As a parent, you always have to deal with all kinds of party requests from your children. One such request can be a themed party. In this age and time, kids loving all sorts of TV characters and themed events in line with their favorite characters is a common thing. What if one day your kid tells you that he or she wants a ninja turtle themed party? Unfortunately, throwing parties is not a cheap affair, which is why you should consider ways on how to throw a ninja turtle party on a budget.

    When throwing a party, you have to look at things such as food, entertainment, and any other thing you may want. However, if you are on a budget, you need to improvise on many things if the party is to be a success. You have to look at how you can do things yourself or get items at cheap prices.

    What you can do by yourself

    One of the aspects of a ninja party that you can do yourself is the decoration part. Use any of the following ideas although feel free to play around and see what you can come up with.

    • Create a simple green card that will act as an invitation. You can attach a piece of cheap ribbon to make things more interesting.
    • You can hang a custom sign outside your door that signals any ninjas who may have been lost trying to find your house. It also adds to the intrigue.
    • You can also employ the above trick with the “Happy Birthday” sign. Get the different colored marker pens for the four turtles and use those for writing the sign.
    • Masks are really cool ideas for the kids. If you make the masks, do not forget the ribbons for the turtles. If you are up for a challenge, see if you can make some of their weapons as well.
    • When you have plenty of kids in your house for the party, it will be difficult to keep track of all their names especially when they are wearing masks. So, make it easy for yourself by tagging them with themed name tags.
    • You cannot afford to miss having balloons at the party. Get green ones and color them appropriately with marker pens. Try to see if you can get the impressions right in line with the characters of the ninjas.
    • Make a ninja turtle like piƱata if you can. There are no rules here, so just go wild.
    • After the party, everyone has to take home some goodies. Again, just get green bags and add the appropriate theming. You can even use them for other things during the party and then recycle at the end.

    For the food, you can do the following things:

    • It will not be a ninja turtle themed party if there is no pizza. Since you are on a budget, bake your own pizza. It is actually a good thing because you have many options for customization.
    • Find a way to theme fruits to get something healthy inside them. One of the simplest ways is theming a watermelon, which is naturally green.
    • Prepare some cake or cupcakes in line with the theme.
    • When it comes to food, the options are limitless, therefore, feel free to experiment. Another cool trick is to give some theming to food and give it a ninja name. For example, you can rename Oreo cookies to something like manhole covers since the turtles live in a sewer.

    Since you also have games to consider, the following ideas should help you out.

    • Play pass the parcel game.
    • You can also hide some stuff and let the kids try to find the item. Call it anything you want as long as it is related to turtles.
    • Make the kids color or draw ninja turtles and award the best artists of everyone.

    Some things to keep in mind

    Stick to the following guidelines if you are to have a successful ninja turtle themed party on a budget.

    • Recycle stuff whenever you can.
    • Keep thing simple.
    • Plan every aspect of the party yourself to ensure you have total control over the spending.
    • Give kids the illusion of control.
    • Look to acquire used and cheap ninja turtle merchandise online or from your neighbor. One such great online store is Amazon. You can find some great stuff for peanuts.

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    With this information, you are now equipped to throw a ninja turtle themed party on a budget. It does not matter how tight the budget is. You can make it happen.