I am sure you have attended your fair share of parties but have you attended a block party before? A block party also known as a street party is one that is hosted by the residents of a certain block or neighborhood. In such a party, people residing in the same area get to meet and engage in exciting block party activities which helps foster better relations.

    There are a number of varied themes for block party games that one can orchestrate depending on what they want to celebrate at any given time. This is because neighborhood events can be used as platforms to help raise money for a given cause in the block, to celebrate a special occasion or merely a chance to get to people in the community a little better. Are you planning to host a block party anytime soon? Here are great block party games to make the occasion exciting and entertaining for people of all age groups.

    11 Best block party games

    You have already got a permit from your local authorities to host a block party, invitations have been sent out, food is catered for and all block party supplies have been bought. Here is how to keep your guests entertained at the neighborhood street party.

     1. Karaoke

     A karaoke is a fun and hilarious activity to have at a block party. You do not have to buy the karaoke machine if no one owns it in the neighborhood; instead you can rent it out or come up with another working alternative. 

    2. Swimming Pool Party

    If there is a pool nearby the block, it will be definitely be a great place to host the street party. This is especially true for hot summer months as it will help the guests to cool down during the party. You can also incorporate fun swimming pool games like diving games, coin at the bottom, swimming pool races, shark in the pool game, Marco polo and ping pong among several others.

    3. Face Painting

    face painting

    Have a professional painter paint the faces of persons at the party. Face painting is an inexpensive and fun incentive particularly for the kids at the block party and therefore an excellent activity to have. 

    4. Street legal fireworks

    The next fun block party activity on our list is having fireworks. Of course you will need to get authorization from the local authority to engage in this activity. Fireworks are an exciting and memorable way to end the night at the block party.


    5. Bike Parade

    Another fun block party idea is to host a bike parade where kids can take time to decorate their bikes depending on the theme of the street bash. The kids can then participate in the neighborhood parade and show of their bikes. You can appoint one or two individuals to select a winner a reward them with a prize. This will motivate the kids to give it their all in the parade.


    6. Inviting local officials

    The other activity that you can have at the block party is to invite officials from the fire and police departments to the event. This will not only assist the kids become familiar with them but will also help in teaching them a few key life skills.

    7. Three-Legged Race

    3 legged race

    There is nothing like a little friendly competition that involves both kids and adults. As such hosting a three legged contest is a fun way for people to interact during the block party and the winning team of course gets a reward.

    8. Kids Talent show

    Next on our list of best block party games is holding a talent show for the kids towards the end of the block party. Even more important you can have the kids practice their routines during the party and this helps to keep them busy as the adults mingle with each other.

    9. Eating Contest

    If you are looking to have lots and lots of laughs as well as a friendly competition, then staging an eating contest is a sure way to do so at your community block party. Have kids as well as adults partake in the eating contest.

    10. Lemonade Stand/ Bake sale

    Because some block parties are held to raise funds for a worthy cause in the locality, then holding a lemonade stand or bake stand will be a great activity to have. This will ensure most people in the community are involved and get to assist.

    11. Dance off

    Another awesome block party idea is hosting a dance off contest for some little competition. In fact paired with live music, this could just be the main event at the street bash.

    We hope that the above list of block party games has shed some light to help you plan the next community meet and greet. Also, do not stress yourself trying to get everything one, just ask for help from the other residents because remember you a have a big community behind you.