Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should have everything you want on your special day.

    The days are long gone when every bride wore white and every groom wore a black suit or tuxedo. But those days are gone! According to, formal wear designers today are using a variety of colors for tuxedos. Traditional tuxedo colors that ranged from black, gray, and charcoal are still popular, but bold colors like red, and blue are now gaining in popularity. As long as the style and color match with the rest of the wedding party, a boldly colored tuxedo can work well.

    Formal Attire Used to Mean Basic Black:

    According to the wedding planning Website Zola, there are many tuxedo options today, not just the basic black. Tuxedos are traditionally worn for formal weddings and black-tie events. For years, most grooms wore black tuxedos with bow ties that matched the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses. But formal attire today has an entirely new look!

    The same goes for brides! Previously, most brides wore basic white or off-white. Today, brides are wearing subtle shades or blue, pink, peach and lilac. Others choose dresses that are accented with other colors. The days are gone when the only color on the bride was the bridal bouquet she carries.

    Today, It’s All About Color!

    Whether you are wearing a formal tuxedo or a classic suit, there is a growing trend for grooms choosing tuxedos in deep blues, dark greens, and eggplant tones. Some feel that using these colors enables groomsmen to be themselves and have a bit of fun with their attire on the big day, reported It seems like the trend for blue tuxedo wedding tuxedos or suits has become a popular choice for brides and grooms, which gives them a bit of room to express their style.

    Wedding attendants are also mixing and matching accessories like cufflinks, ties, and socks. These items can be individually chosen to show a bit of personal style without competing with the wedding suits and tuxedos.

    Are Suspenders Gone and Belts In?

    Another new style trend that formal wear makers are following in tuxedos is a big one. Traditionally, all tuxedos were worn with suspenders. They were part of the wedding style and protocol, but things are changing. Today, many formal wear designers are tossing suspenders by the wayside and choosing to add belt loops and a belt, states

    Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Belt along With a Tuxedo:

    If you are considering wearing a belt with a tuxedo, there are some dos and don’ts you should be aware of.


    • Your belt should match your shoes.
    • If your trousers have belt looks, they were made to be worn with a belt. If they have no looks, they were made to be worn with suspenders and a cummerbund.


    • Don’t combine a cummerbund over a belt, it will leave an unsightly bulge by the buckle, if you wear a belt, no cummerbund.
    • Don’t wear suspenders if you are wearing a belt. You don’t want to over-accessorize, so choose one or the other.

    Weddings today are a self-expression of the wedding couple. Colors are now showing up in wedding gowns, and the same goes for tuxedo and wedding suits. Enjoy and let your wedding showcase your personality.