What do you do at a toddlers birthday party? While cutting the cake and blowing candles are conventional activities, there are tons of ideas to celebrate your kid’s second birthday and brighten their face with lasting sweet memories. Your child only turns two once making 2 year old birthday party games an integral part of the celebration. Read further for more ideas and insights concerning the 2nd birthday party games.

    When coming with a list of games for toddlers to play on the eve of their birthday, it is essential to bear in mind that they do not always find common games appealing. For this reason, follow the path of fun and non-competitive activities and games. It is for a fact that toddlers are highly patient yet it is hard to figure out what they enjoy most. Below are ideas on winner games that will cheer up your little king or queen with lots of love.

    2 year old birthday party activities

    1. Musical bash

    A longtime hobby for most toddlers is singing and dancing. For this reason, incorporating sing along actions and musical plays such as drums, maraca, and tambourines is a good idea. While on the game you can get the kids to sing catchy songs such as; itsy bitsy spider, if you’re happy and you know it, head and shoulders, knees and toes, the wheels on the bus, and ring around the Rosie. Kids deserve fun on their birthday through different activities.

    2. Parachute fun

    What games can toddlers play? Parachute games guarantee tons of fun for kids celebrating their birthdays early in life. 2 years old will find these mind-blowing games hilarious. Start by having the kids grab the sides of the parachute then instruct them to wave it up and down repeatedly.

    Cat and mouse is an example of the most popular parachute that entails calling a couple of names to represent cat and mouse. The cat goes over the parachute while the mouse goes under. The game is fun as the mouse pursues to tag the mouse tactfully. The game is a thrill and has several variations, and the kids will surely play it all day long.

    3. Chalk art birthday party


    Make a celebration out of sidewalk chalk to cheer up your kid on the eve of their birthday. Interestingly, your kid will certainly enjoy every bit of this famous outdoor game. Several 2 year old birthday party supplies including a big tub are now available in leading business outlets. Some more ideas on playing the chalk art game for the birthday encompass letting the kids draw and color their hearts, trace the kids on the floor and let them color their resulting image, draw roads and let the kids ride their toy cars along for fun, and draw circle on the surface of the play area then have the kids hope from one to another. The game comes with limitless ideas to color your kid’s birthday experience with fun.

    4. Finger painting party

    Let’s face it; this game can sometimes get messy without proper tips at hand. It is necessary to use disposable trash bags and cut holes as protection for children’s attire. Purchase long rolls of white art papers ahead of the birthday to spread on the table and ground. Kids can derive as much fun from the game painting as individuals or as a group. Add vibes into this engaging game by acquiring unpainted wooden boxes for the kids to decorate as they mark the second birth year.

    5. Bubble birthday bash

    bubble birthday party

    It is no secret that bubble birthday bash is among the best party games for 2 year olds. The game becomes more interesting if you let the kids pop out as many bubbles as they can before they land. Want a little contest? Find out who can blow the biggest bubble and never forget to find out who blows the smallest or none at all, after all, they are kids.

    6. Duck duck goose

    The game however traditional never seem to fade away from the memory of childhood. The game plays with a child going round a circle of seated participants saying duck until they select a goose. Soon after, the goose must make it quick to tag them before they take their place in the circle in a single turn. The tagged goose goes round the circle and gets to choose another goose, a loop that ends with an untagged winner.

    7. Freeze dance

    Freeze dance stands out as a perfect toddler indoor game to play at parties. Children only get their jig on as long as the music is playing and freeze when it suddenly stops. Giving sticker to the most frozen participant will get the toddlers so much interested to play this game with fun.

    8. Hide & go seek

    It’s your child’s second birthdays and nothing says your love more than letting them know that you care for them. Making sure that your kid plays hide and go seek game together with peers will put a broad smile of their face. Al participants go on a hiding as one of them pursues them in their hiding. The game need sufficient play area with lots of good hideouts. Kids have played the game for centuries and it never seem to lose its flavor.

    9. Treasure hunt

    kids playing treasure hunt

    The game entails hiding fun items and getting the 2 year olds in a party to find them. Objects of choice should better compliment the themes for 2 year old birthday party. The game is desirable because it does not leave kids with a competitive spirit and hurt feeling as it is the case with some other games. Once all the puzzle pieces are recovered, let the kids celebrate together for their collaborative effort.

    10. Pinata

    The game is popular at toddler’s birthday parties. Blindfolded kids try hard to hit open the hanging piñata for its contained treasure.

    There are several ideas for the 2 year old birthday party games but only a few will entertain and create a fun experience for your kid. At age 2, kids are vibrant and can’t resist the fun that comes with toddler’s games.