What does a one-year-old toddler know about parties? Absolutely nothing! Your baby’s first birthday celebration is special because it is your anniversary of becoming a parent. As such, there is no need to throw a grand first birthday party for your child as they will not only remember it but will also get overwhelmed by the activities.

    How long should a child’s first birthday party be?

    When planning your baby’s first birthday party, timing is everything. You need to schedule the activities of the party to a time when the baby is well-rested, has eaten, and is on a normal routine. As such, do not throw a morning party that coincides with baby napping time.

    Plan the festivities around the baby nap time and if you will be inviting other babies, find out the napping time as well. You do not want a situation where one kid starts crying, because they might all start to cry too. Additionally, having a tired baby at a party is a disaster that you need to avoid. The appropriate time for a one-year-old birthday party is limited to an hour and a half to two hours at most.

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    Who to invite to your child’s first birthday?

    Consider keeping your list of guests small and intimate. This is because most one-year-olds are fearful of strangers and big crowds. Invite only a few family members and close friends. Remember that your baby will want your undivided attention during the party particularly if she is feeling overwhelmed by the guests.

    How can I make my baby’s first birthday special?

    • Keep the party brief. As earlier mentioned the 1stbirthday party ideal duration should not exceed 2 hours.
    • There is no need for party games at this point as blowing bubbles and singing songs will be enough amusement for the baby.
    • Take several pictures of your baby or even better do a video recording. This will serve as an important memory of the birthday in the future for your child.
    • Get a smash cake for the baby so that he can bury his head into it.
    • Make sure to throw the party in a completely baby-proofed room.

    1st birthday party order of events

    Depending on the time you choose to have the birthday party. Here is a proposed list of the order of events at the party

    • 00-0.15 minutes: Arrival of guests
    • 15-0.30 minutes: Invited guests are offered snacks or meals
    • 30-0.50 minutes: Play prearranged games such as blowing bubbles, singing songs
    • 50-1.10 minutes: birthday baby unwraps gifts assisted by the parents of course
    • 10-1.40 minutes: Sing happy birthday for the baby and cut cake. The baby can smash his cake during this period
    • 40-2.00 minutes: unorganized playtime. Say goodbye to your invited guests!

    Now that you know how long your child’s first birthday should last, we wish you all the best as you plan on marking your first year of parenthood. Make the best out of those two hours.