When most people expect a baby they have been yearning to have; then the joy is inexplicable. Everything from shopping for baby items to anticipating the new baby’s birth brings a lot of joy and high expectations. As such, it is not surprising that people go out of their way to ensure they make the new soon-to-be mum happy and comfortable.

    In the process, things like gender reveal parties are organized. It is such parties that remain etched in the hearts of the new parents. You can make it even more impressive by being creative in your ideas. Do not just do what everybody else does by including balloons and other decorative items.

    Think outside the box and have a few interesting games to get those in attendance active and participating. Below are some cute ideas that will make you remember the day for a long time.

    1. Sonogram Pick a Boo

    Gender reveals parties have many things that go into them that people hardly have enough time to play and enjoy the party as they should. Fortunately, this simple game is an excellent choice for all guests because it will still go with the game’s theme. Everyone will enjoy guessing about the child’s gender.

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    What’s more, people do not have to go out of the party just because they are uncomfortable. You can make it even more interesting by asking them to guess the alphabet of the name you have decided for your child. This is an interesting way to keep your guests entertained and engaged.

    1. The Juice Pong

    There is a certain gender reveal juice pong that works excellently for such parties. The game simply involves having two teams on either side and having a juice fiesta. In case it is agreeable with the mom-to-be, alcohol may be used as long as those involved are responsible enough to handle it.

    This is both fun and filling, and there is no loss because whichever gender the baby turns out to be, all members will have had a share of a great drink.

    1. Play the Name Game

    List a lot of both boy’s and girls’ names and have the guests attending guess the one you have picked for the child. It will be a pleasant surprise for those who get it right once the baby’s gender is eventually revealed.

    the name game

    The fun part is seen in the guest argument about your potential name choice because they feel they all know you best. As long as no one takes it personally, this is one of the best games you can play at such a party.

    1. Play a Baby Lottery of Ballot

    Now that you have your favorite people gathered under one roof, it is best if you put them to the task and have them play some ruffle game. Have different names in the machine and have them pick out their favorite. Once the gender reveal is done. Proceed to reveal your character of choice.

    Whoever got it right gets to walk away with a prize. This will make the game even more exciting and enticing. The point is to ensure that the game is as unique and exciting as you can imagine.

    1. Balloon Race

    Everyone will halve balloons at a gender reveal parties. While this is ordinarily expected, stand out by making your party different. Make them part of the game’s balloon by having guests run after the one with the message and revelation.

    Eventually, the one who gets it will be ecstatic to have the honors of revealing the gender to everyone else.

    1. Corn hole with Blue and Pretty Pink

    Blue and pink are generally colors used to denote the boy and girl gender in such parties. Incorporate them in this popular game to give it a unique twist.

    What’s more, you can have fun creating the game tools with the younger children using spray paints and boards. They make an excellent choice for a party that involves kids and people who are young at heart.

    1. Belly Pop

    Ever thought of what happens when you pop the potbelly? Well, this is an opportunity to find out. Creatively create cutouts with the mom’s picture and paint one with the baby’s gender color.

    Have guests play a game of dart with the hope of popping the right card. The expectation will keep them on the edge of their seats.

    1. The Name Race Game

    If you think you have played an exciting and adrenaline-filled guessing game, you do not know what is coming. When you get a paper and are times to guess as many names as you can, you will realize how exhausting and sweat-breaking it can get. Whoever, it is the fun that counts.

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    1. Silly String Battle

    It is the silliness of the game that will attract guests to participate. Have them battle between the blue and pink strings, sit back, and enjoy. The thrill is out of this world.

    1. Movie Reveal

    Find who is the smartest among your guest if they can guess the baby’s gender correctly based on the movies in your selection. Make sure it is as confusing as possible to make it a worthwhile challenge.

    Here are some more games you can try out.

    He or She Reveal Game

    This is a simple game that requires participants to guess the potential name of the unborn child. You can have a few framed pictures in different shapes. They can either be blue or pink to represent either gender of the child. Your guests can write names at the back of the frames. When the gender is finally revealed, those who got it right will be happy.

    Pop to See

    This is another he or she game that involves using balloons and guesswork. Use black balloons and fill one with either blue or pink depending on the child’s gender. Ensure the real balloon is well hidden that guests will not get it the first time they try. Please put it in an unlikely place to make the game more interesting. Your guests will be overjoyed as they pop the different balloons. Kids will enjoy this game more than the older ones.

    Pacifier Hunt

    Choose this game for kids and other young people. Have a tub filled up with similar colored pacifiers and drop in either blue or pink based on the gender of the child. The one who gets the correct pacifier wins the game.

    Surprise Boxes

    This is another typical party game for most gender reveal parties. It is one of the games that should be done last and played by the parents. It works best if the parents are not aware of the child’s gender because they chose to keep it a surprise. Fill a huge box with balloons or anything that pops and make sure it is a color that represents the baby’s gender. Glitters that splash may also work well. You can make it as explosive as possible.

    Throwing Paint Filled Eggs

    If you are not DIYs, then this would be an excellent project to go with. Create artificial eggs filled with neutral colors and have one with the right gender color. Have guests throw the eggs on a board, ensuring to track that the last egg will be the one that reveals everything. This is an exciting game that can have everyone involved regardless of how old they are.

    Scavenger Hunt

    Let your guests feel young again by allowing them to sweat it as they hunt for clues. It will feel as though they are treasure hunting just as they did when they were young girls and boys. The game basically gives clues that will lead to the baby’s gender reveal.

    Baby Scramble

    Most people will be familiar with the scramble game. However, this kind of scramble will have proper names that give a clue to the baby’s gender. Let the guests team up and try to figure out what the gender is. Make sure the names have a pattern that paints a clear picture. While you are not giving them direct hints, make sure they paint a clear picture of the baby’s gender.

    Baby ABC Game

    Your guests will be glad to be taken back to school. You can have limits so that one guest does not spoil it for the clothes. By the end of the game, one person should have gotten it right.

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    Diaper Ruffle

    This is a popular game that has guests bringing diapers as they come to the party. The lucky guest will walk away with a price once the baby’s gender is revealed. This is one of the ways to make the game memorable for the guests. The winner will walk away from the special event elated.

    In the end, the game should be interesting and exciting to make them want to play.