With the increase of healthcare awareness, the nursing department is growing faster as compared to other occupations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics:

    “The employment of registered is 6% from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations. About 193,100 openings for registered nurses are projected each year. According to an estimation, in 2022, the median annual salary for registered nurses was $81,220.”

    All these openings are due to improve the health care system or promotion of health in the whole world. Community nursing is an essential part of nursing services as community nurses provide invaluable care and treatment to patients in their own homes or where they live. Lamar University defined community nursing as:

    “Community health nursing, also called public health nursing or community nursing, combines primary healthcare and nursing practice in a community setting, provide health services, preventive care, and intervention and health education to communities or populations.”

    Huy Van Nguyen and Kyung-Sook Bang represent community nursing services, roles, activities, and competencies in a flowchart in their article. “The roles of, activities of, and competencies for, community nursing services in rural Vietnam: Implications for policy decisions”, published in 2018.

    What is a Community Health Nursing essay?

    A community health nursing essay is an academic paper in which nursing students have to work in a community nurse setting within the patient of the place where they live. These essay topics might include challenges encountered while working within a community or emerging problems.

    Writing an essay on community nursing is not everyone’s cup of tea. This type of writing is difficult and different from other writings because, in healthcare writing, you cannot say anything without authentication or a solid reference from authentic sources. This is all possible with good research and writing skills, and most of the students do not have these skills.

    If you are one of them and struggling with community essay writing problems, you need to read this guide on How to Write High-Scoring Community Nursing Essays. But if you do not have enough time for this prolonged task, you can get safe assistance from essay writing services such as The Academic Papers UK and enjoy high scores in essay assessment.

    How to Write a High-Scoring Community Health Nursing Essay?

     1. Understand the Essay Requirement

    The first thing you should do to write your community health nursing essay paper effectively is to understand the requirements carefully. Read the instructions carefully and understand the essay prompts, and you need to look out for key terms.

    It is the best way to understand what you are being asked by your professor. It also helps you research your topic in a specific direction and balance your focus on the subject matter. In this way, you can directly address the community health nursing essay questions effectively.

    2. Do Extensive Research

    When you understand your entire essay topic, now go to conduct extensive research. It is a core tip to get the highest marks in your essay assessment. You can collect data both primary and secondary from primary and secondary resources, respectively.

    Primary data

    The primary data is known as first-hand data, which is collected by self-research, experiments and analysis. It is real-time data, whihc include questionnaires, experiments, self-analysis in a case study, interview, and surveys.

    Secondary data

    It is data collected by others’ research, known as past data, which is easy to access and quickly available. Its sources include government publications, Google Scholar, Google Books, journals and authentic web-based articles.

    Shafiqul Hassan, Mohsin Dhali, and Fazluz Zaman represent Possible Sources of big data in the healthcare industry in their article “Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare in Bangladesh: Regulatory Challenges”, which is shown in the figure below:

    3. Plan Your Nursing School Essay

    Writing a good essay about community health nursing requires good planning. Your essay planning contains the planning of your essay structure and scheduling of your essay tasks with dedicated time. In this process, highlight all the key matters you want to discuss and create an outline of these essential points into headings and subheadings.

    Furthermore, divide your writing procedure into different tasks and then prioritise them. There is no need to write tasks in detail; just create a big picture of your essay to keep yourself fixed while writing and help you meet deadlines.

    4. Follow a Standard Structure of Essay

    An essay structure will allow you to write your information in a natural flow while targeting your research problem. A standard essay structure contains three main sections:

    • Introduction
    • Main body
    • Conclusion

    According to The Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, these three major sections in an essay should be in the following flow:

    By following this flowchart, you can present your ideas in a logical and cohesive manner. In this way, you can start your essay with an attention-grabbing introductory sentence to hook your reader’s concentration.

    For example, if you are writing an essay on nurses’ role in the community, Introduce your topic and give ideas to your readers about your personal statement. Explain what community nursing is, what they are doing and how they are participating in the health care system. Proceed with your topic explanation with supportive arguments and evidence-based information. At the end, conclude your essay with a logical conclusion while linking your conclusion with the introduction.

    5. Give a Finishing Touch

    When you are done with your writing procedure, then you need to give a finishing touch to your essay to give its more refined form. In this step, you have to look over the formatting and overall structure of your community nursing essay and proofread it.


    Generally, formatting requirements contain:

    • 12pt font style in Time News Roman and 11pt in Arial font style.
    • The margin on each page should not be more than 2cm.
    • 5 or double space is the general line spacing in academic writing
    • Create headers and footers also, if required


    The editing process starts when you are working on your essay writing. It is the process of revising your essay. In editing, your main focus is to look over the

    • Sentence structure
    • Content organisation,
    • Overall presentation

    The purpose of editing is to ensure that your message is clearly delivered towards your reader or not.


    Proofreading allows you to check your essay against errors before submission. It is best practice to fix your errors like:

    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Typos


    Writing a Community Health Nursing essay requires in-depth research and authentic information for its composition. Undoubtedly, most nursing students find this a hectic and challenging task because they are unaware of the power of extensive research, planning, structuring, formatting, editing and proofreading that make your essay impressive in front of the reader. For those students, we have mentioned some proven tips for writing high-scoring community nursing essays to follow.

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