Car accidents are never pleasant. Every time you drive a vehicle, you are at risk of a crash. Collisions happen every few seconds, leading to fatal injuries, pain, and suffering. 

    Due to the high frequency of accidents, it’s not surprising that vehicle accidents are the primary cause of fatalities among individuals less than 54 years old in the U.S. While accidents can happen anywhere, certain states in the U.S. are more prone to accidents than others.

    In August 2022, 5 News Online reported on a personal injury and consumer rights firm that conducted a survey using data collected from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The research identified Arkansas as the fifth most dangerous state for drivers.

    The research revealed that the Natural State recorded 103 deaths per 100,000 people. The data indicate that the driver fatality rate in Arkansas is 95% higher compared to the national average.

    Therefore, if you are driving in any city in Arkansas, it’s important to exercise maximum caution. Cities like Rogers have their share of accidents that result in unpleasant repercussions. If you believe that only accidents involving large vehicles are fatal, you should be aware of the reality. Bicycle accidents in Rogers are equally fatal and can lead to painful injuries and emotional trauma.

    In this article, we will discuss bicycle accidents in Rogers, including their causes, injuries, and how a Rogers personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation. 

    81-Year-Old Cyclist Dies in An Accident in Rogers

    Many people believe that riding a bicycle will not lead to an accident. However, an incident in Rogers proves otherwise. In January 2023, ‘Today In Fort Smith’ reported the death of an 81-year-old cyclist in Benton County.

    Based on the acquired information, Savareno Vega was riding his bicycle in the southbound lane of a road. He took a left turn without warning and entered the oncoming traffic. Despite a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado attempting to veer, the driver couldn’t avoid the collision with Vega.

    Following the tragic bicycle accident, Vega was admitted to Mercy Hospital, where he died because of his fatal injuries. Dale Brooks, an officer from the Rogers Police Department, shared that weather conditions were normal, and the roadway was dry at the time of the crash.

    The Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Rogers

    One can view Vega’s tragic accident as an unfortunate incident and become more cautious when riding a bicycle in Rogers. Learning about the causes of accidents can help to exercise more caution.

    The causes of bicycle accidents are:

    • Distracted Driving

    Drivers are often distracted by their phones, thoughts, and other passengers. This lack of mindfulness on the street can lead to collisions.

    • Low Visibility

    Being lightweight and a small vehicle, bicycles sometimes are less visible. But they are not much smaller than a motorcycle. Therefore, motorists should drive carefully and watch out for them.

    • Dangerous Road Conditions

    Bicycle accidents often occur due to poor road conditions. Roads with poor upkeep or ongoing construction work can result in fatal accidents when drivers aren’t careful.

    The Fatal Bicycle Accident Injuries

    Most people think that bicycle accidents result in minor cuts and scratches. That is far away from the truth. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states that bicycle accident injuries can be dangerous and take time to heal. The probable injuries are:

    • Foot, knee, and leg fractures
    • Wrongful death
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Dental or facial injuries

    These injuries can range from mild to severe, based on the severity of the accident. If you or your loved one have experienced a bicycle accident in Rogers, a local attorney is the best person to contact. You should also look into a bicycle accident attorney that specializes in these types of cases. They will evaluate the apt compensation and represent you in court.

    How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

    Before heading into a lawyer’s chamber, it is essential to know a few facts about bicycle riding in Arkansas.

    In Arkansas, bicycles are not categorized as vehicles. There are certain laws exclusively applicable to bicycle riding. For instance, one law states that all cyclists can use any highway, road, or street within the state other than controlled-access highways and freeways.

    Furthermore, Arkansas follows a ‘contributory negligence’ system. In case of a bicycle accident, accountability gets divided proportionally, depending on certain circumstances. This involves evaluating the factors that led to the accident and making each party responsible for it.

    If the driver and your fault are proportional, you both share the blame, and there is no compensation. In case the cyclist’s blame is 50% less than the driver, they qualify for compensation. But it will get adjusted based on the fault of the accident.

    Keith Law Group states getting in touch with the police after a bicycle accident is essential. After that, contacting a lawyer is imperative to navigate the legal process smoothly. Victims must obtain the necessary medical aid and gather all possible evidence from the accident scene. A personal injury lawyer can utilize this evidence to develop a strong case and secure compensation for them. The compensation covers punitive damages and economic and non-economic damages.


    No cyclist in Rogers wants to encounter an accident. The unfortunate reality is that accidents are unpredictable. Even when one adheres to traffic rules and exercises caution, fatal crashes can still occur.

    Hence, it is essential to be careful when you are riding your bicycle on the streets of Rogers. If you face an accident and get bruised, it is necessary to seek both medical and legal help.