If you have significant tooth pain that is being caused by either severe tooth decay or a horrible infection, you may need a root canal.

    A root canal is another dental treatment that is available in Rancho Bernardo, where a dentist Rancho Bernardo of Hekmatdentalcare will repair your damaged tooth.

    By doing this, you can avoid having to have a tooth out. Because it involves cleaning out the internal canals of your tooth that extend into the tooth’s root, the operation is known as a root canal.

    Despite the outmoded perception that root canals are painful, most root canal treatments are now completely painless due to advancement in dental anesthesia.

    A short root canal that is no more painful than placing a filling is actually considerably less painful than living with an infected or decaying tooth.

    What is a root canal?

    A root canal procedure, which is like a small roto-rooter, eliminates decay while preserving the damaged tooth.

    When doing a root canal, your dentist will do the following:

    • Extract bacteria and decay from your tooth pulp, nerve, and root
    • Disinfect the area by using antibiotics
    • Fill the empty roots
    • Seal the area for preventing new decay

    An endodontist, a specialist, or your normal dentist can conduct a root canal.

    After the root canal surgery, your natural tooth is still in place, which also prevents further decay.

    However, this may increase the tooth’s brittleness, as a tooth that has undergone a root canal is commonly covered with a crown.

    Signs that you now need a root canal

    1.  Persistent pain

    If you have persistent pain, then there is a greater possibility that you have an issue that is related to the tooth root.

    In case, you experience pain while eating or drinking, then it is the right time to schedule an appointment sooner than later with your nearby dentist.

    2. Chipped or cracked tooth

    Your teeth may chip or crack as a result of eating hard meals, playing contact sports, or failed dental operations in the past.

    A cracked or chipped tooth can expose the nerves that are located below the tooth’s surface and cause an infection.

    It is possible for a tooth root infection to enter the bloodstream. To stop the spread of infection and suffering from an untreated infection, a root canal is necessary.

    3. Sensitivity to heat or cold

    Another normal sign that you may discover is sensitivity in the root canal tooth. It is a concern if drinking hot beverages like coffee or tea makes your tooth hurt. A dull aching that gets worse over time might become an acute, excruciating agony.

    4. Gum area is swollen

    Gum swelling is a symptom of underlying issues. If your gums are red, puffy, or have a raised bump, your dentist will inspect them to see if inflammation is the cause.

    5. Dark discoloration of your tooth

    Poor oral hygiene, use of foods and beverages that stain tooth enamel, exposure to these substances, or nerve injury beneath the tooth’s surface can all contribute to discolored teeth.

    Your dentist will ask you to make a time for a root canal procedure to remove the affected root when nerve and blood vessel damage occurs.

    6. Prolonged sensitivity

    If pressing on your tooth causes pain and the sensitivity persists for weeks or months without going away, you may need a root canal.

    Long-lasting tooth sensitivity is often caused by a broken root, which won’t mend by itself.

    7. Deep decay

    No amount of brushing, flossing, or mouthwash rinsing will be able to treat extensive decay that has already developed within the base of your tooth.

    A cavity will eventually develop into the tooth’s nerve and root if it is ignored over an extended period of time.

    A root canal is most likely the only treatment available in this case before the patient is offered a crown.

    Regular dental checkup and good oral hygiene are essential because of this. When your teeth and gums are neglected, illness and infection set in, making what would have been a minor issue much severe.

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