Any Star Wars fun will undoubtedly include the theme in their party. The love for Star Wars has to be represented on their big day. Fortunately, different games can rhyme with the Star Wars theme for the party. All one has to do is ensure that they are creative enough to accommodate such ideas. Check out the selection below if you are a die-hard fan.

    1. Light Saber Joust

    If you love the functional energy sword’s idea, then this is a perfect game theme to include in your next birthday party. Pick blades that illuminate different colors to make it more fun. Kids will enjoy playing this game even more because of how much fun and enjoyment they will derive from it. Just make sure you are going for fake lightsabers; after all, you are not a Jedi, and you do not want to be triggering any avoidable accidents. Let the kids have fun with look-alike plastic swords, and they will remember the event for life.

    1. Jedi vs. Sith Tag Game

    Here is another fun idea for a game that will get all the Star Wars fans excited. Having guests role play and imitate some of the favorite scenes in the show is something that they will all love. Improvise a prison and imitate everything the movie displayed. If done right, both adults and kids will have the time of their life. There is no going wrong with this one, especially if all those attending the party are real fans.

    1. Pass the Death Star

    Talk of exciting games that every person can play regardless of their age. Just like the hot potato game, pass the death star is not only exciting but also adrenaline-rushing. Improvise the death star and play music to set things in the mood. Please bring in a few prizes to make it even more exciting. If the party is a kids’ party, then find treats and little gifts that they are likely to appreciate.

    1. Star War Characters

    This is a game that participants are identifying the Star War characters. This is the time to know the real die-hards from the ordinary followers. Print lots of pictures and images from the show, and have them ready for the day. Make sure not to go for the easiest characters because it will be a walk in the park. For a little motivation, have gifts and prizes for winners who get most of the characters right.

    1. Star War Moon Rock Hunt

    Such a game requires one’s creativity and ability to think outside the box. Wrap different little gifts in aluminum foil to resemble the shapes of asteroids and moon rocks. Ask guests and kids to find one for keeps and set the entire party into an exciting mood. Who will not want to find a treasure anyway? The little ones will love the game even more.

    1. Use the Force

    Watch as people attempt to bring out their magical powers to make the game work. Improvise the tools to imitate the real ones in the show. You need to be a real fan or watch the specific scene to recreate the game. Either way, it will be a hit with the little ones.

    star wars party games

    1. Act the Scenes

    Do you want to see the magic happen in the eyes of all the little friends gathered in your house? If so, let them act out specific scenes from Star Wars. Buy costumes and make props to make it more exciting. Nothing will cheer the little ones more than believing that they can become their favorite characters. However, you need to be a bit creative and do your research beforehand to know which roles they will play. After all, the last thing you want is a clash at a birthday party.

    1. Star Wars Shape Shifting

    While this s not an easy one to achieve, the game will be fun for all. The idea of having guests turn into different shapes and attempt to harm others will thrill the little ones. You can improvise and create. Bring out your artistic side and let everyone else marvel. The different masks and props will be a favorite with the young boys and girls.

    1. Which Star War Character Said It

    Involve the adults in this one. Have all guests, young and old, attempt to remember specific things Star Wars characters said. Just make sure to pick great remarks. Do not make it too hard because the young ones will get bored. This does not mean that it should also be too easy for them.

    1. Sharpening Jedi Senses Star Wars

    If you are looking for a fun game that will excite guests of all ages, then this is it. You will enjoy cracking the minds of all participants as you watch them make the simplest mistakes. This is a must-have game for any Star Wars birthday party.

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    Regardless of the game you go for, Star Wars themed parties never go wrong. Organize and plan early to have everything work out smoothly.