Covid-19 pandemic has directly or indirectly affected each one of us. Business is not as usual, and that means that you cannot celebrate birthdays like when things were normal. However, that does not mean that you should ignore your birthday or that of your loved one in quarantine. Since you cannot go clubbing or to other entertainment joints, why not organize birthday games to play during quarantine?

    Have you tested positive for Coronavirus, or were crossing the border, and then placed in a quarantine facility, or quarantining yourself at home? With the turn of events globally, isolating yourself when tested positive for Covi-19, or are unsure if you are infected, is the best gift you can give others. This is because you will be saving them from contracting the contagious disease.

    Top 10 Birthday Games to Play during Quarantine

    If it is your birthday and you are quarantined with others, try these games to lift your spirits. Some of these quarantine birthday games ideas can be done virtually, therefore, if it is your loved one’s birthday and they are quarantined, ensure both of you have stable internet then try out these games.

    1. Houseparty games

    Houseparty is a social networking app that allows one-on-one and group video chatting on phone, tablet, or computer. Notify your close friends that you would have invited for an actual birthday house party, and play the different games to entertain your isolated loved one on his/her big day. Once everyone has downloaded the app, and they are online, you can sing and catch up for as long as you want then play games such as Word Racers, Heads Up (Animals Gone Wild, Act It Out, and #Trending) Trivia: Finish the Song Lyrics, Quick Draw, Chips and Guac, and Magic 8 Ball, among many other free games offered on the platform.

    1. Virtual wine tasting game

    Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy a bottle of wine with a loved one in quarantine. If the birthday girl/boy in quarantine has a special love for good wine, you can organize different types of wine to be delivered to them. These services work almost like the companies who offer flower delivery in dubai. So, you will get the wine within a few hours of ordering them. The wine testing game will involve them guessing the components of the drink, writing down his/her ratings, and what they notice most about the different drinks. You can then play virtual wine tasting games such as Wine Or Wine Not?, Totally In Love With Wine Trivia, Spin The Wine Bottle, Two Partners In Wine, and  You’re The Wine That I Want, among others

    1. Online video games

    Being quarantined is depressing, considering that one is isolated from the rest of the world. Desperate times call for entertaining games, therefore, on his birthday in quarantine, why not send him his favourite video game and then compete to make him see that he still has the overcoming spirit in him? Most multiplayer videogames have audio communication, making the game a fulfilling social experience with the desired company. Ensure that everyone involved has snacks to transform the game from a normal game night to a memorable birthday game.

    1. Card games

    If quarantined with others, you can get your favourite card game such as decks and…, Uno, Cribbage etc and play. Put yourselves in the birthday mood by having enough snacks for everyone to enjoy as they play and tell interesting stories. You can introduce a prize for the overall winner, making it a different card game from the others.

    1. Word and board games

    playing scrabble

    Word games always break the monotony of playing cards all day long, and the converse is true. If quarantined as a family and one of you is celebrating their birthday, decorate the house, prepare special food, order cake and wine, then dress up. Before and after the cake cutting, set the room for a word game, such as scrabble, and other board games that you may have, for instance, monopoly.

    1. Computer or mobile phone card games

    Before candy crush and other smartphone games were card games on computers and phones. Microsoft Solitaire and Free Cell are some of the computer card games that can keep you busy all day long. You can win by completing a level in the shortest time possible, getting the highest points, or both depending on the rules. Unlike other days, on this special day in uncommon conditions, you can reward yourself with treats for every level passed.

    1. Online word games

    The internet has so many online games apart from cards that you can play by yourself. As long as you have your computer, phone, or tablet with good internet, you can download your favourite word game like crossword puzzles and jigsaws. These games will enhance your language and challenge you. On your birthday in quarantine, promise yourself to do something on your bucket list once you are out, for every time you win against your virtual opponent.

    1. Strategy games

    It is your birthday, and like most new years, you need to make plans for the year ahead, even if you are isolated in depressing conditions. There are many online strategy board games such as Dominion that involve deck-building and land expansion. Others include Catan and Splendor. They may be just the right challenges to make you think strategically about your future.

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    1. Jackbox party games

    With the Jackbox party games such as Quiplash and Fibbage, you will be connected to an online room to play. The host will share the main screen with other players, and then there is a URL to another page different from the home screen that players select answers, submit responses to the game prompts, or cast votes. Interesting, right? Get the right tools then try this if you have never played before to have a unique experience on your quarantine birthday.

    1. Family-friendly games

    Kids may not be able to participate in all card, board, strategy, and word games that adults enjoy. Since your beloved is quarantined and it is their birthday, try virtual family-friendly games for all to participate. Ticket to Ride, for instance, involves the building of train routes crisscrossing North America. Other family-friendly games include karaoke whereby together with the person on the other side of the screen, you compete in singing.

    family friendly games

    Even with the uncertainties brought by the global pandemic, your birthday is a special day. Brighten your quarantine area with birthday decorations, dress-up, order a nice cake and your favourite wine, then happily blow your candles to celebrate your first and last birthday in quarantine, hoping the virus will be contained soon. For those affected, remember to send flowers, chocolates, and a gift basket to your quarantined love one on their special day.

    Zoom happy hour with close friends and family will further lift the spirits of a person in quarantine. Once set in the birthday mood, try out any, if not all, of the above birthday games to play during quarantine to make the rest of the day enjoyable. Happy birthday in quarantine!