Do you have a party, but you can’t all meet in a single room for a slumber party or out in the open for good old outdoorsy grooving?

    Don’t worry. Hulu Slumber Party has you covered. Hulu’s Watch Party lets different subscribers watch a specific movie or show together while conversing in a group chat room.

    Even though it is easy to deploy, sometimes you might encounter hiccups keeping it from working perfectly.

    How to Use Hulu Watch Party

    Launching a watch party should be simple. There are some pre-requisites, though:

    • All members must have an active account
    • You have to select a watch party eligible title
    • All members must use the Hulu website to watch. Not an app
    • All members must be using an up to date supported browser

    Launching the Hulu Watch Party

    1. Navigate to on a supported browser
    2. Identify a show or a movie and navigate to its details page
    3. If it is watch party compliant, there will be a Watch Party icon on the details page. If it is a series, the icon will be in the menus of the the episodes
    4. Click the icon, then Start the Party
    5. Click the hyperlink chain icon to copy the party link and send it to people you want to join.

    Upon joining the party, you can control your own playback, jump to catch up with the party, and chat with members at will.

    What Could Make Hulu Party Chat Not Work?

    A couple of things could prevent you from starting, joining, or using different Hulu Watch Party features. Some of the most common include:

    • You are Not Using the Website
    • You are Not Using a Supported Browser
    • Your Internet Connection Is Not Fast Enough
    • The Party is Full
    • The Title Is Not Supported
    • Your account indicates that you are under 18 years old. Profiles under 18 cannot create or join a watch party.

    Hulu Watch Party Not Synchronizing

    One of the most common problems people have when using Hulu Watch Party is videos not synchronizing.

    This can be very disruptive, mainly if people discuss what is happening in the live chat.

    I found that things fall out of sync, especially when:

    • You have to view ads, and other members don’t have to
    • You pause the video for one reason or another
    • Your internet connection is slow, and the video has to buffer for a while

    Since Hulu Watch Party lets individuals scrub through video timelines as they wish, they have no incentive to force synchronization across devices in the party.

    Party members can rewind and pause their footage as they wish. The handy feature to keep in synchrony is occasionally hitting the ‘Click to Catch Up’ button. This will bring you up to speed with the first person at the party.

    ProTip: Using similar accounts (ads-free or the free ad-driven version) could eliminate discrepancies since no one person will have to endure adverts as the rest of the party keeps watching.

    How Many People Can Join Hulu Watch Party

    A Hulu Watch Party has a maximum member limit of eight people at a go. You can’t invite or host more than that, or late joining people will get an error message.

    Can I Use Hulu Watch Party Without Ads Free Subscription?

    Yes. Hulu Watch Party is available for all types of accounts. However, ads-free accounts have more minor synchronization issues since there are no advert disruptions.

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    Hulu watch party might have problems and hiccups, but it is a great way to watch shows with friends without necessarily being in the same room.