Kittie parties allow ladies to bond and catch up after being away from each other. In some cases, kittie parties have become investment vehicles; ladies pool resource to begin income-generating ventures. As everything happens, kittie party activities help keep ladies involved.

    Like most informal events, kittie parties provide a relaxing environment for socialization. Incorporating kittie party games makes it easy for ladies to bond. For this reason, we have compiled the top ten kittie party games.

    1 Pick the Coin

    One way to get ladies off their feet is to have them pick coins. To make the game even harder, grease the surface. Alternatively, you can have the participants pick up coins using toothpicks. For a more competitive outcome, offer a reward for the winner. The lady who collects the most coins takes the crown.

    2. Nail the Paint

    Yes, nail polish enhances the appearance of ladies’ nails. But, did you know that applying nail polish can be a means of entertaining and energizing kittie party attendants? You only require a set of different colored nail paints and a spinner. The lady with the most nail paint colors on wins this game.

    3. The Guessing Game

    How well do the ladies in the group know each other? The bare minimum should be at least one fact outside their name, place of residence and occupation. Guessing games will allow you to put to the test the degree to which ladies in the kittie know each other. The fascinating element about this game is that ladies can participate in unison. Plus, you only need basic kittie party supplies like pens, papers, and a small basket.

    4. Bangle Hunt

    pick a bangle party game

    Give ladies a chance to rock the maximum number of bangles they can pick in a minute. While at it, limit their selection to only one color (preferably their favorite color).

    5. Movies Guru

    As age catches up, people tend to forget minor details like the title of movies watched. This game tests the memory and speed. In under a minute, the ladies should list films they have watched to date. On the bright side, this game can help you discover some of the best movies you may have missed.

    6. Balloon Party

    Scarcity always brings out the best hassle game in humans. Try having ladies compete for few balloons then see what happens. In this case, few means one balloon less than the total participants.

    7. Chocolate Hunter

    Only a chosen few can resist a game involving chocolates. But, do not make it easy for the participants. Instead, have them pick chocolate balls from one bowl to another using chopsticks.

    8. Roll the Coin

    roll the coin party game

    This game is more like basketball with no dribbles and a closed net (a cup). The person who throws the most coins inside the cup wins.

    9. Cotton Balls Game

    If your nose could walk a mile in your hands’ shoes, how would it fare? This game involves moving cotton balls from one bowl to another using your nose.

    10. Money Money

    The goal of this game is to have participants create a tower using coins. The trick here is to have a variety of coins (one dollar coin, pennies, a quarter dollar). To top it all, set a target amount for the tower.

    Another way of making a kittie party exciting is to host a themed party. For starters, you can consult with

    other ladies. If not, find ideas that may suit your event. Below are some themes for kittie party you can explore.

    Kittie Party Themes

    1. All White (or any other color)

    all white themed party

    Color coordination is one of the oldest tricks in the book as it requires less effort. Just have ladies wear the selected color.

    2. Disco kitty Theme

    A disco party will help the guests unwind and forget about the troubles of this world. To make it even memorable, let the guests suggest the playlist.

    3. Cookout Theme

    This theme allows your guest to dictate what the menu. Also, the ladies can flaunt their cooking prowess.

    4. Picnic Theme

    Let your guests sip wine/juice as they enjoy the beauty of nature.

    5. Mani Pedi Theme/ Spa party

    What is more relaxing than a spa treatment at your place of choice? Enlist the services of professionals including a masseuse for your kitty party. Also, make sure that there are enough drinks for everyone.

    You can customize kitty parties to members’ liking. Just make sure to include enough kittie party games and activities to keep everyone involved.