Every party must have plenty of fun activities, games, and food. If an event does not have these activities, it is definitely not a party. If you do not have any ideas, you can opt for some of the best football party games, which obviously come with themes for football party games to add to the fun. The best part about these football (or soccer) games is that anyone can play regardless of gender and age.

    Best football party games you should consider throwing

    1. Dribble relay

    Dribbling is one of the most basic and exciting aspects of football, which is why this game has to be there. You do not even need some complicated football party games supplies for this one. You can set the up the cones in any pattern you like for the dribblers to get more of a challenge depending on the skill level. Better yet, add teams and timers although try limiting the number of players.

    2. Yellow Card Tag

    This game gets its inspiration from the aspect of a yellow card in soccer. You get two yellow cards and you are off the pitch. In this case, one player will have a pack of yellow tags and the others have to avoid being tagged. You can play this game with any number of participants really depending on the space available and enjoy the fun of running around.

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    3. Kick-out Keep-away

    This one also involves a lot of dribbling and running around, which is precisely why it among the best football party games. Players have to be really fast and witty to avoid getting out of bounds, which would spell loss. The best part is that you do not even need to adhere to the common rules. For example, you can add more players to confuse one another.

    4. Soccer Blocker

    You are probably going to enjoy this game more if you have a group of at least ten players. The age of the players does not matter. All that matters is that the player in the middle of the circle can run and can anticipate where the ball will be kicked next and try to block. Interestingly, the very aspect that makes this game so challenging (the running) is the very thing that makes it so much fun.

    5. Soccer Bowling

    Everyone loves bowling, which is why you should always find a way to come up with new ways of bowling, including football party games. If you cannot buy the supplies, you improvise maybe with bottles that do not break easily. You will obviously use your legs to bowl instead of your hands. One game can have as many participants as you see fit

    6. Soccer Balloon Pop Relay

    This game is for everyone at the party. It is noisy and involves a lot of shrieking and running, which is exactly why it has to feature. Divide the guests up into teams and adjust the rules accordingly. You can even add a dribbling aspect to make things more interesting since players will have to focus on two things at a time. Keep the score and watch the guests’ competitiveness make things interesting.

    7. Blindfolded Soccer Goal

    It is all about luck with this one. You can use a goal drawn on a board and darts or you can do it on a pitch if you have the necessary supplies. Players get more points by going for the corners, which is where the fun kicks in. You can add to the fun by announcing the scores periodically to spur the players. Due to space and supplies, you should probably not play more than five at a time.

    8. Yellow Card Freeze

    This one is similar to the tagging game explained before. The only difference is the freezing aspect once tagged. As many people as possible can play at the same time depending on the space available. Unlike the yellow card tag, this game can be played for as long as you want really because the tagged person does not leave the pitch. All the high-octane running and shrieking should take the party to new heights.

    9. Final Score

    This one has some luck aspect although it will test your analytical and guessing power. It is probably a good idea to play this one with a group of guests who understand the sport. All you have to do is sit, watch the game, and predict the final score. Football fans should love this game.

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    10. Soccer Obstacle Course

    Unlike dribble relay, this one is more challenging since you do not use cones. Instead, use anything around the house for the maximum challenge depending on the skill level. In this game, you will be challenged physically as well as technically. As far as the best football party games go, this one is certainly up there. The timing aspect, the running, and the competition should be enough to lighten up the party.