Growing up, most of us knew about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We all know the story; they were spawned from a lab experiment that went wrong. Funny thing is, most of us cannot answer the question: Which Ninja Turtles are which? Here is a refresher, Leonardo (blue bandanas), Donatello (purples bandanas), Michelangelo (orange bandanas), and Raphael (red bandanas). For some of us, the love we have for these guys goes beyond the film and we just love TMNT themed parties.

    Throwing a TMNT themed party is nice. The best part is that you can actually throw a ninja turtle party on a budget with the ninja turtles favorite food. Let us face it; these guys live in sewers so their food cannot be that expensive. Obviously, you should not go around eating gross food, which is why you should read on for some great food ideas in line with the ninjas.

    1. TMNT pancakes

    Start the party with some themed pancakes and watch people wolf them down in preparation for the festivity. For TMNT pancakes, go about making them the same way you would a normal pancake. The only difference is that you will need two bowls of flour mix and bananas.

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    One of the flour mixes will be obviously green while the other can be the bandana color of your favorite turtle. You can go crazy and mix all the colors in different bowls because, as we all know, teenage mutant ninja turtles must have food.

    1. TMNT cupcakes

    If you are throwing a ninja turtle party on a budget, then you cannot go wrong with cupcakes because they are cheap and almost everyone loves them. Depending on what your budget is, you can bake them at home or buy them and then do the TMNT theming. If you can do it at home, it is better because it allows you more theming options.

    TMNT jello cups

    1. TMNT jello cups

    All you need to get with this snack is some green jello in transparent cups, ribbons, and a marker pen. Get differently colored ribbons to avoid monotony. Tie the ribbons around the cups and then draw the eyes and mouth on top of the cup. Make sure Raphael has a mean and tough scowl just for kicks.

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    1. TMNT green smoothies

    What is a party without drinks? Since this is a budget party, go for a smoothie of any fruit you want but remember to dye it green. This is actually a great tip for parents who have kids that do not want to take fruits. Just blend them at home, dye them green and draw the ninja faces on the glasses. Unlike the ninjas’ awry experiment, this one is most likely to work and keep everyone happy.

    1. TMNT pizza

    Pizza is great for a number of reasons, although it is the economy that will interest you the most. Look at it this way; if you get in two slices of a pizza and an equally economical drink, then you are good to go. The same goes for your guests. Go ahead and make pizza at home or buy some and then add the necessary theming.

    tmnt themed pizza

    1. TMNT pizza cookies

    Pizza is a TMNT favorite, especially Michelangelo, which is why having more than one pizza food for your TMNT themed party is not a bad idea. You can get them (already themed) from a bakery or make them. The decision is ultimately yours. While decorating the top of the pizzas, you can use candy melts (icing will also do) of different colors to make things more interesting.

    1. TMNT fruit platter

    Kids just want candy and other equally sugary foods although parents have to find a way to get the children to eat fruit. The next time you throw a TMNT themed party, why not go for this snack? All you need to do is get some green and red fruit or whatever ninja you want. Chop the green fruit and arrange the red one on top to look like the face of a turtle. If you are feeling a bit low on inspiration, you can paint a watermelon with a ninja paint of your choice and you are good to go.

    1. TMNT guacamole

    This is also another cheap food to prepare that requires minimum effort from you both physically and financially. After you mash the avocado, just use your imagination to outline the ninja faces on top. You can use ribbons or something edible. Best go for something edible because it is a party after all and teenage mutant ninja turtles must have food.

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    Surely, this has eased any headaches you may have had before about what food to choose for your party. The options above are simple, fun, cheap, and include the ninja turtles’ favorite food.