Have you claimed your deductions?

    The average business deduction for business cars is 65.5 cents per mile. The good news is you don’t have to do the Math. Using a mileage tracker app, you can know how much the IRS owes you with a few taps of the screen. Mileagewise is the best mileage tracker for taxes, and here’s why.

    Mileage Log generator

    The mileage log generator keeps a log of all your driving activities. You can export your mileage report to Excel and show it in your IRS mileage audit as evidence to claim your deductibles. You can learn more here.

    Tax Preparation

    Apart from your deductibles, Mileagewise can also help you prepare your taxes. It creates a comprehensive tax report based on the information you provide. All you have to do is print your mileage log creator and sign it.

    Automatic Mileage Tracker

    Mileagewise keeps a record of all your driving activities. The DoorDash mileage tracker, for instance, simplifies your earnings, expenses, and deductibles. It has an easy interface with minimal colors to preserve your phone’s battery. Best of all, it respects your privacy.


    If you’re self-employed or a small business owner with a couple of cars, Mileagewise makes work easier. You can get deductibles that add up to thousands of dollars, from your previous tax years. The mileage tracker for business keeps mileage logs of your vehicles. You can then print the mileage report, sign it, and send it to the IRS. They’ll send your deductibles in no more than 8 weeks.

    Tax Optimization

    CPAs and auditor have too much on their plate, you can tell by the bundles of papers. Mileagewise helps take a load off your busy work. It has a simple dashboard that gives you access to all your clients’ details that you can access in your web browser.

    Cross Compatibility
    Mileagewise is compatible with other apps, like:


    FreshBooks is one of the most popular invoicing and accounting apps for small and medium businesses. That’s because it has an easy-to-use interface and also has client management functionalities.

    With MileageWise, you can upload your tax report in PDF. You can then transfer it directly to Freshbooks. Click the “expenses” tab, and you’ll find all the information you need, including your clients’ mileage reports.


    MileageWise will automatically update your Excel database. Any new data recorded will be reflected in MS Excel. You can also import your Excel files directly to the website and print the combined data as a signable PDF file.

    Volvo Cars

    Volvo comes integrated with a GPS that records your mileage in the Volvo Cars app. You can directly transfer the mileage records to the app. You can then print a comprehensive mileage log and show it as proof to the IRS.


    Most clients use Waze to get the shortest distance to anywhere. MileageWise records the distance your clients travel and includes it in their tax reports. Check your clients’ list and click on the Waze button.

    Google Timeline

    In your Google’s location history, you can find Google Timeline. Google Timeline keeps a mileage log of all the places you’ve traveled. This log is automatically transferred to the app, so you can print your IRS-compliant mileage log. You can even export Google Timeline to Excel with a few taps.

    Taxes Simplified With MileageWise

    Taxes have never been easier with Mileagewise. Small business owners, real estate agents, and the self-employed can benefit immensely from the app. The mileage log generator and tax optimization feature will help make your tax preparation much easier. Plus, it simplifies your deductions so you can know how much is owed.

    Download MileageWise today and make life easier!