Hello fellow gamers! Here is your trusted seller of Dark and Darker Gold Coins – MMOexp, MMOexp will guide you through the dangerous world of darkness and darkness. If you’re having a good time with this game, you’ll no doubt come across various skeleton enemies who seem hell-bent on making you their next victim. Fear not, because MMOexp has your back! This guide is designed to help you master the art of dodging each skeleton type, so you can head into PvP encounters with confidence and full health.

    Let’s dive right in and tackle these bony adversaries one by one:

    1. Footman and Guardian: The Basics

    Facing off against the standard footman and guardian skeletons might seem like a breeze, but their attacks can catch you off guard. The key to dodging these attacks lies in your movement strategy. As they lunge towards you, adopt the back pedal strategy – step forward, fade the attack, then swiftly step back and launch your counterattack. This dance of footwork is crucial to avoiding their strikes and maintaining the upper hand.

    A pro tip for those donning heavier armor: You can enhance your movement speed by turning 90 degrees and strafing backward. Remember, strafing to the side is just as fast as running forward, so sidestepping is your friend.

    2. The Zoyhander Skeleton: Navigating the Cleaver

    The Zoyhander skeleton’s cleaving attacks might seem intimidating, but fear not, for there’s a simple trick to avoiding their deadly swings. By hugging the skeleton and crouching, you can manipulate your hitbox to evade each swing. Remember that when attacked from your left, a swift follow-up attack from the right is imminent. So, keep your wits about you and be ready to dodge again. Thankfully, dark and darker cheaters allow you to regain the advantage and level the playing field.

    3. The Felling Ax Skeleton: Outsmarting the Lunge

    The felling ax skeleton punishes those who underestimate its lunging abilities. However, you can emerge victorious by sidestepping its overhead attack and clockwise swing. Adopt a habit of moving to the left side, as this movement pattern proves effective against both of the skeleton’s attacks. Running away is a grave mistake – sidestepping is your ticket to survival.

    4. The Skeleton Spearman: Reading the Attacks

    The Skeleton Spearman presents a unique challenge, as you must read its attacks to dodge effectively. Sidestepping is your best friend here. For overhead swings and stabs, sidestep to the right (and occasionally to the left with high movement speed). But beware of the clockwise swing, which requires you to dodge left and slightly past the skeleton due to its wide arc.

    Should you find yourself in close quarters, consider tanking the clockwise swings while relentlessly damaging the skeleton. Jumping can prove beneficial, diverting the swing toward your legs instead of your vital regions.

    5. The Ranged Skeletons: Crouch, Dodge, and Duck

    The ranged skeletons, such as the Bowman and Crossbow skeletons, demand a different approach. At a distance, simple strafing is your ally. As you close in, crouch under arrows, timing your crouch to match the drawstring’s halt. Beware the follow-up shots, which target your body instead of your head. Dodge to the side and jump when necessary to outwit these calculated foes.

    For those confined in narrow spaces or facing the Crossbow skeleton up close, employ a clever tactic. Duck and throw your head back, focusing your gaze on the ceiling. By looking up, you ensure the projectile hits your body or legs while your head remains safe.

    6. Mastering Advanced Variants

    Remember that these fundamental dodging mechanics extend to the more advanced skeleton variants. Your timing might need fine-tuning, but the principles remain the same. To maximize your dodging success, ensure you’re playing on a low-latency server for optimal responsiveness.


    Here are a few additional tips for dodging skeleton attacks:

    • Use the terrain to your advantage. If you can, try to fight skeletons in areas with obstacles, such as trees or rocks. This will give you more cover and make it easier to dodge attacks.
    • Watch the skeleton’s animations. Pay attention to the skeleton’s attack animations so you can predict when they are going to attack. This will give you more time to react and dodge the attack.
    • Use your movement abilities. If you have movement abilities, such as a dash or teleport, use them to dodge attacks. This can be especially helpful if you are caught in a tight spot.
    • Practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you will become at dodging skeleton attacks. So don’t give up! Keep practicing and you will eventually become a master dodger.

    I hope this guide helps you to reliably dodge skeleton attacks in Dark and Darker. With a little practice, you will be able to take down even the toughest skeletons.

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

    • The difficulty of dodging skeleton attacks will depend on the enemy’s level and your own level.
    • The type of armor you are wearing can also affect your ability to dodge attacks. Heavier armor will make you more resistant to damage, but it will also make you slower and less agile.
    • The latency of your connection can also affect your ability to dodge attacks. If you have high latency, you may experience delays in your inputs, which can make it difficult to dodge attacks.

    Overall, dodging skeleton attacks is a skill that takes practice and experience. However, by following the tips in this guide, you can improve your chances of success.