If you have attended an engagement party before then, you know how hard one needs to work to make the day successful, mainly if it is meant to be a surprise. Most people take days to plan the day, choosing the right venue to set things up on the D-Day. However, if the lady is in on the party from the start, finding other exciting ways to make the day fun is recommended. Fortunately, you can do this by including a few games that those in attendance will love. The bottom line is to find fun games that everyone will enjoy being a part of. Below are a few ideas that all your friends and guests will feel great taking part in.

    1. Popular Ring Toss

    If you are thinking about taking the party outdoors and engaging everyone in an activity, then this is the game to go for. Gather everyone in attendance and decide which ring toss game is perfect for you. Some families have a tradition for every engagement party that takes place in the family. This is the time to revisit the game if you have. If not, then several suggestions will still work correctly for you.

    A good example would be landing hoops. Have fun by incorporating a DIY feature to decorate the hoops with diamond-like accessories to denote the ring. Your stake can also be crafted in the shape of a finger. Every time players stack hoops, then the engagement is sealed when they get it right. Most of those attending will love being part of this game since it is one of the most real ways to celebrate authentic and pure love.

    1. Bingo

    It may sound odd because, naturally, bingo sounds like game gamblers and gamers would appreciate. However, bridal bingo is uniquely fashioned to suit engagement parties. Unlike the ordinary bingo most people know of, the bridal bingo stands out because the cards are different. They have well-known wedding symbols and numbers. Choose cards with features that you love. This game works for most parties that revolve around marriage and the wedding in general. Use them in your bridal shower party or even the bachelorette party. Just make sure to come up with rules that work in each scenario.

    Engagement Party Games

    1. Shoe Game

    Some engagement games are traditional yet so classic and unique that having them at any party works. It does not matter what theme you go for. This is an adventurous game that will get the guests laughing at how bad they know each other. Some will be impressed just because the couple seems to be in sync. It involves having the couple sitting down in chairs facing on opposite sides. The lady then takes the man’s shoe and her shoe, while the gentleman takes the lady’s shoe and shoe. Ask questions that both need to answer about each other and have them lift the appropriate shoe depending on whom the question applies to. Have the audience come up with challenging and exciting questions for the couple. It can be a fun idea when handled well. Just make sure to stay away from sensitive or possibly embarrassing questions that are better left alone.

    1. Involve Everyone with a Themed Trivia

    It is possible to involve everyone in a themed trivia, especially if you are the kind of person that has friends from all walks of life. The different people know you differently hence will contribute positively to such a game. Map out a theme and have those attending ask questions about movies, romance, and other aspects of the couple’s lives. The couples can then answer the questions privately and re-ask those in attendance to try and guess. You can make it even more exciting by placing a price for whoever answers the most. Watch as guests battle it out and struggle to prove that they know and understand the couple better than anyone else. It will be fun for the couple also to understand how well their friends know and understand them.

    1. Match the Memory

    Just like the trivia questions, this is another game that tries to identify who among the audience knows the couple better. The only difference is that instead of problems, the couple describes a memory, experience, or scenario that happened to them but not in full. The guests are supposed to figure out the remaining bit of the story and tell it as accurately as possible. It is up to the couple to make sure the descriptions they choose are as mysterious and fascinating as possible and not make them straightforward for anyone to guess. It can go as far back as a childhood memory that your parents or siblings may have forgotten or an experience that anyone close to you should know about because they were present or you have explained and replayed it so many times around them. To make this even more fun, have them compete for something so glamorous that everyone will be longing for.

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    1. Find a Guest

    This beautiful game will also require the participation of everyone in attendance. The goal is to hide one guest and wear a distinct perfume or anything that can identify them incognito. Let the other guests try to figure out who the hiding is. If the crowd is small enough, those searching can use blindfolds, and the guest they are supposed to find can then wear something that they can attempt to identify. It is one hilarious but fun game to play for everyone that will be attending the party.

    In the end, choose a game that gets the guests happy. Whether they participate actively or get to cheer from a distance, the goal is to put smiles on their faces and make the engagement celebration a happy one. After all, this is a grand celebration of love where two people come together to face life with its numerous challenges. You should make it merry to encourage them to walk the journey of love with anticipation and expectation.