Since the dawn of the digital age, mobile apps have become pivotal for online businesses. They play a huge role in helping businesses reach a broader audience. Especially when it’s about iOS apps, the reach is much wider due to Apple’s popularity.

    But to craft a truly amazing iOS app, it’s important to hire skilled iOS developers who has the skill set to do it. It has to be an individual with great technical acumen and also a nice aesthetic taste. Having soft skills of course goes without mentioning.

    But when you do come across an iOS developer for the role, how do access them? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this article!

    Understanding the Role of an iOS Developer

    iOS developers build and design mobile applications on iOS devices. They also maintain, update, optimize, and improve the app. They ensure the performance, responsiveness, and quality standards of the apps.

    After a certain point though, they play a pivotal role in defining user experience. They collaborate with cross-functional teams and understand the needs of the business. Due to this dual shade to this profile – technical and soft skills – hiring for it becomes a bit tricky.

    Assessing Technical Skills

    There are some primary skills to look for when you hire an iOS developer. Let’s go through some of them here:

    Coding and Programming:

    A skilled iOS developer must be proficient in languages such as Swift and Objective-C.

    Their ability to write efficient and clean code is highly valuable. Make sure they have a deep understanding of these languages by giving them coding tasks.

    Problem Solving:

    All developers face bugs and other unexpected issues. What distinguishes them is their debugging and problem-solving skills. Ask them to solve a real-world problem to access this skill.

    Knowledge of iOS Frameworks:

    A skilled iOS developer would be well-versed with all essential tools and frameworks. It includes Cocoa Touch, Core Data, and Core Animation. Ask them about their history of working with these tools and how it’s worked out for them.

    App Design:

    This is usually covered by the UI/UX designers but a good iOS developer must know the basics of designing. This ensures that the app is user-centric and aligns with the design flow.

    Version Control/Git:

    In collaborative environments, using version control systems like Git is essential. It helps manage code changes and ensures smooth collaboration between team members.

    Evaluating Soft Skills


    An iOS developer is required to be a great communicator. This is useful when explaining technical constraints or requirements to non-technical members.


    Collaboration is the key factor of web application development. Developers have to work in teams with designers, testers, and other developers. Talk to the candidate about their past experience of working in a team environment.


    iOS is always evolving. The developers need to be on their toes to keep up with the latest trends. They must remain updated about iOS, tools, and languages at any given time. Ask them about how they learn and adapt to newer concepts.


    iOS developers need to have good problem-solving skills apart from technical knowledge. This is important in order to understand user feedback or any other challenges at hand. Give them a hypothetical scenario with a problem to be solved and see how they approach it.

    Attention to Detail:

    Even a minor bug can affect an app’s user experience quite drastically. Having great attention to detail makes sure there are fewer errors and the development process is smoother. Gain some insights on this through a detailed question about their past projects.

    Techniques to Assess Skills During the Hiring Process

    When looking to hire iOS developers, always consider a mix of technical and soft skills. Get through the process of technical assessments, behavioral interviews, and portfolio analysis. It is also important to see that an individual fits into the culture of your team.

    Set up coding tasks for them. Ask them about their past experiences. Discuss with them about how they navigated through problems whenever they faced one. Analyze their portfolio of past work in detail to see how much it matches your needs.

    Additionally, conduct a soft skills round to learn about their interpersonal skills. This would be good enough for you to have a comprehensive overview of a candidate.

    Why Many Companies Choose to Hire iOS Developers

    Many companies are opting to hire dedicated iOS developers to access their specialized skills and stay on top of the latest iOS trends. They want to ensure that the quality of their app remains top-notch and it gets regular updates.

    When it comes to iOS development, finding a balanced candidate is non-negotiable. Hiring managers must have a holistic hiring approach to enhance the quality of their iOS app.