The bachelorette party- also known as a hen night or hen party- is a celebration for a bride-to-be’s marriage journey. Historically, we can trace back bachelor parties to 5 B.C. in ancient Sparta. Women started adopting this tradition in 16th century Europe as bridal parties. The event was labeled the “bachelorette party” in a 1922 Scottish magazine, which created the movement. Until recently, bachelorette parties involved activities of sexual freedom, enjoying male strippers, and excess drinking. Nowadays, people get to do whatever activities they consider fun.

    Because of the wild reveling that is known to be involved in bachelorette parties, some brides don’t see the point of having one. Here are some of the reasons you should have a bachelorette party.

    1. You should have a bachelorette party if you are feeling sentimental about being a wife. This party is about honoring your single life while also celebrating the coming of a new chapter in life. A great way to embrace the changes is by having a party. You will also avoid regretting not having one later.
    2. It is an excellent excuse to have a fun girls’ night or weekend out with your friends. Bachelorette parties are essentially supposed to be about having fun with your closest friends. It would be best if you did not miss out on an opportunity to do whatever fun things you enjoy with your close friends.
    3. A bachelorette party is a great time to de-stress, unwind, and air out any pre-wedding jitters. It will help you relieve the stresses of wedding planning. You can have a group spa day or have an adventure like hiking or skydiving.
    4. A bachelorette party is an excellent time for you and your friends to bond and create memories together. It is the best time to tick something out of your bucket-list by doing something new like skydiving or wine-tasting. You will get to reminisce over such events later.

    What is the point of a bachelorette party?

    The idea of a bachelorette party is to celebrate the transition of a bride-to-be becoming a wife in the company of her close friends. It is a symbolic gesture, a farewell to single-hood. The bride-to-be and her squad get to do fun activities. Presumably, a wild night out will become a thing of the past once the bride gets married, so the bride-to-be and her squad get to do fun activities. A bachelorette party can be as wild or as tame as you want it to be.

    Who plans a bachelorette party?

    Typically, the maid-of-honor plans the bachelorette party, but usually, a collective effort of the bridal party and closest friends of the bride can join in the fete. Or the maid of honor plans as the bridal party share in other planning responsibilities.

    If you’re planning a destination party, the bride may have to be involved in planning to some extent due to the logistics involved. You have to know about her schedule, preferred destination, and activities she wants to do. But do not give the bride too many planning responsibilities as he also has the wedding planning.

    No matter who is planning the bachelorette party, it is crucial to check on the bride’s ideas and opinions on how she wants to celebrate. The idea is to make the bride happy, so it’s good to know if she wants a wild party, a spa day, a destination weekend, or an activity.

    The guests to the party who are not part of the planning process should also be informed about the party’s plans, including the bride.

    at a bachelorette party

    What is the difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party?

    A bachelorette party involves celebrating single life with the bride’s closest friends, focusing on naughty humor, alcohol, and other fun activities. In contrast, a bridal party is an engagement party celebrated with the bride’s friends and family members focused on gifting and marriage advice from aunts and other married friends.

    The purpose of both of these events is to commemorate the bride in this new phase of her life. So here are some of the distinctions and similarities between the bridal shower and bachelorette party:

    • Party planner: Typically, the maid of honor and the bridal party plan for the bachelorette party. The bride may choose to oversee the activities, but the maid of honor is the designated planner or host. For a bridal party, the bride’s family or mother is the one who does the planning and hosting.
    • Guestlist: The bridal party and the bride’s closest friends get to attend the bachelorette party. The bridal shower guest list tends to be longer. The bridal shower is an only females event that includes extended family members and people close to the bride’s family, such as a neighbor, mentor, and the bride’s mum’s closest friends.
    • Gifts: Bachelorette party gifts are not necessary, and if one chooses to gift the bride, they tend to be more personal or joke gifts. Those who attend bridal showers always come with gifts, even if the invitation does not mention it. Gifts at bridal showers are also more appropriate such as housewares.
    • Venue: There is no standard location or theme for a bachelorette party. The venue depends on the agenda and length of the party. In comparison, bridal showers are more laid-back and traditional. They are usually hosted in someone’s home or restaurant and usually a day-time event such as brunch or lunch.

     Who pays for a bachelorette party?

    Traditionally, the bride is not supposed to pay for the bachelorette party, especially if it is just a single night event. The bridesmaids and other guests should contribute to cover their costs and the bride’s share.

    However, that rule doesn’t apply to destination events. If the bride wishes to travel out of town for her party, she should not allow the burden of expenses to fall solely on her friends. It should also be an idea realistic enough for those invited to be able to afford to attend.

    Also, consult the guests individually about spending before creating a budget for the bachelorette party.

    On a few occasions, a bride may want to pay for a large sum of the expenses, for example, paying for the travel tickets and boarding expenses.

    Who to invite to a bachelorette party (and who not to)

    The bride is the one who creates the guestlist for her bachelorette party. Some brides will strictly want their bridal party and close friends, while others may like to invite other family members or even the groom’s closest friends. Make sure the guests you invite are comfortable with your party ideas. Bachelorette parties are not strictly for females either.

    Outside of your bridal party, closest friends, and your mum, you can invite your future mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. You may not be very close to them, but this can be an opportunity to create a bond. When in doubt, always extend the invite and allow them to make the decision.

    You can also invite close friends from work or the gym you often go to, especially if you are doing a local activity around town.

    It would be best to invite extended family members you are close to, such as cousins and aunts.

    The only single rule on invitations is not inviting anyone to the bachelorette party, not on the wedding’s guest list.

    How many guests should attend a bachelorette party?

    The average attendance for bachelorette parties is six to ten people, usually consisting of the bridal party and a few close friends to the bride. You can keep it as close-knit or as big as you want; there are no group size restrictions. A smaller group is much easier to coordinate.

    Do mothers of the bride go to bachelorette parties?

    If the bride considers her mom close enough not to find discomfort in the occasion’s activities, it is okay to invite her. Also, not all bachelorette parties are wild, low-key parties such as a dinner, spa day, beach party, wine-tasting can involve both the bride’s and groom’s mothers.

    What happens at a bachelorette party

    Bachelor party ideas are endless when the bride and her squad can bond and have fun. The best bachelorette parties focus on what the bride loves the most since it’s her day. They can be wild with no inhibitions or something as timid as a sleepover with friends, a chilled day at the beach indulging in cocktails, wine-tasting, fancy dinner, or an extravagant overseas trip.

    What happens at a bachelorette party depends on the bachelorette and her friends, which can include:

    • A day of spa treatment like massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and chilling in a Jacuzzi while indulging in alcohol is relaxing from all the wedding planning.
    • The guests can also gift the bride all sorts of kinky gifts, from penis-shaped foods and snacks to sex toys and lingerie and endless raunchy gossip about sex and relationships.
    • A wild bachelorette party will go club-hopping filled with dancing, liquor, and plenty of embarrassing moments.
    • Going to a strip club is the ultimate modern bachelorette party tradition.
    • Alcohol is the main beverage choice, whether it’s liquor and shots in a club or fancy champagne or wine tasting at a vineyard or visiting a distillery tour.
    • You can schedule a bachelorette party with a music festival or performance.
    • You can also have outdoor activities such as camping, hitchhiking, or an amusement park.
    • There will be an indulging of lots of food ranging from a fancy dinner of sushi or seafood to junk food. A bachelor party s a cheat day for anyone on a strict card.

    How long are bachelorette parties

    Typically, most bachelorette parties last about one to two days. This time is usually dictated by how long most people can take off work or school and other obligations. Cost of expenses is also a factor, the more time you spend on a party, the more money you will spend. Even a one-night event can cause substantial unnecessary spending.

    You have to consider your guests’ schedules. An additional tip is to schedule a bachelorette party on summer Fridays and certain holiday weekends to counteract any extra time off they may need.

    Keep in mind that destination parties may take longer than two days and consider those who have to fly in for the event.

    Is it okay not to have a bachelorette party?

    You do not have to have a bachelorette party if you ultimately do not want to. But, if you are on the fence about having one, you can celebrate the beginning of a new phase of life differently. You can request something simple like a dinner or spa day with close friends and family to avoid regretting not having one later. You may have friends and family who can guilt-trip you for not wanting any celebration, but the decision is ultimately yours.

    When should you have a bachelorette party?

    Traditionally, bachelorette parties happen very close to the wedding day. We suggest throwing a bachelorette party within two months or a few weeks prior to the wedding day. It should not be too close to the wedding day; you do not want your bride to feel over-burdened with pre-wedding commitments or a bridal party dealing with a hangover on the wedding day. Also, do not host the party too far from your actual wedding date.

    Can you cheat on your bachelorette party?

    If you can cheat on your bachelorette party, it solely depends on the individual and what you consider cheating. Cheating may be from simple flirting to intimate physical contact, including sex. Legally, infidelity only applies to married couples. A wild party involving alcohol and strippers will most likely involve some form of inappropriate touching and behavior.

    With the current hyper-sexualized and liberal cultures, it may be challenging to know where the boundaries lie. However, both men and women can celebrate the end of their single life without performing acts that may disrespect their partners.

    Can a married woman go to a bachelorette party?

    Yes, a bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride-to-be, not the guests, and if some of your friends are married, you should invite them. It is just another reason to have fun with the girls.

    Can I plan my bachelorette party?

    In modern times, there are no strict set of rules on who should plan the bachelorette party. It is perfectly okay if the bride wants to plan her bachelorette party. Some brides feel more at ease being in control of the events and get their exact kind of party. You can also plan your party if you have help from a full-service wedding planner.

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    Keep in mind that this is also a celebration with your friends, so even though you make the critical decisions, ask your friends to add a few suggestions. You can also delegate some responsibilities to your closest friends, such as handling invitations. However, don’t take on the bachelorette party planning if you have no help with the wedding planning. It may be too overwhelming.

    Can I take gifts to a bachelorette party?

    Getting a bachelorette party gift is a lovely gesture but not mandatory. Unlike wedding gifts, bachelorette party gifts should be for the bride rather than for the couple. Think of something sentimental or joke gifts to get the party started on a high.

    What gifts can I take to a bachelorette party?

    If you consider getting a gift to a bachelorette party, it is best to think outside the wedding registry. Bachelorette gifts do not always have to be raunchy items; here are a few ideas of gifts you can give the bride-to-be.

    • Jewelry
    • Sexy lingerie or pajamas
    • Spa gift card
    • Gift box
    • Gadgets like a camera
    • Bottle of champagne or her favorite alcohol

    Bachelorette party packing list

    Your packing list depends on what you are going to do for the bachelorette party. A night out will require very minimal packing compared to a weekend or destination party.

    • Documents: These should be the first to put together in one bag. Not carrying the right documents can interfere with the whole event. Double-check your documents and make sure the rest of the group does the same to avoid setbacks. These documents include:
    • Driver’s license or I.D.
    • Passport
    • Plane or train ticket
    • Debit or credit card
    • Cash
    • Insurance passes (medical and travel)
    • Trip itinerary
    • Clothes: Always carry an extra dress, even for a night party. A wild party can get messy, and you may need a change of clothes. Carry clothes appropriate for the party activities such as swimsuits, outer layers like jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and pajamas for a sleepover party. Remember to also pack your bachelorette party customized outfits like t-shirts or robs. Remember to carry appropriate clothes for a themed bachelorette party and a back-up outfit.
    • Shoes: Pack the right shoes for the party. An extra pair of flat shoes for a night out will come in handy after all that dancing. You may need sneakers or boots for a hike, flip flops for a beach party, and heels for dinner.
    • Accessories: Jewelry, sunglasses, a handbag or clutch purse, sun hat or beanie hat, gloves, scarf, socks, and hair ties
    • Toiletries: You will need these items for an overnight occasion; toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant or perfume, body lotion, makeup, tampons or pads, bug spray, sunscreen.
    • Gadgets: Phone, hair tools, phone charger, headphones, portable speaker, camera.
    • Miscellaneous: These include random things you may need for the party; alcohol, bachelorette party props, painkillers, condoms, survival kits, drinking games.

    Bachelorette party game ideas

    Bachelorette party games are mandatory during a bachelorette party. The games help in bonding and creating new friendships among guests who may not know each other. They are also entertaining and liven the party.

    Here are some of the free-to-download games to spruce up your bachelorette party;

    • Bachelorette Scavenger Hunts: This is a classic game for bachelorette parties, and there are plenty of sites to download a list of scavenger hunt full of fun dares.
    • Bachelorette Bingo: The bride gets to open risque gifts from the guests when she gets to bingo, and the last person has to finish their drink.
    • How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?: Have the guests fill out the questions then the bride gets to answer them out loud. The ones who fail can be given a dare or have to take shots. You can also make it fun by including embarrassing and naughty questions.
    • Naughty Mind Word Scramble: This is a hilarious game where someone gets to read some naughty facts, and the guest has to figure out their answers.
    • Bottoms Up Game: Each participant has to drink to confess some dirty secrets on a spin table you can download for free.
    • Most Likely To: The guest chooses who is “most likely to” do something. This game includes a list of very embarrassing and naughty things.
    • Adult Pictionary: Split the party into teams and have one person draw random naughty words or phrases while the others try to guess what it is.
    • Girls’ Night Jenga: Make this game of strategy fun by adding some dares. Each block on the tower has an exciting dare like “do a pole dance.” Then that player has to do the dare before placing their block on top of the tower.
    • Prosecco Pong: This is beer pong with a twist. Replace red party cups with Coupette glasses and beer with some champagne. Split your squad into the team and see who can dunk in the most ping pong balls into their opponent’s glass.
    • Bachelorette Dare Cards: This game involves a set of 12 scratch cards that have dares the people should perform. These dares are challenging and fun but also not too risque.

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    Weddings come and go but what people mostly remember is the bachelorette party, make sure it’s fun and memorable. The maid of honor should pay attention to the bride’s interests and try to emulate that. The bachelorette party should not necessarily be wild. Activities such as attending a concert, having a fancy buffet dinner, horse riding, or a winery tour are unique and very modern ideas that can be alternatives for a mellow bride.