Are you ready to learn why millions of consumers are turning to online pharmacies?

    Access to prescribed medications should never be an issue. However, rising prices and a lack of healthcare centers in some rural areas are making it difficult for a large number of consumers.

    However, the growing popularity of online pharmacies is changing this as they make medications more affordable for everyone.

    But what about quality? This is a concern for consumers. They want assurances that the online Canadian pharmacy will provide quality, authentic medications at an affordable price.

    Let’s take a look at why you can shelve these concerns and place your trust in an online Canadian pharmacy.

    Understanding CIPA

    What is CIPA? The acronym stands for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

    You should know that not every online Canadian pharmacy meets CIPA certification standards. You can check on the pharmacy’s website. It will list the certifications so you can rest assured you are ordering from a licensed online pharmacy.

    Something else to check is if the pharmacy delivers out of the country. Not all do so it’s a good idea to check before going through all of the steps.

    So, what criteria do pharmacies need to meet to receive CIPA certification?

    • All medications must be dispensed through a licensed pharmacy and by a licensed pharmacist
    • The submitted prescriptions are authentic, valid, and written by a licensed physician
    • The online Canadian pharmacy must keep all medical and personal information secure and private
    • All payment information is kept secure using recognized cybersecurity protocols
    • The pharmacy’s name and contact information are visible and easy for consumers to find on the website

    Online pharmacies in Canada that meet these requirements are CIPA-certified and you can rest assured you are getting your medications from a trusted source.

    Medications at an Affordable Price

    Have you noticed how prescription medication prices seem to keep rising?

    If so, you are not the only one. This is also a primary reason why more and more consumers are turning to online pharmacies in Canada.

    Comparing online prescription drug prices to those in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy highlights the difference in overall costs.

    Online prices are noticeably lower than at your local pharmacy.

    Why are online pharmacies in Canada able to charge lower prices?

    Some consumers worry it is due to lower-quality prescription medications. However, CIPA regulations prevent this from happening.

    Instead, online pharmacies have a few advantages when it comes to their prices.

    Competitive pricing is one strategy online pharmacies use. The pharmacies work to set their prices at levels similar to their competitors.

    This means you do not have to shop around to find the best deal, the pharmacy already took care of it for you.

    Another reason for the low prices of prescription drugs is the lack of an extensive overhead.

    For example, online pharmacies do not have costs associated with having a physical location.

    With these advantages, along with quality assurance, it’s easy to see why more consumers are turning to online pharmacies.