Are you looking for 70th birthday party ideas for mom? Very few are lucky to witness their biological mothers turn 70 years old. For this reason, the 70th birthday is a special day to celebrate the cherished memories and accomplishments that the woman who bore you has had over the years.

    What can you do for a 70th birthday party? There are so many ways to make her feel special on this day. However, our easy but very thoughtful and impactful 70th birthday party ideas for mom will help you narrow down and ensure that the day is memorable.

    10 Simple 70th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

    How do you celebrate your mom’s 70th birthday? One is never too old to have a party.  From theme color, gifts, food, cake, and decoration for the big day, here are some interesting 70th birthday party ideas for her that you should try.

    1. Select your mom’s favorite colors to be the theme

    What is the color for 70th birthday? The 70th anniversary is always represented by platinum, but this should not limit your options. You can go for black and gold, silver, or any of the colors that the birthday girl loves.

    Remember that these are the colours that will stand out in your decorations, including balloons and cake. The cake should be of her favorite flavor. It will also be thoughtful to get a photo-printed icing of your mother when she was younger to remind her that even as she ages, she is as beautiful as she was back then.

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    1. Gifts ideas

    At 70, you would assume that your mom has been gifted too many times. Even so, one never gets tired of receiving presents. When thinking of 70th birthday gift ideas for mom, list down what you have heard had her say that she would love to have.

    birthday gift for 70 year old mother

    If it is within your means, make her smile by presenting that one thing that she wishes to have. Other thoughtful gifts include customized photo mugs or a phone case with the picture of the guest and her loved ones.

    1. Themed tributes from loved ones

    On this special day, why not include themed tributes in the 70th birthday party program outline? We can guarantee that this will make her tear because it is an emotional way for each family member to express their great love for the guest. Each person can narrate some personal things that mother has done for them over the years that they are grateful for.

    Personal tributes should touch on the admirable qualities, favorite moments, and personal birthday wishes. You can also customize a birthday video by having a videographer capture sentimental narrations about the guest from different people. You can then include messages of appreciation in the video.

    Alternatively, you can have family members and close friends record themselves on their phones and compile the clips to form an amazing video that will touch mother’s heart. You can also collect 70 written messages from family and friends and put in a jar for her to read. This will make her proud of the impact that she has made on her loved ones.

    After watching the recordings, make a toast with her favorite champagne to celebrate her.

    1. Decoration ideas

    It is no party without decoration. 70th birthday decoration ideas do not have to be boring because one is old. Instead, go for flowers, centerpieces, balloons, and other decorations to make the party lively.

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    Blending vintage and modern will be a great idea. For instance, you can have a poster of colored HD pictures of the birthday girl’s then and now on a vintage frame at the entrance. This way, you will creatively mark each decade of their life and pay tribute to how far they have come.

    1. Take memory down the lane

    One of the things to do for 70th birthday is to buy or create a unique photo book/album with 70 pages for 70 years lived. This is an exciting way of summarizing the 7 decades that mother has lived. You can include personal letters to her from family members and close friends in this book.

    Also, to remember the past, create a slide show with mom’s favorite pictures, e.g, their first job, meeting grandchild, wedding. Collect photographs from various generations of the family to honor the life and milestones of the birthday girl.

    Go the extra mile to make a timeline of mom’s life from the start to now. Hang the printed large, clear pictures from family and friends on the wall as one of the party decorations.

    1. Photobooth

    Now that you have gone through the past, it is time to capture the present. Set up a photo booth that those in attendance will take pictures to remember the day. Include props like speech bubbles with classic quotes from mom, birthday decors such as balloons, hats, mustaches, and old pictures in frames, among others. Also, take a family picture with the matriarch as the center of attention.

    1. All-inclusive music playlist

    Ever attended a party without music? Definitely no! On 70th birthday party for mom, select songs from the different decades, and make a playlist. This can include classics, country rock, blues, rap, etc. resulting in a nostalgic flashback to the most memorable years gone.

    1. Charcuterie board with favorite food

    By now, you know what mom loves to eat. Of course, she may be the best cook in the family, but this is her day to sit back and enjoy. Organize a charcuterie board and other bowls with a variety of foodstuffs for mom and her guests.

    1. 70th birthday party games

    To keep everyone entertained, organize party games and dances. This can range from old-school games to modern ones like video games for younger generations. Ensure that there are birthday party games that everyone can participate in at once.

    1. Surprise her

    Even at her age, you can still pull a surprise 70th birthday for your mom. If she was expecting a small dinner, then you can gather more people that she loves. Plan a costume party with all guests dressed in the 1950s style.

    If a child or favorite grandchild has been away for long, this is the perfect time to make mama happy by bringing him or her to the event. You can also take her on a trip, vacation, or random shopping before or after the party.

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    It is the little things that count, so gather close family members and friends to make mother happy as she turns 70. This is the perfect time to bring together those far for a nice time of bonding with focus on the above 70th birthday party ideas for mom. Try the above and share with us your experience in the comment section below.