What is a glow in the dark party? Whether you are a vibrant young person or an adult, glow in the dark party games are hilarious and worth your try. Dark party games awaken with shutting down the lights followed by decorative and inviting neon colors. Participants should be sure dressing in white or neon to heighten their glowing-good time experience even further.

    Dark parties typically take place at night when it is possible to harness more darkness by covering inlets to block out any form of unintended lighting. In most cases, glow in the dark party activities take place during summer nights. As such, adding some more sparkling light is essential regardless of whether it is a charity event, luau, family reunion of any party event for that matter. Notably, there are limitless themes for glow in the dark party games you can experiment to suit your intended results. Here some of the best party games for glow in the dark you should incorporate in your upcoming bash.

    1. Capture the Flag

    The game is very inclusive requiring a collaborative effort from its participants. On the requirement are a couple of uniquely colored glow sticks to serve as flags during the game. Each team member should have two glow bracelets matching the glow sticks. The play area constitutes two symmetrical sides and designated areas that serve as jails. While the game is simple, it requires a mastery of tactics driven towards protecting the team’s glow flag while pursuing the opponent’s glow flag, then returning it to their side.

    Must be a lot of fun right? The game allows a free motion on the play area, except that you are vulnerable to “jail” when on the side of your opponents. Glow in the dark party supplies for this game are readily accessible in major commercial outlets and leading online stores such as Amazon.

    2. Glowing Sidewalk Chalk

    Glowing sidewalk chalk game require participants to mix couple parts plaster of Paris in water. Give the mixture a few glow paint squirts then stir gently. Apply the resulting mixture into ice cube trays and then let them dry for a night. Now have the trays freeze for about 15 minutes for the ice therein to pop out with ease. Before starting the game, charge by exposing the glow to light ahead of its use.

    3. Glow in the Dark Sock Volleyball

    glow in the dark volleyball

    With the use of glow necklaces, create and attach “net” together into a long rope. Attach the ends to the opposite sides of the play area room. Divide up the participants to form teams and play using a glow in the dark balloon. Crucial to highlight while playing is that participants cannot place their hands on the balloon unless serving it. Using your feet, kick the balloon back and forth to scoring just as with regular volleyball game.

    4. Glow Hoop Fun

    Start by connecting two neon glow in the dark necklaces to achieve a hoop. Have your friends or game participants try tossing glow in the dark bouncy balls or glow bracelets through. It is advisable to set up hoop challenges and have all members sit in a circular arrangement. The guest of honor should take the central place in the sitting arrangement so that every member can try and ring them.

    5. Face Painting

    Enthusiastic party goers would really love the game for its simplicity and levels of creativity when in the play. Want to go wild while you rock it at a glow in the dark party? Grab a selection of paint colors and make sure to achieve the best effect when the lights go off.

    6. Hide and Seek

    It is now easier to decide concerning what games to play in the dark. Make sure that all the participants dress their face and clothing with glow except for the seeker. After the countdown, the seeker will use a flashlight in search of hidden members. The activity is common among children but is as well suitable among adults who love having a good time regardless of age restrictions.

    7. Egg Hunt

    Egg hunt is no longer a reserve game for Easter holidays. Surprisingly, the game is among the best ideas for any glow in the dark party. Apply glow in the dark coloring on some eggs with a cleverly chosen neon paint. Strategically hide the eggs before letting the party goers on a hunt to trace them back.  Besides kids most adults find the game interesting and fun.

    8. Ring Toss

    toss the ring

    The game comes packed with loads of fun for wild party goers. Besides a glow stick, you need a set of colorful glow bracelets to keep the game going. First, have the glow stick in the upright position and put at the ready some glow in the dark bracelets. The game arrangement guarantees loads of fun for you and your guests while trying to toss different bracelets such that they land accurately over the glow stick. If you intend to add some more flavor to the game, get the boys to contest against girls and wait to see who emerges unbeaten.

    9. Bowling

    Bowling is an epic party idea that require a spacious play area in the size of a roomy basement or even a hallway. Interestingly, you can play the right in your living room. Start by placing a glow stick inside empty water bottles. Line the water bottle as with the bowling pins then get a small sized tennis or soccer ball. Have fun all through the game.

    10. Glow in the Dark Bubbles

    While the game is straightforward, it can become tricky for new players. Make sure you have party supplies such as glow sticks and a bubble solution. The resulting glow in the dark bubbles emanating from the bubbles blower end are thrilling.

    Party goers have every reason to enjoy each moment regardless of the occasion with a set of our glow in the dark party games. There is a game for every person what makes glow in the dark parties more exciting. Which glow in the dark party game excited you the most?