improves both physical and intellectual development. Its best, therefore, to have the game outdoors to encourage the kids to find the treasure, be active, and explore.

    However, you can still do the game anywhere, though an outdoor space makes it more fun. You require to have papers and pencils to prepare clues, a treasure to hide like the birthday goodies, and someone to supervise the kids as you hide the treasure.

    1. Talk the Walk Pirate Game

    It’s a game that you need to growl a lot and yell your words with a scowl on your face. It’s mostly for school-going kids as it targets receptive languages using repetitive sentences, answering questions, and following directions. This game is also best to have in speech and occupational therapy or lower primary.

    The game helps the kids work on fine motor skills and even integrate the sensory input. The game will be best if with mixed groups to help them improve articulation and language skills.

    1. Pin the Patch on the Pirate

    The patch is another pirate-themed version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You require a patch and pirate that you cut out from cardboard. To make your work easier, involve the kids in preparation, as they will learn too. The game tests the child’s ability to sense while being blindfolded as they have to pin the patch on the pirate.

    1. Captain Says

    The game has a leader who acts as a captain, either an adult or one of the children. The captain commands what to do, giving the kids a chance to exercise and make fun at the same time. For instance, the captain can command one to walk like a frog, dance, have the hands-on head, and so many others.

    1. Seasick Sailors

    A game mostly for older pirates, but the kids will love it too. The goal is for the kids to act like they are sick and start throwing up like the pirates can in the sea. The game allows the kids to learn acting skills as the prize goes to the most realistic one.  It inspires creativity, and at the same time, the kids get to enjoy it.

    1. Captain’s Coming

    The game has a variation on Captain Says. The games help the kids build team-building activities and practice listening to instructions carefully. The activity involves cooperation, movement, laughing, and lots of fun. The kids enjoy following the instructions of their boss, the captain.  Its also called Pirate ship, captains’ orders, ship captain, etc.

    1. Find the Crocodile

    It’s a popular game that requires more than a timer and active imagination. It works best for eight or fewer players, and one of them hunts for a ticking crocodile. The game is much fun, especially for fans of Peter Pan.

    1. Bobbing Apples

    Hang colored apples at the kid’s height, and the kids have to bite them with their hands behind their backs.  It’s simple and a classic game that brings excitement as the kids try their best to bite the apple. It’s a unique way to get the kids outside for their daily sunshine dose and exercise.

    1. Frozen Pirates

    This game works better with music, and the kids have to dance around and entertain themselves.  The kids also learn to hop around on one leg as they still dance, and the one who can stay long becomes the winner. The game teaches kids some dancing, motor skills, and balancing.

    1. Sword Fight Pirate Game

    The kids have to fight like real pirates using a breadstick for a sword, with the goal being to break the breadstick of your opponent. The other kids observe and cheer, waiting for their turn too for the one who loses.  Each moment the kids yearn for their opportunity to join the league. The players have to be keen on their breadsticks, not to breaks, or else they have to surrender the fight.

    1. Pirate’s Parrot

    A stuffed parrot is a classic music game player that you stop randomly as the kids dance.  It tests the kid’s attention skills to the game’s instructions. The kids also get to exercise as they dance. The parrot should copy the word that the pirate says. But to make it fun, the parrot becomes naughty and says the opposite, so the child should have a sharp memory of giving opposite words as the music stops.

    1. Water Beach Ball Relay

    A game that best suits older kids due to the high level of patience required. The kids learn to aim at the ball with water spray and focus on pushing the beach ball. The team plays in turns to see who moves the ball further with their water guns, and if one team runs out of water, the other takes over. Younger kids can quickly get irritated with the tactics used for the game and lack patience.

    1. Pirate Scavenger Hunt

    A game that the kids play outdoors to get their feet wet as they trace the treasure. You can use more items as a treasure like chocolate coins, candy necklaces, ring pops, and hard cards that resemble stones. You have to hide the things beforehand and allow the kids to think and get creative on where to search.

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    1. Water War

    Let the kids have fun with water guns as they fight. They will have a blast getting each other wet allover out of the water fight. Let them use water sponges from the ducky throw and strategically filed water stations all over the compound.


    Pirate games make kids have fun and get worn out at the end of the day, after running up and down. The kids will exercise their mind and body too as they play the games. The games also teach them other skills like creativity, communication, critical thinking, self-control, teamwork, and handling challenges. The main goal is to entertain the kids.