There are plentiful mind-blowing dinosaur party games and activities that you may not have played before. Such will undoubtedly take your ordinary partying experience to a more active level. It is worthwhile trying these games in your next birthday not only to cheer up your guests but also imprint lasting memories.

    I am a cool party person, and nothing freaks me out than creative games. My love for dinosaur party activities dates back to my 8th birthday celebration when I first experienced meaningful party fun. While a lot has clearly changed over the years, nothing compares to these exciting party games whose memories I still hold.  As you plan for your upcoming dinosaur party, it is a good idea that you incorporate entertaining games and activities discussed below for a rocking experience.

    Dinosaur Party Games and Activities

    Discussed are several dinosaur games appropriate for children and adults who are still young at heart. It is fun feeling young again, why not experience the olds days anew?

    Dinosaur Dig

    The game will not only give your kids a scientific feel but will engage them as they try to unearth the Dinosaur fossil. Prepare for this outdoor party game by sinking a sand pit and burying the bones. There are multiple types of skeletons you can order from local and online stores dealing with dinosaur party supplies. These skeletons come at different costs and sizes based on consumer preferences and choices.

    Use paint brushes and plastic hand shovels to start tracing and excavating dinosaur bones. The brush should help them unearth the bones rather delicately as do the scientists. Play the game inside your living room by burying the molds in a bucket containing sand.

    Another impressive thing about molds is that they are used in sand. Alternatively, you can create an artistic impression of the mold on the sand as well.

    The game should be rather explorative and competitive on who excavates more skeletons.

    Dinosaur Egg Hunt

    The dinosaur egg hunt is arguably the most played game in the list making it a thrill among many children. The game is involving right from egg painting to its hunting by participants. Once all the eggs are ready, hide them strategically across the garden and other accessible spots. Task all participant kids to search for the eggs and wait to find out who succeeds the most, crown the winner for their excellent play.

    You can cheer the kids with clear toy dinosaur eggs for an epic experience

    dinosour eggs for hunting

    Dinosaur Hide and Seek

    My favorite in this list is dinosaur hide and seek. The game is appropriate both preschoolers and older children willing to take the challenge. Hide a dinosaur bone or skeleton and get the participants to trace it down. The game requires patience; with some impressive price, every kid will highly enjoy the search.

    Hatch the Dinosaur

    The game is brilliant and budget-friendly for any party. Order for a few dinosaur toys, confetti, and balloons. Start by placing ten toys in balloons then confetti inside the rest hours ahead on the party. Stage the balloons and challenge the participants to recover as many dinosaurs from the balloons as they can. Kids love to blow things up, and this one will undoubtedly excite them as they play to the top. Make the game more challenging for the older children and adults by lowing the ratio of dinosaur toy balloons and instead filling more confetti balloons. While the game is suitable for young people, adults can as well enjoy the game is a competitive way.

    Cookie Decoration

    Prepare the cookies ahead of the party time and engage participants of any age in the decoration process which should be involving and fun. Order for a dinosaur cookie cutter and a multi-colored roll icing. Start by rolling out the icing them the cutting and decorations. The game is excellent and will rock your party by engaging and entertaining your guests regardless of their age.

    Learn how to prepare cool dinosaur fossil cookies with a simple recipe for a more exciting experience at the party.

    Fossil Creation Challenge

    The game calls for creativity while trying to achieve a perfect dinosaur fossil using a preschool rock. Wrap inside each fossil a dinosaur toy and engage the kids in finding the hidden fossil. Have them crack and recover the concealed dinosaur for a hyperactive experience.

    Cave Painting

    Nothing excites kids more than figuring out a dinosaur inside a cave. While the idea may not compare to that formed by adults, kids are hilarious and thoughtful.

    Start the game by printing dinosaur illustrations using the internet as a source. Hang a roll of butcher’s paper on the wall during the party then capture different prehistoric sceneries.

    Have the kids color in their preferred dinosaur illustrations on the cave wall simulation.  Now add glow in the dark dinosaur stickers around the scene to cheer up the kids. By dimming the lights, kids will adapt to the feeling of being inside a cave.

    Dinosaur Egg and Spoon Race

    The game is a classic in any dinosaur party games. Use tissue boxes to make a pair of dinosaur feet. Get the participants to run both dinosaur egg and spoon races as they slow them down.


    cute dragon games

    Get the tie-on dinosaur tails and rock by knocking as many objects as possible as the blindfolded kids make their way through. The game is incredible and thoughtful and comes in several variations.

    Dinosaur Photo-Op

    With the right dinosaur supplies, you can spice up a dinosaur party with fancy costumes. An explorative photo-shoot with the kids in the suit is a little game that kids will find exciting. Present them with printed copies and thank you cards as a form of reward.

    Themes for Dinosaur Party

    Preparing for a dinosaur party is engaging and requires high levels of creativity. It is a proper theme to label dinosaur footprints to give visitors a sense of what they should expect and will experience at the party.

    Dinosaur party games are hilarious and come with different themes appropriate for young party goers. Which dinosaur party game idea excited you the most?