Congratulations for making it through the toughest period of parenthood.  The first year!  The first birthday party for a child is a special celebration that is mostly celebrated by close family and friends. Even though your child might not remember their first birthday, it does not mean that it should not be as memorable for those attending whose ages range from young to old.

    So you have set the date for your kid’s first birthday and sent out the cutest invitations to all invitees. Your decorations have been careful done to match the Themes for 1 year old birthday party and most importantly the cake has been catered for. All is ready for your guests, but how will you keep them entertained once they arrive to your party? This is where 1 year old birthday party games come in.

    Below is a list of the 10 best 1 year old birthday party activities that everyone at the party can join in for a fun filled day.

    10 Best Party Games for 1 Year Old

    1. Simon Says

    Simon Says is one of the 1st birthday party games that will keep your entire guest entertained during the party. Simon says is played by three or more players where on them become ‘Simon’ and gives instructions (such as dancing, sticking tongue out, and doing funny faces among others) for the rest of the players to follow. This should be a fun game because most young kids love to mimic adults and the adults need to be attentive so as not to get eliminated.

    2. Portrait Studio

    Second on our list of 1 year old birthday party activities is to have all your guests attempt to draw a portrait of your baby! Gather all your invitees in a circle around the baby and hand each a piece of paper and. To make it more interesting, give them a time limit to finish the portrait after which you can go round asking each to show the others their work. Have the guest sign their portrait and store it as a memento for when your child grows up.

    3. Guessing Baby’s Weight Game

    Because most of the guests will want to spend time holding the birthday child, you can decide to make the experience fun for them. Have each of your guest’s guess your kid’s weight and write each guess of a piece of paper. After everyone has done so, gently out the child onto a weighing scale and offer a prize to anyone whose guess came close to the answer.

    4. Baby Photo Guessing Game

    This is another fun 1 year old birthday party game that your guests can play. You can ask all your guests both young and old to send pictures of themselves as babies. Hang all the pictures on a wall and have the guests guess the identity of the toddlers in the photos. The person with the most correct guesses wins the game and you can award them with a prize.

    5. Catching Bubbles Game

    catch the bubbles

    Playing with bubbles is one of the Best party games for 1 year old that you can never go wrong with. No one really outgrows the fun of bubbles anyways. Toddlers especially are fascinated by these magical soapy spheres floating on air. You will see them mesmerized, laughing and even trying to catch the bubbles. Catching bubbles is not only a fun activity for kids but also an activity to help them develop eye tracking skills.

    A bubble machine can be obtained together with the other 1 year old birthday party supplies. No machine? Designate some older kids or adults to blow bubbles for the younger ones to catch.

    6. Building Blocks

    While one year olds will not make it to build blocks of towers, they sure love smashing them over. This is one of the reasons why parents get a smash birthday cake for the kid to play with. Kids aged from 5 to 10 like playing with building blocks and so you can have them do it and let the birthday baby knock it down. You will notice a delight on his face as he or she goes in to destroy what has been built.

    7. Dancing Game

    Hosting a dancing game at your bash is one of the classic ways of having fun for all your invited guests.  One year olds also have a thing for music and their first party is an awesome chance for them to showcase their skills. You will be stunned at how much a dancing one year old can cheer up the entire room. Create a great playlist of music and let your baby start of the dance and later ask others to join in the fun and freestyle.

    Dancing game is fun activity that can happen while the guests are waiting for their turn to get served with cake or even at the beginning of the party while the guests are still arriving.

    8. Freeze Dance Game

    freeze dance game

    Another 1st birthday party game that will surely entertain your guests has to be the freeze dance game. This is where you out some fun music and have all the guests dance. Then shout ‘freeze’ at any random time while the music is still playing. All must stop and freeze in the positions that they were in. After a few seconds like 10 or 15 call out ‘unfreeze’ and they can continue with what they were doing.

    9. Water Table

    If you are having an outdoor first birthday party, then having a water table presents an exciting activity for the kids at the party. The toddlers will have fun pouring and splashing about on the water table.

    10. Wrap Around

    This is another exciting game for your guests. Have two or more players use colored streamers and wrap them around one person like a mummy. You can have different teams so that everyone can partake in the activity. To make it more exciting put a time limit to completely wrap the other player up or to have the best overall mummy.

    This is not only fun for the kids but also for the adults. Have kids and adults work together in the different teams as in the above photo.

    We hope that you like at least one or two if not all of our top 1 year old birthday party games above. Feel free to pick and select the ones that you really like or just print out the entire list. Have fun!