While many people see divorce as a huge setback in life, it could be the most liberating life decision to some people. It could be a choice that frees you from a destructive marriage and gives you an opportunity to start life afresh. If this is the case, you will need some divorce party games to celebrate in style.

    Here are some interesting games you can try out.

    Build a Man/Woman

    The idea here is to build the perfect partner and remind yourself of what you were missing in your marriage. Draw an outline of a man or woman and create multiple paper slips that can fit into the outline.

    Each paper slip will have different qualities that the player will choose to put into their ideal man/woman. You can use some glue to stick them in place to ensure that all players have an art and craft souvenir they can take home at the end of the party.


    Karaoke is always at home at any party no matter the theme. All you have to do is tailor the song selection so that people will stick to the mood of the party. Look for song videos with lyrics and cues to ensure people stay in tune.

    You can either pipe the music through a karaoke compatible sound system or just have people sing their heart out as music plays. It’s a good way to let of steam and discover skills you didn’t think you had.

    Ditch the Dress/Suit

    The clothes you wore to your wedding will always hold sentimental value no matter what. Some people see them as a crucial marker of their marriage and attach an almost similar value to the clothes as they would to their wedding rings.

    Ditching the dress, jacket, or suit in a ceremonial way could be a great way to signify the end of that marriage and herald a new beginning. Go for something like shredding it with scissors, burning it, or even donating it to someone you don’t know.

    Kick the Man/Woman

    If you are really furious about your EX, this games gives you an opportunity to literally kick them around. You will need a field, some makeshift goals, and a ball. Take a picture of the EX and stick it onto the ball using clear tape or glue.

    Divide the attendees into two teams and take on a soccer-like game of kicking the ball and trying to score as many goals as possible. You can add some personal rules to the game to spice things up. The game is a great workout, fun, and will help you forget the moment while putting all your frustration into some hard but legal ‘butt kicking.’

    Divorce Movie Matchup

    There are a couple of divorces themed movies out there. While some people know them, a few individuals don’t really know the movies. You can test people understanding by setting up posters with movie names and perhaps an iconic scene from the movie.

    You will also need some paper slips with a short paragraph summarizing the plot. Players will pick the slips randomly, read the description and try to match the description to a movie name. Looking for a point-scoring format and perhaps gift the winners or just clap for them.

    closure bonfire divorce party games

    Closure Bonfire

    A closure bonfire is simple and straightforward. Collect the things that remind you of your past marriage and set them on fire in a controlled way.

    Of course, you have to be out in the open. A fire pit or a grill will do as long as you control the fire. Bonfires are great if you’ve come to terms with the divorce and really want to move on. They are a great way to sever ties and start a fresh life.

    Just ensure you burn your stuff to avoid getting into legal wrangles in the future.

    Throw a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

    Bachelor or Bachelorette parties are a wild show of fun of being single that a bride or groom to be is soon going to forget. It could also be a great way to re-introduce that person to the life after their divorce.

    We have some detailed guides on how to throw bachelor parties and bachelorette parties. You can check them out for more insight.

    Divorce party games are a great way to help you get over the past and move on to a new life. Throwing one for yourself or your best friend could be the best break you can possibly give them after a lengthy and exhausting divorce. Just ensure that they are comfortable and ready to move on.