Eleven is quite the crucial age for a number of reasons. For one, puberty starts kicking in and you start to sort of try to figure it out. It is not just you who will have issues, your parents will also have a hard time with you. Let us face it though; there is that child within you who still loves playing with mum and dad. That said, you might be wondering about the best party games for 11 year olds. Wonder no more.

    Bowling Alley


    Everybody loves bowling. The rules are easy and all age groups can play the game. You do not even need to go to the bowling alley for this one. You can get a miniature bowling set or use stuff at home. The best part about this game is that it stimulates the child in everyone. Rolling a ball and knocking a few things down will surely awaken the entire party.

    Musical Chairs


    This another game that never gets old, which makes it one of the best party games for 11 year olds. The game involves loads of energy and mad fun that will get even the most stubborn party poopers laughing and wanting to join. To top it off, there is some good music in the background to hype up the crowd and mask the laughter when you lose.

    Balloon Bursts

    balloon burst game for kids

    You may be thinking that this is for children aged four or five. You would be mistaken because everyone loves balloons. Put it this way, how many parties (for adults or kids) have you gone to and you failed to find balloons? The answer is almost none. This game takes balloons to a whole new level by adding fun party games for 11 year olds activities after they burst. The music in the background only adds to the mood.

    Cut the Flour Cake


    If you love cake (and high chances are that you do), you will absolutely enjoy this one. Even parents can participate together with kids. The best part is that you can come up with loads of variations of how to play it and how to win the game. On the bright side, there are really no losers here because you end up with cake anyway.

    Sweet Sucker


    This game involves exactly that: sucking sweets, which is something that can be easily done anywhere. Just make sure that the sweets can actually be sucked into the straw, otherwise you will not be playing this game anymore. You can make it more exciting by adding in a timer so that everyone gets to play. The fun part comes in when you have to focus on not eating the sweets and actually playing.

    Chocolate Game


    This game involves eating a lot of chocolate. That statement alone should be enough to tell you just how much fun this game can get. You do not just eat chocolate though. The fun is even more increased by the dress ups and the music. The icing on the cake (or chocolate) is the fact that you will be forced to eat the chocolate with a fork and knife.

    Spin the Bottle

    spin the bottle game

    If these games were judged by the party games for 11 year olds supplies, then this game is up there. All you need, quite literally in fact, is a bottle. From there, let the fun begin. You can dare one another to do crazy things such as dance, wear funny clothes, and other things. It gets even better since you do not even need to go outside.

    Test your Brains


    All the fun for this game lies in the game’s name. You have to be a quick thinker to name something that is required in the game or you lose. For example, if you have to name cities in the world, you have to be a real quick thinker to come up with a name within the stipulated time. You can crank up the difficulty by reducing the thinking time to less than five seconds.

    Rope jumping


    Forget the normal rope jumping that everyone does every day and start thinking about the fun and challenging stuff. Here is an idea: you could put water in a glass and have someone skip for a certain time and see who ends up with the most water in his or her glass. The beauty with ropes is the flexibility and the great exercise you get.

    Photo Scavenger Hunt


    Scavenger hunts are a classic and are probably going to be here for a long time. Granted, over time, the rules have changed but the end is always the same: you get a reward! This being 2019, you can adapt the games a little to fit the time. Alternatively, you can come with an older theme that comes with appropriate theming for more fun and one of the best party games for 11 year olds.