Halloween, celebrated on the 31st of October in honor of saints, martyrs and departed souls has always been an exhilarating holiday for children and teens. This is because it is a time when they get to dress up in colorful costumes, hang with friends, and recite horror stories among other exciting events. You need the awesome Halloween party games for teens to make your Halloween party pop.

    As children get to middle school, wearing costumes and trick or treating no longer excites them the same way as before. So, how do you host the best Halloween party that is not lame and will have even the coolest teenagers entertained?   Simple! Have a look at our list of ten best Halloween party games for teens.

    Best Halloween party games for teens

    1. Mummy Wrap


    For this Halloween party game idea you will need a big roll of white tissue paper or a white piece of clothing. Group the teenagers into various groups of two or more and have them select wrap up one member with the tissue or cloth. They should do this to the whole body minus the head and arms. The first group to finish wrapping up is the winning team.

    2. Egg Roulette


    Fear factor is one of the main activities for Halloween party games for teens and you can achieve this using the egg roulette game. Boil around 12 eggs and have them cool off in the refrigerator. During the party pit all the eggs on a table and tell the kids that there is one raw egg amongst the hardboiled ones. The challenge is that they should find the raw egg by smashing it on their foreheads. Have your camera set as the ids reactions will be worth a picture.

    3. Go Fishing


    This will not be your typical fishing experience as it is meant to be instill a little fear and anticipation for the adolescents. All you need to do is fill a small swimming pool with marbles and live goldfish. Next have the kids sit on chairs and put their legs inside the pool. To make it spookier, blindfold them and have them fishing for the marbles with their feet.

    4. Mock Crime Scene

    mockup crime scenes

    Another fun game that teenagers can engage in at a Halloween party include recreating crime scenes. Use murder weapons that are not as obvious such as children books, apple, spoon, magnet and a stuffed animal. Divide the teens into groups of five each and tell them to invent a crime scene based on the available items. This can be a fun activity for teens as you prepare dinner.

    5. Pumpkin Face


    The other Halloween party games for teens activities that you can have is the pumpkin face. In this activity, have the teens apply Vaseline on their face. Then put some orange puff cheeseballs on a lengthy table. The challenge is for your guests to try and cover their faces with as many cheeseballs without using their hands. Put a timer and the first person to get the most cheeseballs is the winner. Have your camera ready as you will get numerous great photos for memories sake.

    6. Coins and Crickets


    Fill a big jar with like 20 crickets that you can purchase at the pet store. Then add coins to the bottom of the jar and have the teens attempt to collect the coins. To make it more challenging have the kids collect only dimes and the winner will be the one with the least amount of cash and not coins collected.

    7. Watch Spooky Movies


    Watching scary movies is one of themes for Halloween games for teens that you could not go wrong with. No Halloween is complete without a spooky ambience and what could be spookier than a scary film. Moreover, this is an inexpensive Halloween activity as all you need are some spooky movies and some popcorns.

    8. Halloween Egg Hunt

    halloween egg hunt

    For this game, you will need supplies of Halloween party games for teens. Fill up some plastic eggs or plastic pumpkin with confectioneries and hide them around the house as well as outside. During the sun set, get some torch and have the kids search for the eggs. To make to spookier fill some eggs with worms or crickets.

    9. Bubble Gum Pie


    This is another interesting Halloween party games for kids. You will need to fill a pie serving dish with some whipped cream then conceal some bubble gum pieces inside. The kids are to find the bubble gum inside the plate using their faces only. After finding the gum, the kid chews it and blows out a bubble. Interesting right?

    10. Halloween Feel Box


    This is another fun and gross game that your guests can indulge in at the Halloween bash. Fill some boxes with supplies like little smokies, spaghetti noodles and peeled gapes. Then have each guest use their hands only to feel and guess what the item could be

    With this list of Halloween party games for teens, you do not have to blow your brains out for ideas of how to entertain adolescent’s guests. Use any one the above and you will deliver endless hours of great times and laughter. Beware! Too much fun for the kids will have you hosting Halloween again next year!