Immersive and enchanting virtual reality technology fascinates people. Not only does the gaming industry use VR: but virtual reality is shaping the automotive industry, education, tourism, psychology, and even gambling! For those gamblers who want to feel like they are in a real casino and understand that live games like CookieCasino and this company website games are less realistic than VR ones, VR casino games would be an option. However, virtual reality is most commonly used in the gaming industry. 

    Latest AAA VR titles like Half-Life: Alyx (2020) let gamers experience something they have never dreamed of before and dive into the fantastic immersive worlds. While there are already a lot of VR titles out there, some of them are not only immersive but unique and special. 

    Elven Assassin (2016)

    There are numerous post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk-themed VR games, but what about exploring the virtual reality of fictional medieval towns? The title of Elven Assassin speaks for itself: this is a bow simulator set in the mythological Tolkien-like world, inhabited by elves, dragons, and orcs. You can probably already assume it must be a great and unique game. Yes, it is! It is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t tried this game before how entertaining the game can be. 

    The player controls the elven assassin (we hope you remember Legolas from “The Lord Of The Rings”!), who has to defend an elven town from the orcs and trolls. Or you can probably enjoy a unique thrill and feel like Bard the Bowman from “The Hobbit” – the main hero also has to defend the town from dragons. You will be able to do it both alone and teaming up with other players in the network cooperative mode. Moreover, the game is not just addictive with its atmosphere but also makes you sweat, literally. It can be referred to as fitness games, because archery, even virtual, is not the easiest skill to learn. 

    Obduction (2016) 

    This sci-fi adventure VR game was made by Cyan, creator of Myst. Since the Myst video game series is famous for its striking visuals, Obduction also won’t disappoint even the spoiled gamers. In this game Cyan company has created an amazingly rich in-detail world, which is much more interesting to explore in VR – it reveals all the smallest nuances that you might have missed in the regular version. 

    Obduction, as a continuation of the traditions established in Myst and Riven, is full of spatial riddles, and their solutions are often right in front of the player’s eyes. It feels like you’re in the classic world from Myst, but it’s so realistic that you sometimes have to bend down to an object to get a better look at it. You jump from one point to another, then look around and collect the items you need. 

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Series (latest game released in 2020) 

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? If yes, then this game is for you. 

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most realistic VR flight simulators of all time.  You can fly your plane around the entire Earth with amazing accuracy and even visit your neighborhood. Surprisingly, Microsoft Flight Simulator has also been released for PC VR headsets, so you can play it in virtual reality.  If you’ve always dreamed of traveling around the world, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very real option for exploring the sights of Earth. You can fly over America, and Australia or visit the Serengeti Park in Africa.