You only turn sixteen once! So, choose to celebrate this milestone unforgettably. At sixteen, you are in your mid-teens and two years shy from becoming an adult. In countries like the US, sixteen comes with added responsibilities including eligibility for a driving license.

    Therefore, it is only right that you mark this moment with family and friends. If you are planning a party, join in as we explore some sweet sixteen party games and activities.

    How many times have you been to a party and wondered what next after foods and drinks? Activities and games are ideal ways to engage guests throughout the party. The best part is that you can play using some of the birthday party supplies (drinks, cans, cups, snacks).

    So, which 16 year old birthday party games do you have in mind?

    Here are our best party games for your upcoming sweet 16 birthday

    1. Movin’ on Up

    Sometimes, guests need a break to focus on the simple things in life like stacking cups upwards. As easy as this game may seem, it is quite enjoyable when you have more than twenty cups to rearrange. To top it all this game has no age restriction.

    2. Magic Carpet Ride

    magic carpet ride

    Aladdin fans are aware of how the magic carpet works and are secretly hopping this game involves some flying oriental rugs. However, in this case, there is no flying. Instead, teams of adults and children race from one point to another. This game will guests on their feet cheering and laughing.

    3. Chandelier

    Chandeliers made from cans are quite rare. So how about you challenge your guest to make a chandelier with readily available materials? The exciting thing about this activity is that being fast will not necessarily win you the game. To yield the best results let guests (audience) give the players hints and allow four to five people play at a go. By doing this, you enable increased participation from the guests. This game is an excellent way to bond without having to initiate awkward conversations.

    4. Flip the Cup

    This game is perfect more so when one is looking to engage many people in the game. A cast of about twelve people (teams of six aside), can play this game at once. All one needs are enough cups, drinks and an excited crowd to cheer on each side.

    5. Baby Rattle

    Have you ever calculated how long it takes to fill sand through the hourglass? Now imagine having to transferring small pebble-sized balls/candies through two bottles shaped like an hourglass in real-time. Forget about the noise from the balls, and think about how competitive such a game can be. The best part is that the contenders in the game get to exercise their arms.

    6. Card Ninja

    Darts can be a little bit overwhelming this is why card ninja comes in handy. With more relaxed rules and improvised tools, guests can sit back and enjoy the sharp shooting contest.

    7. Floatacious

    floatacious party game

    Stacking soda cans over water is just as hard as trying to walk over it. But, when you have a crowd cheering you and other competitors, you tend to focus on the fun aspect.

    8. Face the Cookie

    For this game, you will have to spare some snacks mostly biscuits or cookies. The goal of this game is to have participants eat the cookie from their faces. This game is ideal for adults and children as it helps them loosen up and be free.

    9. Separation Anxiety

    This game tests patience, and skill. The perfect number of contestants at a time may vary according to the setup of your room. By the time players finish sorting the fifty candy-coated chocolates by color, everyone should have had a good laugh.

    10. Stack all The Cups

    This game is probably one of the most famous because it is easy to set up and play. You can make it even more competitive by having more than two teams at ago.

    Themes for sweet 16 birthday party

    Apart from the sweet sixteen birthday party activities listed above, you can go for a themed party. The advantage of such a party is that it allows the people to express their personality. Below are some themes worth exploring for a sweet sixteen party.

    Movie themed sweet sixteen party

    If the intention is to gather up friends and family for a movie, then make it clear from the start. The party invitation cards and the setup should all be in line with the theme.

    Dance themed birthday party

    Dance parties are ideal for a sweet sixteen party. All you have to do is have the right music, excellent lighting, and guests willing to break a leg.

    Fairytale theme

    Fairy tales allow people to live a life they dream about every day. At sixteen, you should let the party be representative of your wildest imaginations.

    16th birthdays are just as special as the 18th, 40th or 50th. So while you still have the energy, make the sweet 16 birthday party count. While at it, feel free to use the sweet 16 party games and activities ideas below.