There is no better way to make your mermaid party memorable without including entertaining games and activities. Adults and kids can enjoy these games both on the dry land and inside the pool where fun never ends. If you are planning to throw a magical mermaid party, then hold your breath as we introduce you to some of the most exciting mermaid party games.

    Anyone can play and enjoy mermaid games and activities at the party. However, professionals may be necessary when handling technical mermaid party activities. Noteworthy also is that all mermaid party supplies should be obtained ahead of the day for arrangements and proper planning. Continue reading for more exciting ideas that will blow things up at your upcoming mermaid party.

    Top 10 mermaid party games and activities

    Mermaid party themes are increasingly popular for their timeless girly and magical flavors. Discussed are colorful, thrilling, and creative mermaid party ideas you may not have played before. Whether you are playing at a birthday party or any other occasion, these games will leave participants wanting more.

    Save the Sea Creatures

    The game requires a large blue colored sheet alongside inflatable sea creature for each participant. Place the sea creatures on the ground and cover them with a spread of the sheet. Gather the participants around the covered creatures. Let each of them grab an edge and shake to create waves. Inform the mermaids about a fisherman having swiped out all the sea creatures for them to start rescuing. In so doing, call the names of mermaids and let them toss the creatures one at a time until all the creatures are safely rescued. The game is a ton of fun for children of any age. Adults can also play the game.

    Underwater Limbo

    Carefully decorate a broom handle using a blue or green colored curling ribbon. Ensure the ribbon lengths are long enough that when holding the broom like a limbo stick, the attached ribbons dangle in a wavelike form. Besides the limbo song, you can play any other tune that matches the mermaid theme. A good idea is Under the Sea song which plays finely as the guests engage with the limbo. Kids can play as well as adults interested in playing along with their kids.

    Go Fish Party Game

    Draw up to 8 pairs of fish and sew them 3/4th leaving an opening enough for a magnet or two.  After placing in magnets, fill the remaining space with a polyfill stuffing then sew the hole closed. You can use the machine or hand stitch the olyfun for a perfect game.

    Walk the Plank

    walk the plank game

    The game is simple and straightforward. Children can play the game regardless of the available supplies for a fun experience. With a couple of crates and a walking bar, kids will love the plank walk and laugh to their bones. Ensure that the height is maintained comfortable depending on the level of skills of the kids.

    The Fishing Mermaid

    Kids love the thought of living under the water surface making fishing a fun idea for the party. Set up the game with a line and a hook to retrieve the sunk toys. While it is a thoughtful game, your kids will actually learn some fishing skills. There are several mermaid party supplies that kids can choose to make this game more involving and engaging.

    Tidal Wave

    Kids love playing around with water and so do the adults. At the mermaid party engage older kids in a water jump aimed at collecting the most significant splash. It is a reasonable game to involve older kids for their skills under water. Make the game a little more interesting by dividing the participants into a couple of competitive groups.

    Breath Games

    Who can hold their breath the longest? The game is fun but requires professional oversight to assure kids of their safety. Let the participants compete on the one that can hold their breath for an extended duration compared to the rest. It is a good idea to play the game in a rather shallow part of the water. Experience is also necessary among participants taking part in the game to avoid drowning. Remember that breath holding is a risky game that requires professional breathing skills.

    Mermaid Training Game

    The game is exciting and focuses on equipping participants with necessary mermaid skills. Make sure that every participant has a fabric tail to participate in the game. Start by asking the kids to blow bubbles and maintain their eyes open when submerged under water. Also, ask them to handstand in shallow water or make significant waves in deeper ends while holding tight to the perimeter of the pool. While the participants/mermaids take part in each of these activities, assess their swing skills before you can allow them to participate in different games. The training equips mermaids with desirable skills necessary to avoid accidents when playing more involving mermaid party games during the party and in those to come.

    Mermaid Races

    mermaid races

    Mermaids with a swimming experience can take the party fun to another level by engaging in competitive races. Participants can opt to compete with their tails on or not a real-time entertaining experience. Starting at one end of the pool and stopping at another, the winner should be prized. The game requires mermaids to express their skills while competing for the top positions. Other party mermaids should cheer them on for a more lively experience. Adults would really enjoy the game as well.

    Supermodel Mermaids

    Mermaids are colorful and irresistible one of the reasons why photography is an excellent idea to bring on board. The party model photo-shoot game should work perfectly on land or in water. Participants can put on their tails and pose for mind-blowing captures. Take the fun into the water by showing off every possible mermaid skill possible. It is advisable to select multiple themes for mermaid party photo-shoot experience.

    Mermaid party games are an excellent idea for children and adults who are young at heart. It is, however, essential to involve professional mermaids when trying dangerous games that challenge the skills of young mermaids to play with water. Always train ahead of time for more fun.