Are you looking to host a party, and are you wondering how to go about it? Finding ideas that match a specific theme is one of the best moves one can make. The Paw Patrol décor idea is an excellent choice for a children’s party. The important thing is to know how to go about it. Below are some of the best tips you should consider for the party.

    1. Print Cute Invitations

    When choosing the right invitation cards for your Paw Patrol party, make sure to have the little dogs and their vehicles printed on the invitation cards. This should be impressive for the little ones who will be attending. You can choose to have a list of several characters from the show on the card or make each card uniquely with one character on it. Whichever way you decide to go, choose the right invitation card.

    1. Party Décor Should be Simple.

    Choose to go with the party’s blue and red theme since this is the primary theme color. The kids will get excited when they walk into the reception and see all the prints and cutouts of their favorite paw cops. You can have the images of the different characters at every station from the snacks, foods, and drinks corners. Walls will also look beautiful with the blue and red background with images from the show. Just make sure that everything matches beautifully with the theme. You can also ask the attendees to dress the part.

    1. Make Snacks in Shapes that Resemble some of the Characters

    Will you be making cookies and other edibles? If so, make sure to cut out the shapes of some of the conspicuous items from the show. Even if you are not cutting out shapes that resemble the show’s characters, you may want to consider cutting out shapes of some of the items that the kids can quickly identify. For instance, make little cookie shapes that resemble bone treats. You can also play around with colors as long as you make everything edible. The kids will want to play some pretend games and appreciate role-playing with treats that look like real things.

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    1. Make Edible Dog-like Treats

    This does not necessarily mean that you should have real dog treats for the kids. On the contrary, make your standard popcorn kernels and serve them in dishes that resemble dog feeders. All your snacks should go into such bowls. Consider painting them in different colors and having special name tags for each snack. For instance, popcorns can be named pup corns. Choose a way to name the snacks in an inspiring manner that the kids will be reminded of what their favorite characters from the show eat.

    1. Colored drinks

    You know which kind of drinks the kids are likely to enjoy. Just make sure that you have a few edible colors to mix with the drinks. If you make yogurt, for instance, make sure it is red or blue. The kids will be excited about the whole idea. Alternatively, look for fresh fruits and make your healthy fresh juices for the young ones. Find a unique way to display the drinks, like using a cake stand and have the glasses filled with drinks going all around it.

    1. Cupcakes Carry the Day

    Involve the kids in the cupcake-making process. Make sure to have them draw different prints before the cupcakes go into the oven. Alternatively, bake normal cupcakes and decorate them with different colored paw prints. Have as many pieces as possible because the kids will be coming back for them simply because they love the icing on top.

    1. The Birthday Cake should Be Exceptional.

    Even though you have the other snacks looking yummy, the cake should carry the day. It is going to be the center of attention for all the kids. Make sure to have it in a striking red or blue, and have the kid’s favorite paw Patrol character. Have the baker make a few dog-treats that can be placed on top of the cake and around it. All the decoration that goes into the cake should stand out and make it easy for the kids to identify.

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    1. Bring Several Dog Party Favors

    Make the kids remember the day long after it has ended by ensuring they have something to carry home. Prepare in advance by ensuring that you gather several dog teddys that resemble the paw patrol show’s characters. You can even have them customized with each kid’s name on them. Apart from enjoying and celebrating with the birthday boy, the other kids will always be reminded of the party they attended because they got to carry a unique souvenir home.

    1. Paw Patrol Pintables

    Throw in a few gaming ideas for the kids to engage in when they come. You need to ensure that the kids are occupied, especially if the party will take long. Have a station with paw patrol printable and clean sheets of paper for the kids to explore their creativity. You can have a few paintbrushes and colors so that the kids can try different things out. The younger children will appreciate such games. Make sure the paint is easy to clean off and have a few aprons because this station is likely to get messy.

    1. Face Painting Station

    Have an expert face painter stand ready to paint the faces of the little kids. Choose colors that match the theme of the party. You can make it even more impressive by asking each child to mention their favorite character for face painting.

    1. Organize Treasures

    You can have the kids compete for little packages that have the right theme. You can little red and blue packages scattered in different places with the compound. These should be placed strategically for the kids to find.

    1. Décor Cuttings

    Choose a few shapes that resemble the characters in the show. You can have kids make masks and other crafts that they can take with them. Organize a little competition for them to take part in.

    1. Have a Birthday Banner

    Once you have a banner in mind, make sure the theme follows the Paw Patrol idea. Blue and red should feature prominently. Please have a few pics of items from the show on different parts of the banner before putting it up.

    1. Table Decorations

    Anyone who has watched Paw Patrol knows about how the dogs slide down through specific tunnels. Consider DIYs that resemble some of these items. Use them as centerpieces for the coffee and dining tables. Make sure they are conspicuously red or blue.

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    1. Tags and Labels

    Make the kids feel special by creating special name tags for them. Make them show their identification every time they need to pick a snack or drink. This can be some sort of role-playing that identifies them as part of the big team. They will enjoy doing this and even feel great that they are part of something much bigger.

    Planning a themed party is unique. All you have to do is to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas. This is your opportunity to work on DIY pieces and even involve your children in decorating for the party.