There are endless ideas of throwing a cool party with thematic ninja turtle party games. It is no surprise that these games have been around for decades and never seem to fade away any sooner. Ninja turtle games come with inherent powers that will certainly shell-shock your guests with fun. You can always try ninja turtle party games at your child’s birthday or any other party for a memorable experience.

    Great Italian artists first came up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in ancient days. It is believed that these four teenage mutant turtles occupied and lived in a sewer. However hidden from the society, these turtles fought against crime and the bad guys. Since inception, the idea has given rise to several games with most of them playing at parties. Here are some of the best ninja turtle games to try in your upcoming party.

    1. Punch-Out Game

    The game requires solo cups, a sturdy piece of a cupboard, rubber bands, tissue paper, and flathead push pins. Required also are small prizes to place in each of the cups. Place the solo cups on the cupboard and cut circular holes equal to its circumference. As such, these cups will go through the hole halfway. Place in your prizes and cover the top using a tissue paper and secure with a rubber band. Create enough goals then set it upright and let the kids play and enjoy the game. Children will punch through the tissue to reclaim prizes as the adults maintain the game firm.

    2. Feed Mikey

    The game is simply incredible! Start by creating Michelangelo’s giant head with thick poster card and be sure to leave his open mouth. The fun part of the game is tossing pizza shaped bean bags into Michelangelo’s mouth. The game is one of ninja turtle party activities that you should definitely try with your child in that upcoming party. Before you start playing create about three slice bean bags from a dough colored fabric. With the help of markers, decorate the slices to resemble the Pizza topping. Join the upper and lower parts the place in beans before sewing the end tight to contain the beans. When playing the game, grant every child three chances to accurately toss the slices into Mikey’s open mouth. A little prize for the winner will spice up the game altogether.

    3. Obstacle Course

    Another fun game that challenge children to maneuver to the other end of the obstacle with creativity. Generate a fun laser projected at different angles across the ceiling, walls, and floor. The challenge is to get the participants to the other end without triggering a small bell attached to every ribbon. Let’s join in this fun ninja turtle game together.

    4. Pizza Box Relay Race

    pizza race game

    The game plays with a couple of teams. Start by dividing the participants into two teams and to each team, give 5 empty pizza boxes. First players from each team must balance all the five boxes on their heads as they race across the play area to the set check point then back to their team members. When the first player accomplishes, they again pass the challenge to the next player until the winner team emerges by completing first. In the event of a drop, team members must stop, pick the boxes before proceeding. Test your potential with pizza box relay race challenge in your next birthday party.

    5. Turtle Shell Chase

    The game is hilarious and will cheer up your child spicing up their experience at the party. The game drew its inspiration from a blog done by a woman who thoughtfully turned appetizer trays into turtle shell for kids. While it is fun to wear the shell, the game is a killer among outgoing kids who got a taste for laughs. Her creativity shocked many for having punched through holes and strapping the trays for kids.

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    While the game is on, make sure that your turtle back has a long streamer which kids must protect while trying to pursue streamers from the back of other participants. The winner will emerge as the only one who has protected their streamer to the end. Have a good time playing.

    6. Manhole Toss

    Create toss free manhole lids then print out an image before gluing it to the bottom outer surface of a foil pie tin. Set a bucket and let the kids try their luck entering manhole lids into the bucket.

    7. Mutant Ooze!

    The game is a perfect project of making ooze. All you need is water, borax detergent, yellow and red food color, and a clear glue. Here is a descriptive video to give you insights on how the game plays.

    8. Pizza Box Hot Potato

    The game requires a couple of ninja turtle party supplies among them a pizza box and theme song. Have the kids assemble in a circle and pass the pizza box round until the music stops, the child holding the box eliminates from the game. Continue playing until you only have a single child remaining rendering him the winner in the game.

    9. Musical Manholes


    The game is very similar to classic party game except for the use of manhole lids prepared from grey or black poster board. Carefully cut the lids to form a circular shape then label them “NYC SEWER”. After preparing the lids for all participants, place them on the floor and get participants to walk around them as the TMNT theme song plays on. Randomly stop the music for participants to rush to the manhole lid, those who fail drops from the game. The game is fun and progressive until the winner emerges. Musical manhole is not only an involving game but also call for speed and creativity.

    10. Printable Treasure Hunt Game

    The game is categorically suitable for participants of up to age 12. In the game are a set of 10 clues each presenting unique challenges in its handling. Have come up with engaging hints, all you got to do is plan well concerning where to hide your clues.

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    Ninja turtle party games are exceedingly entertaining and easy for kids intending to throw a cool party. There are several themes for ninja turtle party they can always incorporate to compound their experience.