Cats are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and they definitely know what they like and don’t like. When it comes to “elimination,” cats can get finicky about their bathroom habits. Felines have very sensitive noses and extremely immaculate grooming routines. They also like to feel secure at all times. The ideal box is key to keeping your cat purring and going where it is supposed “to go.” Check out these tips on finding cool, contemporary units and all that litter stuff.

    What a Cat Is Wanting

    Veterinarians say that safe, clean and quiet are three characteristics required for a cat to do their business and do it properly. The ideal box for elimination doesn’t have to be highly priced. Your kitty isn’t worried about that. Instead, feline companions are expecting more desirable “feline” features.

    For instance, easy access matters. Your cat will want a box large enough that allows it to get in and out of the unit without any issues. A modern example of this would be the top entry litter box. This type of model gives felines their privacy and an enclosed space for going to the bathroom. The unit is also excellent at containing odors. The top entry means accessibility and fewer accidents. Kitty would also have a harder time tossing its litter onto the floor. Heck, no feline is “purr-fect.”

    Another cat desire in a modern box would be spaciousness. Your furry friend should be able to turn around in its litter box without a problem. For example, a larger cat would do well in a model that is at least 20 inches long.

    Feeling safe and protected is another plus in searching for the ideal litter box when using their bathroom unit. They don’t want loud noises that the box could make when using it. Cats also don’t enjoy a stinky box and don’t want to feel vulnerable as they tend to their elimination routine. In other words, these types of models also keep Fido out.

    Talking Litter and Liners

    When you purchase a new box for your feline friend, litter becomes another part of the bathroom process. What homeowner in this universe likes to see litter tracking? No one, and when you buy a contemporary unit, you will see that a model with a swivel lid feature makes it super simple for scooping. In addition, any added litter falls back inside.

    If you’re wondering what litter to use, the leading litters are eco-friendly and safe for your feline. A clumping litter works very well with a litter liner. Consider a natural, non-clay litter that comes vet-approved.

    Another great tip has to do with litter liners. Cat experts advise buying a reusable litter liner, which adds to the appeal of a modern litter box. The best kinds are scratch-proof, smooth and easy to clean, lasting up to three months.

    Not Looking Like A Cat Box

    Here’s a plus that pet owners like. Most folks adore their felines but would prefer a modern-looking unit that goes elegantly with their home decor. In other words, the box fits in any furnished interior and doesn’t stick out or “stink out.” Your pet cat must have a comfy box to do their business in, and if it doesn’t look like the typical cat box, then that’s a very good feature.

    Today’s contemporary litter boxes are designed with a minimalistic style in the blendable, neutral shade of white. These models are shaped as cubes and don’t distract from your furnishings and design.

    Other popular, modern boxes feature a front entry, an open box style or a front-top entry. Choose the ideal unit based on your cat’s personality and grooming habits. Vets also recommend that you consider your feline’s size, age and ability to jump or climb when purchasing a box.

    Every cat is unique and unique in how it approaches life, grooming and behavior as the perfect household pet. You love your feline companion like it’s a family member, so give this gorgeous creature the ultimate bathroom accessibility and comfort.