Gone are the carefree, hard-partying days because when a man turns 40, he is considered mature. Why not begin the new chapter with an extraordinary party? There are numerous unique 40th birthday party ideas for men to try out.

    Unique 40th birthday party ideas for men aim at proving that one is indeed mature and associating with mature things. This does not mean that you have to be boring to be mature. You can still have maximum fun while passing across the right message of who you are.

    10 ideas to make your 40th birthday party unique

    Everyone who attends your party knows that you are turning 40, so it is okay to emphasize that. Try these interesting 40th birthday party ideas that will emphasize on how manly and mature you are.

    Birth year centerpiece

    At the entrance of the venue or the very front, have your year of birth displayed. One option would be to use numbered foil balloons. Another unique alternative is to have the numbers of the year curved nicely on a vintage board.

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    40 vintage photo collage

    Men are not usually complicated when it comes to decorating. Keep it simple. For instance, you can select a beer-themed party or mustache themed party. Have a vintage photo collage with symbolic black and white pictures of you over the years.

    The pictures should be organized neatly to form the numbers 40. You can add one or two centerpieces shaped like mustache and a stylish stand with bottles of beer that guests can enjoy.

    Bottle tops and cards decoration

    Instead of flower decorations, it will be best to have beer or soda bottle caps. You can have different colored caps glued nicely on used car tires. 2-4 tires will be enough depending on the size of the venue. This will create a retro feel at the party.

    Stylish refueling station

    You only turn forty once. One of the best decorating ideas is to place a classy rustic bar with your favorite drinks at a strategic point. Other than beautifying the venue, guests will easily identify what they want to drink. Alternatively, you can convert the rustic stand to be for keeping drinks that guests bring.

    Whiskey cake

    birthday party ideas for men at 40Once you have identified the theme and decorated the venue, select the cake.

    Now, a superman cake or your favorite video game star cake is very traditional.

    Try a cake that portrays you as a legend, like Hennessy, Remy Martin, or Jack Daniels cake.

    On the side of the cake stand, you can have the actual whiskey that you will use to make a toast.

    This will look so manly, age-appropriate, and communicate that the same way whiskey gets better with time, so are you.

    Cookies decorated 40

    Ever thought of decorating birthday cookies? You can have your favorite cookies nicely decorated 40 on the top side. This will definitely be a unique idea because you can custom-make the design to your satisfaction.

    Rustic dessert bar

    Rustic never disappoints. For your unique 40th birthday party, have the decorators create a rustic dessert bar where the cookies, pudding, pastries, and ice cream, among others, will be placed. If it is a big party, you can have several rustic desserts stands to beautify the venue and enable the guests to access the dessert easily.

    Outdoor grilling

    If you have enough space in your backyard, you can sit or stand in a circle, depending on the number of guests and roast meat. This is the perfect time to share funny stories, experiences, and wise words as you drink and eat. However, this more of an intimate setting for only close friends and family.

    40-year-old birthday party games

    The party does not end with food and drinks. Organize 40th birthday party games to engage and entertain the guests. For instance, it will be thoughtful to have a mini-casino and enjoy the games with your adventurous friends. You can also play card games and Memory Down the Lane, among many others.

    80’s songs

    To symbolize your new chapter, select 80’s songs for the party. These age-appropriate songs are not supposed to make you feel old, but rather remind you where you have come from so that you can appreciate the future. You can teach your family some 1980s dance moves that you can perform for the guests.

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    Turning 40 is a great milestone, and you need everything to be perfect. Therefore once you identify the unique 40th birthday party ideas that you want to implement on your big day, contact the relevant service providers. Schedule an appointment to see their previous works to confirm that they can indeed deliver what you want. Happy 40th birthday, man!