Those who really get it in campus know that college party games are some of the best games you will play in your life. Obviously, the list of the best college party games has to include alcoholic beverages, which is why you probably should not invite your parents. College is that one stage in your life where you will probably drink the most alcohol, so why not have fun while you are at it.

    1. Go Fishing

    You guessed it, the first game involves beer or whatever alcohol you have, which should be enough to get you playing. This card game is actually quite simple, which is a good thing because rules tend to be forgotten easily when people’s heads start buzzing. The card aspect only adds to the fun that this game will deliver. You can play this game indoors or outdoors.

    2. Medusa

    You can play this game indoors or outdoors depending on your choice. Keep it a number of less than ten people and you have a really fun drinking game on your hands. It is all about speed and how much liquor you can handle with this one. If you are at the beach or a house party, then the music should only add to the merriment.

    3. Celebrity Game

    Like Medusa above, celebrity hunt also requires speed and some quick thinking. You also have to know the names of lots of celebrities, otherwise you will end up taking a lot of shots. You can add to the fun by reducing the time allowed for players to think up of celebrity names to maybe ten seconds or less. You can do this in a large or small group both indoors and outdoors.

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    4. Superfight

    Most people in college love superhero movies, which is why this is perfect among college party games. Add to the challenge by coming up with some of the most powerless superheroes around. Give your partner someone with little to no power like Hawkeye from the Avengers and watch them fumble. Add to the laughter by doing this in a group or let the group pick the superheroes for you. Since you are in college, you can also find excuses to add alcohol to the mix.

    5. Beer Pong

    beer pong

    Even if you live under a rock, you must have heard about beer pong and the merriment it comes with. Breathe life into the party with this all-time classic and watch people go crazy as they get more drunk and wild. Regarding college party games supplies, all you need is some cheap beer, and equally cheap Ping-Pong ball and plastic glasses. Play for as long as you like with as many people as possible.

    6. Spin the Bottle

    Spin the bottle is also another all-time classic that every college student must know about. College students also love this game because it is almost always never played by members of the same gender only. In addition, members are almost never sober. Sometimes you do not even plan on playing it until you drain that bottle of cheap whiskey. Play with as large group as you want anywhere you want.

    7. Truth or Dare

    You had best be ready to do some of the craziest stuff that you have ever done in your life, which is exactly what makes this game so interesting. To be on the safe side, go ahead and set some ground rules so that you know the limits. However, as a college student, you will probably ignore this advice and dive into the deep end. Get ready for one of the best college party games of all time.

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    8. Flip Cup

    This game’s fun comes in the dexterity you need to have as a player and your ability to hold your liquor. You can play one on one against an opponent or in teams. Just make sure you have a team that can handle a lot of alcohol, which should not be too hard to secure in college. Hype up the game by making sure you have a massive audience with their camera phones ready. Try limiting the number of players to six.

    9. Stripping Game

    strip party games

    This one is self-explanatory and extremely popular in college. It is a known fact that nudity is an exciting topic among college students, which is precisely why this is one of the best college party games activities. The best part is that people at the party are all the equipment you will need! Just be careful you do not end up on YouTube.

    10. Cheers to the Governor

    This game is perfect for one reason: you do need to remember a whole lot of rules. As you may have guessed, it also involves liquor. You can play it outdoors or indoors with any number of friends you want. It does not include equipment like cards, dice, or balls. As you go along making the rules, do so until they become too complicated, in which case you can start over or move on to the next game.