It’s the best moment ever in your life when planning to tie a knot, saying goodbye to the single life. It’s the most memorable moment in your life always to remember. For the event to become outstanding, it’s wise to have a good plan. The plan helps you come up with a convenient budget for you that you can afford. A budget wedding should be cheap to help you enjoy at ease without incurring any debts.

    How to Have a Wedding Under $1000

    To help you achieve your dream wedding event, then purpose to have a budget-friendly occasion. Consider cheap DIY wedding ideas on a budget  and follow the steps below;

    Prepare a Checklist

    A list helps you manage all expenses in a hassle-free manner. Preparing a checklist is the most crucial aspect of planning for a cheap wedding. The document will help you remember all things you need for the day and plan for them. It’s best to list everything down that you need for the occasion and even ask for guidance from friends and family.

    Some of the items you should have in your checklist include; wedding dress, venue, photography, entertainment, decoration, invitations, transport, and more. In all these, consider having the most affordable items and services. With the already prepared list, it’s time to work on your plan.

    Purchase a Cheap and Elegant Wedding Dress

    affordable wedding gownThe easy way to find an inexpensive dress is to check for those on sale. You can spend some time comparing the prices of a wedding dress. Find some online stores that have low prices. For better prices, consider buying various dress accessories instead of a complete bridal gown to make it economical.

    You can still think about borrowing a wedding dress from a friend.  Borrowing can serve as a great way of saving; after all, you only need the gown for a day. You can check on an elegant wedding dress that goes for $ 199 each at David’s bridal.

    Amazon is also a great online store that can save you the energy and time of searching for a wedding dress. There are so many beautiful, unique options that you’ll most certainly find one that makes your heart, mind, and soul happy! The gowns come in a variety of designs and can be very cheap (check on Amazon).

    For your shoes, avoid white shoes; instead, buy something you’ll wear again.  You can even choose your favorite pair from your shoe rack.

    Groom Attire

    Instead of buying a new suit, you can purchase a second hand at a lower price and shoes. Alternatively, you could go for a smart casual look and combine affordable but good looking pants, shirt, and a jacket from different stores.

    Choosing the Rings

    Find unique rings and affordable ones; they are a mark of your love. Titanium, sterling silver, and others are less expensive, lasting, and you can personalize them for a deeper meaning. If you like the idea, you can forego the rings and make wedding bands which less costly.

    Find Cheap Wedding Venue

    Look for a small cheap wedding venue that can accommodate your family and friends. You can choose from the list like;

    • Local churches – may charge a small amount of what you want to pay.
    • Outdoor parks – contact your local city office to see options. An outdoor park may be a good option. However, look for a catering institution to make all preparations. If you can get their services at cheap rates, there is no better option than this.

    National parks can still save you a lot of expenses as they come with restrictions. They limit the number of people and vehicles, restrict securing decorations on structures, or throwing of rice.  These restrictions can be a big plus as you work on a small budget. Some parks still have chapel inside, so you can even have a church setting.  You require to book the park in advance as little as $ 50.

    • City Hall – it’s not a great choice, but it’s a way to get married on a low budget. Contact the concerned personnel and seek information regarding the available dates.
    • Airbnb wedding place – you can rent out homes with beautiful backyards spacious indoor area to serve as an ideal place for your wedding.
    • Marrying in Church- having your wedding in the church where you attend or our parents in a great venue idea. Been one of the members of the church, they may not charge you anything. You will save more, have the ceremony in the church, and then proceed to the reception hall. You require to carry your food, music, simple decorations and enjoy the great day.
    • Wedding at Home- consider using your own home (or the home of a parent) for your ceremony to save on venue expenses.

    It’s best to involve your family and friends to help you search for a cheap and convenient wedding venue. If you go the outdoor route, it’s best to have a back-up plan for lousy weather. Otherwise, you can marry in a downpour and have all your friends and family soaked.

    Push Costs Lower With Cheap Wedding Decoration

    Keep your wedding decorations at a minimum for you to achieve a budget of $ 1000.  Use the decorations only at noticeable laces like the entrance and, if possible, make your decorations. DIY weddings are the best way to cut the financial burden while getting married.

    You don’t require a decorator to provide decorative elements for you. Search for blooming flowers from your compound, friends, and use them for decoration. Ask for help arranging the flowers to make the place look beautiful.

    You can still cut costs on the flowers by; using colorful natives to achieve an eye-catching effect with fewer flowers, supplying your vases, using flowers from your garden (or your friends’ gardens), and bringing in potted plants from your friends and family.

    Another way to cut on the costs is by buying used centerpieces and decorations. Most brides often sell their decorations on sites like and others for lower prices than buying new. Also, sites like Pinterest have unlimited decorating ideas on creating mason jars, wine bottles, and more items.

    Here are some cheap decorations;

    Star Copper Wire Lights

    The LED lights create a charming ambiance with a light and unique design. They make the wedding party beautiful, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, for an affordable price. Just buy a few and place them at strategic spots.

    Brilliance Rose Gold Sequin Fabric

    It’s a brilliant piece to make your reception look great at a reasonable price.

    Wedding Reception Ideas

    As part of easing the financial burden, you can plan on preparing food and dessert for guests at home. Let your family members and friends who are good at cooking involve them. Come up with a menu and have them help you.  Allow them to prepare even a wedding cake; it will go a long way in saving you some dollars.

    Food prepared at home is tasty and healthy. Additionally, look around for a family-owned restaurant and request the owners to cater for your wedding. The family will be understanding in terms of your budget and will go the extra mile to make the event successful.

    Have a small wedding cake that your family or friends can make. Cut it for photos, but serve the guests a cheaper sheet cake or cupcakes.  The advantage of cupcakes is that you serve a variety of flavors. You can also skip the cake and serve your favorite desserts such as pie, brownies, lemon bars, etc. Many couples are foregoing the cake and opting for dessert stations, often homemade.

    Still, you can save on cake costs by playing a small smart trick. Order a small one or 2-tiered cake for the couple to cut, then the large sheet cake for the guests and family. No one will ever know your smart secret, and everyone will still get a delicious slice of cake.

    How to Stock Your Bar

    Instead of choosing a full open bar, for instance, you can save money, offering just beer and wine or a free cocktail time followed by a cash bar. If you rent a venue, you can ask if they’ll let you supply your alcohol, which can be an excellent way to cut your budget. Search for a discount liquor store in your area, and stock up on the basics: red and white wine and at least a few beer types.

    Planing Cool Entertainment on a Budget

    Instead of hiring a DJ for good music, let your friends and family help out. It’s part of sharing one’s talent and make the ceremony joyous. Come up with a list of your favorite music that you like as a couple, especially on the theme of love. Your friends can add up to the list as part of the work to make you and the guests enjoy the event.

    Rather than having a DJ, use your home stereo equipment or borrow from a friend. Place the speakers around the dance floor area.  Creating your playlist on the iPod that goes for some hours is an excellent way to personalize your entire experience.

    Don’t bother hiring a photographer, too; it’s a simple task that can costs you a lot. Your friends who are passionate about photography can help out. Using advanced smartphones, you can get the most outstanding pictures and videos for the ceremony.

    Pictures and videos will always make the day memorable to you. Request family and friends to offer help that aligns their talents instead of gifts as a way of sticking to the wedding budget.

    Try DIY Hair and Makeup

    You have always done your make-up on other days and looked fantastic. This day even though remarkable, is no different from any other.  You require to do some preparations early in advance or even some tutorials to perfect it. You can still request your friend’s help, as everyone will be excited to prepare the bride.

    Tips to Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

    Whereas your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, there is no need to break the bank and start your marriage in debt. There are ways you can minimize your expenses and still have so much on this special day. Have an epic day on a small budget by following the given tips;

    Be Wise on Your Guest List

    Having a small budget means cutting down the guest list to minimize expenses. The number of guests you have affects your food and beverage budget, the invitations, flowers, and venue space.  Cutting down the list will save you a lot. Your close friends and family members who are around are more than enough to witness your marriage.

    Use paperless cards to invite your friends to the wedding. To save as much as you can, invite fewer guests and making the event more romantic. Start by your list down by 20%, then another 20%. Then see if you’re happy with it.

    Check this too: Bachelor Party 101: The Rules and Etiquette

    If you have a quality printer, you can make classy invitations on your own.  Avoid pictures, just a simple text with an elegant font. Other sites like Vistaprint offer cheap wedding invitations that you order from the comfort of your home. They provide excellent services at a fair price.

    Skip the Wedding Party

    Invite your best friends to the wedding but avoid the bridesmaids and groomsmen titles. Personal flowers such as bridesmaids,  groomsmen gifts, and bridesmaid gifts can raise your budget to thousands.  Your friends will also appreciate that they don’t have to incur so much on your wedding: they will have a chance to dress in their favorite design. Again, instead of offering them gifts, consider writing them a special thanks note instead. If your friends will understand you’re trying to have a cheap wedding,

    Have the Wedding at One Location

    It’s best to have your wedding at one location, that is, if you choose like a hall have the ceremony and reception there. This arrangement will save you transport costs of moving the guests from one location after the ceremony to another for the reception.

    Avoid Holidays and Weekends

    Planning your wedding on holidays can be expensive. The most costly days to get married are like Year Eve, Memorial Day, and more. During these days, you may lack a venue place because they are booked and costly at the same time. Choose a convenient day for you and the family that will save you all the stress.

    June and July months are peak wedding seasons, and venues tend to charge more. The only exception is colleges and universities. Students are out of school, and the buildings aren’t earning any income. You may consult from a nearby college and get a superb venue at an affordable fee. College set up is convenient to hold a ceremony and reception in the rooms and even the open field.

    Plan your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. By avoiding Saturday receptions, you can slash dollars off your venue costs.

    Have a Buffet-Style Dinner

    Buffets are a great avenue to go, as food costs are generally cheap with buffets. Be sure to have a catering person operating the stations and serving people their food, as portions can quickly get out of control with people helping themselves.

    Have Your Honeymoon Afterwards

    Most people are choosing to wait for sometime after the wedding before engaging in a costly honeymoon trip. After all, you guys have achieved one significant milestone together, and you still have many more days together. You can even save and enjoy your honeymoon months later.

    Have a Simple Décor

    Candles can be the most beautiful and decorative elements. They are also available at reasonable prices. Have flowers and lots of candles, and they will add a romantic and intimate feeling to your occasion.

    cheap wedding decor

    Travel in Style

    You can request a family member or a friend to help you out with a fancy car. You will save money on transport, and they can offer it up as a gift.

    Use Your Credit Card

    Make every wedding payment using your card; it will protect you if anything goes wrong with your vendors. If you pay for the service and the person fails, they can refund your money. The credit card is like free wedding insurance in your wallet, so go for it but avoid the temptation to overindulge.

    Have a Brunch or Lunch Reception

    There is a chance a venue will be less expensive to book in the morning or early in the afternoon. Breakfast is also more affordable than dinner. Again, the guest will not expect an open flowing bar at noon.

    Wedding Budget of $ 1000 at San Francisco City Hall for 10 Guests

    Item Amount ($)
    Venue/ officiant 200
    Catering, food, cake, desserts( with help from family) 250
    DIY emailed invitations 0
    Photography( family help) 0
    iPod or Spotify DJ 0
    DIY flowers from the grocery 50
    Simple table décor 50
    Makeup from a skilled friend 0
    Hairstyling from a local salon 100
    Gown 100
    Shoes you already own 0
    Bridegroom attire 150
    Other expenses 100


    Even as you plan for a frugal wedding, it’s wise to have a 155 contingency in case of unexpected expenses. It’s best to try and hold back some of that money for the last few days and weeks for any extra costs. Let’s also quality be your priority even as you work on a small budget.