Your 30th birthday is one of the major milestone birthdays. It must be celebrated in style. It’s a good way to mark the transition between your younger free years and the entry to early middle life hood. If you throw a party, you have to incorporate the right party games to spice things up.

    It doesn’t have to be your birthday. You can also use these game ideas to plan the best party for your best friend.

    1. Pick a Destination Party

    Destination parties are a great way to finally tick something off your bucket list before the decades turn over. This is your chance to choose a place you’ve always wanted to visit and enjoy while in your 20s but couldn’t get to do it.

    Convert it into a road trip and head there with a couple of friends. Ensure that someone plans the reception or fun activities as you don’t want to get there and be bored. It can be easy as clubbing in a new town, hitting a new hiking trail, playing football or baseball, summiting a mountain, or even going on a game drive with a picnic.

    1. The Last True Sleepover

    To most people, sleepovers will almost be impossible after 30. Everybody else is busy with their lives and the possibility of the entire friend’s circle sparing a night or a weekend for a sleepover party will be very slim.

    Throwing such a party to mark the shift into a different engaging stage of life pays homage to the past free years while heralding the responsibilities of being over 30. The party could be anything from a pamper party to a LAN party. What matters is you spend the night together.

    1. Night in Town Party

    If you are the partier, you must remember how fun it was to club hop and party the entire night out. As the years catch up, this might be harder. It could be because you have work to worry about or have a family to raise.

    It doesn’t matter. Shaking up the town one more time before retiring will definitely be fun. Getting the entire gang together and psyching them in advance will ensure that their minds set and are ready to tag along for a better part of the night.

    1. Decade Homage Party

    A decade homage party takes you back to things that were trending the decade you were born. This is a great idea if you prefer a laid-back party that doesn’t take you out of the house. A decade themed party can involve anything like:

    • Karaoke featuring best music for the decade
    • Watching great movies of the decade
    • Playing video games of the decade

    If you still want to get out or socialize with more people, you can through a themed party. It could be a 90s party or an 80s party. Everything, from the food to the dress code and music should mirror this.

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    1. Never Have I Ever

    Another good way to wind down a decade is to play the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game. This is more like the ‘Truth’ section of the ‘Truth or Dare’ game. You can incorporate the bottle spin so that the person the top side of the bottle faces after it spins on the ground declares an honest thing that they have never done.

    It has to be something that you would have wanted to do but didn’t get to it because it is either too naughty, costly, risky or just a missed opportunity that you slightly regret.

    1. Birthday Photo Scavenger Hunt

    A photo scavenger hunt will get everyone out of the house and keep them on their toes. Find different settings around town (or village) and describe them in a cryptic way such that the reader has to decipher the clues to find what you are describing.

    After unraveling the clue, the player has to take a photo of the described object before moving on to the next challenge. Winners will be graded by the time taken to finish and the quality of photos they submit. The photos should capture scenes or places that are iconic or meaningful to different decades or achievements in the life of the birthday boy or girl.

    1. Kid’s Party for Adults

    Remember those oddly satisfying kid games you held at your pre-teen birthday? The pretend to cook or pretend family games? They can be very fulfilling now that you are jumping into that reality and it will no longer be a joke as it were in the games.

    Get everything right, from the little party hats, kid costumes, kid-style birthday cake, games like pin the tail on the donkey, circle tag, and chair slide. It is the nostalgia that makes the party games even more fun than they were back in the days.

    1. Up and Over the Hill

    Moving on from your 20s to 30s symbolizes a move into adulthood. An over the hill party will symbolize going over a major stage in life so that you can see the rest of your decade or saw sprawling over. The party game would be great if the person is the first or last in the group to hit the milestone.

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    Go for games that remind all of you of the things you will miss, or have to grapple with in that side of life. A giveaway game that involves presents like denture cleansers, supplements, hair dye, and books about aging well will send the joke home.

    Pick the most considerable party idea that can entertain almost everyone in your group. You don’t want to settle for games that will alienate some attendees or even be something that the birthday gal or boy doesn’t enjoy.