Green diamonds are the second type of the diamonds in the rarest category. Significantly, green diamonds have an attractive color scheme. Green diamonds are mostly used for making high-end jewelry and ideal for those who are seeking for eye-catching pieces of jewelry. Flawlessly 1 carat green diamond is mostly used for an engagement ring or a special gift for beloved ones. 

    Meaning and Symbolism of Green Diamonds:

    Most people prefer green diamonds because they are linked with symbolism. Significantly, green diamonds symbolize success, beginnings, abundance, growth and prosperity. In addition to this, green diamonds also resemble natural outdoor beauty and are perfect for nature lovers. Green diamonds are also considered as a sign for good fortune, peace and relaxation. Most importantly, there are some people who believe that green diamonds gently heal the maliciousness of its wearer that he or she faced throughout the day.

    Green Diamond Worth: 

    1 carat green diamond is quite worth between  $50,000 to $100,000. Although it has a high price because of its rarity. In the market green diamonds are considered as one of the 6 famous gemstones and hence their value is undisputed. Flawlessly, 1 carat green diamond in pure and natural form is hard to find with truly intense color. Although some types of emeralds are more expensive than green diamonds, we can’t compare them with a Fancy green diamond. Green diamond sparkle along with its rarity and bright color makes it value higher than other gemstones. 

    Pros and cons  of Green Diamond:


    Green diamonds have a number of  pros that is the reason why they are super famous   among gem lovers, collectors as well as jewelry connoisseurs.

    • Various Shades

    People who are obsessed with green diamonds can buy these pretty gems in different shades. These shades include attractive pastel green and bright shades of dark tone. This allows the one carat green diamond  lovers to pick the shade of their choice and enhance their gems collection. And vivid and bright green hues are the most precious and rare ones.

    • Rarity

    Something that is not found in ample amounts is always considered precious and this is the reason why green diamonds are loved and admired. Green diamonds are the most rare variety and they are almost 0.07% available in this world. This fact of green diamonds makes them more precious and people who are obsessed with gems crave to buy them. This makes green diamonds extremely valuable.

    • Unique Color 

    Green color is very attractive, decent and powerful. This is the reason why green diamonds are considered the most beautiful and enchanting in the family of gems. Another amazing fact about green diamonds is that unlike other diamonds green diamonds acquire the green color naturally during the  process of their formation through radiation. 



    As we all know that one carat green diamonds are the most rare ones so they are not easily available and this is bad news for gem lovers. On the other hand they are difficult to acquire and find hence their supply is less than their demand. People who prefer green diamonds find it difficult to get one for themselves according to their desire.


    Because of the beauty and rarity of green diamonds, people are obsessed with them and this leads to high prices of green diamonds. As their color is super intensive and they look quite amazing so they are quite expensive. Their high prices are not in the budget of all diamond lovers so it’s quite difficult for them to buy one.


    Just like other diamonds one carat green diamonds can also have some flaws that affect their clarity and quality. These flaws include internal blemishes, fractures and imperfections. Such defects decrease the value, worth and clarity of green diamonds.


    Which type of green diamonds is most popular? 

    One of the most popular types of Green diamonds is Dresden Green diamonds. It is considered as one of the rarest gemstones in the world. 

    Is it safe to wear green diamonds? 

    Yes, wearing green diamonds is completely safe to touch and wear. Although these diamonds are exposed to radioactive material directly, they are not at all radioactive and hence safe for health.

    What are the benefits of wearing green diamonds? 

    Green diamonds can play an essential role in balancing and healing the heart chakra which means it promotes emotional stability and well being. 


    Thus, green diamonds are expensive but definitely valuable. Hence if you want to propose the lady of your life then 1 carat green diamond ring is perfect. Due to their rarity and natural color women love to wear green diamonds.