Having an object stuck in your eyes isn’t a very nice feeling. Apart from the pain that may come with the object stuck in your eyes, it may also cause irritation and make it difficult to get on with daily activities.

    Here’s where the experience of your eye specialist in Singapore also comes in. Thanks to their understanding of the structure of the eyes and access to specialized equipment, you can trust them to help you get rid of the object that could be stuck in your eyes.

    Learn more about the training and specialization of top ophthalmologists on this page: https://www.drchelvinsng.com/brief-biography/. Now, the process of removing an object stuck in your eyes is essentially, structured.

    Your eye specialist in Singapore will begin by thoroughly examining the affected eye to assess the location of the object and potential damage. They would then carefully apply a numbing agent to reduce discomfort and then use specialized tools to carefully lift the object off your eye’s surface.

    Depending on the type of object stuck in your eyes or the situation itself, your eye specialist in Singapore may also only need to rinse the affected eye with saline solution or use a small, specialized tool to extract the object. Attempting to remove objects forcefully from your eyes isn’t advisable as it can lead to more damage.

    On this page, we explain the different instances to see an eye specialist for something in the eye. But first;

    Will something in my Eye go away on its Own?

    Having something in your eye can be frustrating. If you have tried to get rid of it with no success or are just scared of causing more damage to your eyes you may wonder; will something in my eye go away on its own?

    Now, something in your eye may go away on its own when flushed out naturally through blinking and tearing. Not every case of objects stuck in the eyes will go away on their own though. So the most likely case of something stuck in your eye going away on its own is if the object is something like an eyelash or dust.

    You will want to avoid rubbing your eyes when something is stuck to avoid making it worse. To check for the object, first wash your hands and then examine your eyes in a well-lit area.

    You can do this by looking up, down and from side to side. If you still can’t find it, it might be inside an eyelid.

    To examine under the eyelid, gently pull down the lower lid to check. If the object is on the eyelid, try rinsing it out with water or eye drops. If it’s on the white of your eye, rinse gently or use a cotton swab.

    Don’t try to remove anything on the colored part of your eye though. After removing an object, your eye might still feel uncomfortable for a day or two. Inform your eye specialist in Singapore if after removing an object that was stuck in your eyes, the discomfort doesn’t improve or you have blurred vision.

    When should you go to the Doctor for Something in your Eye?

    Since the eye can naturally flush objects out, not every case of something in the eye demands the attention of your eye specialist in Singapore. But, if you have been in an area where metal fragments fly freely in the air or you have been hammering or grinding and feeling something in your eyes, see your eye specialist as soon as possible.

    Do not attempt to remove such objects in your eye on your own. Here are a few other notable instances to see your eye specialist in Singapore for something in your eyes;

    ·  Chemical Exposure

    Chemicals can cause extensive damage to your eyes. In fact, they may lead to permanent vision loss if they get in the eyes and are not cleaned effectively as soon as possible.

    So, you will want to see an eye specialist if you accidentally get chemicals, such as cleaning solutions or beauty products, in your eye. They can help rid your eyes of these substances to prevent severe damage or vision loss.

    ·  Eye Pain or Redness

    Having an object sensation in your eye that comes with persistent eye pain or redness shouldn’t be taken casually. This could indicate an infection, inflammation, or injury.

    So, it’s crucial to have a professional examine your eye to determine the cause. Depending on what is found, an experienced eye specialist can tailor your treatment to ensure the best outcomes.

    ·  Sudden Vision Changes

    Foreign objects in the eye shouldn’t cause vision changes. So, any sudden change is a red flag.

    Changes in your vision, such as blurriness, double vision, or seeing flashes of light, should be evaluated by an eye specialist. These symptoms could indicate a serious underlying condition like glaucoma which can cause permanent vision loss if not managed on time as needed.

    ·  Eye Trauma

    Getting a direct blow to the eye isn’t one of the most pleasant experiences. It can be worse if after the blow you get the sensation of fragments of objects in your eyes.

    That said; seek immediate medical attention if you experience a direct blow to the eye or any other type of eye injury. Trauma to the eye should be assessed as soon as possible as it can lead to serious complications, including vision loss, if not treated promptly.

    ·  Persistent Irritation

    Foreign objects in the eye should also not cause irritation. So, if you experience persistent irritation, itching, or burning in your eyes, it’s important to have an eye doctor examine them.

    These symptoms could be due to allergies. They can also be triggered by infections or other underlying issues.

    ·  Recent Eye Surgery

    An eye surgery should improve your vision. This depends on the goals of the surgery though but it shouldn’t leave you feeling like there are objects stuck in your eyes.

    That said if you have recently undergone eye surgery and experience any unusual symptoms or complications, contact your eye surgeon immediately. Post-operative care is crucial for ensuring proper healing and vision preservation.

    Closing Thoughts

    When it comes to your eyes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, don’t ignore any worrisome symptoms or changes to your eye health or vision.

    Your eyesight is precious, and timely intervention can prevent further complications and preserve your vision. So, always seek the help of a skilled eye specialist if concerned.

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