Whether it is on that Friday night or any day of the week for that matter, pizza party pick up games never disappoint. These games come with a stream of fun at birthdays, graduation ceremonies among other entertainment centered parties. If you anticipate to throw a memorable pizza party, there is no better place to start, but with our pick up games and activities discussed below.

    There are endless ideas on pizza party pick up activities that you can try in your upcoming party. These games are simple to play and will undoubtedly entertain all participants regardless of their preferences and age. Interesting to highlight is that almost everyone loves pizza. For this reason, it is sensible to heighten its flavors by celebrating the pie through creative games. There are several themes for pizza party pick up games you can always try. Continue reading for a list of mind-blowing ideas on different pizza pick up party games and how to play them for unending fun.

    1. Pizza Box Balancing Contest

    Blow things up by engaging your guests in a fun pizza box balancing competition. The game is most suitable for young party lovers seeking for an enjoyable experience. The game is very competitive however simple in its form. While playing, use bigger boxes to make the challenge even more competitive. Every participant should adhere to exclusion guidelines. Note that the person who keeps the box afloat on their head for long is the winner. Spice things a little by preparing a prize for the winner to engage all participants while reaping as much fun.

    2. To-Go Slice Box Folding Race

    The game is a catch for party enthusiasts of any age. Plan ahead of time by acquiring several slice boxes to help you set up the game for your guests. Start by dividing the guests into groups of two to five contestants. Now roll out all the flat pizza boxes, demonstrate to all the groups how to fold the boxes, and let them play competitively. Set a timer to an average of five to ten minutes and get all the groups to embark on the folding contest. The logic of the game is to identify a winner group that can fold the highest number of flat pizza boxes with the designated period. Prizes are optional but very necessary to keep your guests interested and entertained.

    3. Creative Pizza Photo Shoot

    creative pizza photo shoot

    Children are big-time fans of pizza and will remain cheerful as long as there is more to bite. While eating on pizza is entertaining, why not capture them in style for a better experience? Adults that consider themselves young at heart can as well join this hilarious game with interesting gestures and patterns. Different arrangements of guests at a pizza pick up party will result in a great gallery while maintaining the moment lively.

    Start by setting up the photo shoot area fetching inspiration from pizza. Tip the table and rest it on its side then lay a table cloth. Now arrange all the pizza boxes and organize your guests on the flow as they enjoy pizza bites. Ascend a step ladder to take an aerial shot for great looks. Now try different arrangement as you play the game further.

    4. Pizza Pictionary Game

    This game will undoubtedly challenge your experience with classrooms. Always make sure to come up with insightful clues that creatively relate to pizza. There are several Pictionary ideas you can explore to spice up your party with fun. Speed is a crucial factor when playing Pictionary games. Try some of these ideas for a good time experience at that upcoming party.

    Category Ideas
    Movies 30 Minutes or Less and Mystic Pizza
    Objects Knife, fork, and pizza cutter,
    Foods cheese, sausage, pepperoni, and pineapple
    People Cook, and the delivery person
    Concepts 30 min or less

    5. What Kind of Pizza Are You? Quiz Station

    Try and describe yourself based on the type of pizza you like most. Set up a quiz station to investigate everyone’s kind of pizza. Both adult and kids can comfortably play this game which should help participants describe their characters and understand themselves better through pizza preferences.  Start by setting up a table and on it placing about eight iPads of tablets. Link each of the devices to an online quiz “What Kind of Pizza Are You?” Let all the participants answer the question and display the results for every member in the game to view, how about an engaging conversation on the results?

    6. Build a Pizza Relay

    Build an interesting outdoor relay for this pizza game. You can also hold the game in your basement for a similar taste of fun. Start by setting up several tables depending on the number of expected guests. Note that the game requires every team to comprise of at least five people. In each group should be members in charge of a jar sauce, a bag of pepperoni, a bag of cheese, and a bowl of vegetables. Set up a poster board to display a recipe. Get members to queue up and hand the premade pizza dough to the front person.

    When instructed to start, the first person must comply by wearing a pizza delivery hat and placing the required item on the pizza dough following the pizza instructions outlined on the recipe. Next, the person must hurry back holding the pizza box single-handedly. In case they drop its content, they must start over again. Repeat the pizza preparation methods until all dressings are applied taking turns among teammates. By finishing first, the team is crowned and prized. Want to make things a little interesting? Have every person make their pizza and compete against one another while keeping attires clean through the procedure.

    7. Pizza box puzzle

    It is impractical to host a pizza pickup party without a pizza or related items. Obtain a pizza box and carefully cut it into nine complex shapes without wasting any material. Shuffle the pieces and have participants rearrange them to obtain the original layout. Time the game and let the participant contest for the top prize.

    8. Pizza box egg race

    Kids love playing the game and making it a perfect choice for any party. All you need is a pizza box and about ten eggs for the participants to compete for the winning position. Check both online and stores in your neighborhood for pizza party pick up supplies.

    9. Where is my pizza

    Set up different pizza boxes and include empty ones as well, now get the participants to pick the box with a pizza. It is surprising how many guests will come out with empty boxes!

    10. Who will finish first?

    pizza party ideas

    Prepared equal sized pizza and let every participant start at the same time. Record the time it takes for each one of them to finish their share. Crown the winner!

    Pizza party pick up games are straightforward and an excellent way to celebrate any party. Which game thrilled you the most?