A pamper party, sometimes referred to as pampering party, is where a group of lady friends get together to mark a special occasion such as a birthday party, bachelorette party, baby shower, or just to meet and spend time together indulging and getting pampered.

    At the pamper party, the guests are treated to a myriad of pampering treatments such as body massages, manicures, pedicures, and beauty therapy.

    Additionally, the hostess of the party offers healthy snacks like fruit juices and smoothies since the occasion is considered a healthy indulgence.

    Pamper parties are mostly for females and can include either adults, teens, or small girls. Planning a pamper party soon? Here are some of the things you ought to know to arrange a successful pampering party.

    Choosing the right spa pamper party joint

    One of the ideal places to hold a pampering party is at a spa joint. This is because spas have a wide range of body treatments like steam room, sauna, massage, mud bath, jet bath, reflexology, salt scrub, seaweed body wraps, clay/herbal body masks, and waxing. Additionally, one can also get nail services like pedicures, manicures, and paraffin treatment. Hosting a pamper party does not mean that the guests receive all the services, but one can arrange with the spa management and figure out a package that best suits their needs and budget.

    Home pamper parties

    Home pamper parties are increasingly becoming popular because hosting them at a spa hotel is a bit expensive. Secondly, it is a convenient option if one of the ladies is pregnant and cannot go for an eventful night out.

    Invitation ideas

    Even though electronic invitations are not ideal for parties like a wedding, they are appropriate for a pampering party. Remember to keep your list as small as possible. On average, invite 8 to 12 guests because a bigger invitees list means more manpower for pampering as well. In the body of the invitation, list all the pampering activities that your guests will enjoy as well as the timings for each.

    Pampering party themes

    You can opt to have either manicure/pedicure stations, facial stations, massage station, or all of them. If you will be doing it at home, designate an area with serene atmosphere. Other accessories include pre heated white towels, comfortable flip-flops, robes, fashion and lifestyle magazines, fluffy pillows, selfie booth or glitter tattoos, and some soft Zen music.

    pamper party ideas

    Kid’s pamper parties

    As earlier mentioned, pamper parties are not for adults only as kids can partake too. This is especially true for slightly older kids that are transitioning to teens. The pamper party theme can be adjusted to mimic an adult one in a safe surrounding like the parent’s house. Popular pamper parties themes for kids includes a birthday party, slumber party, pajama party, or a sleepover.

    Food, snacks, and beverages

    Among the drinks you can prepare for your guests include fruity juices, teas, or sparkling champagne. Remember to garnish the beverages with lemons and limes. Some of the snacks you can have at the pamper party include cheese and crackers, sandwiches, strawberries, chocolate fountain with bananas or pineapples, or any other preferred fruit.

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    Parting gifts

    After a pampering party, the host can arrange some parting gifts for the ladies. Popular goody bag presents include body, foot, hand or facial scrub, face mask, hand sanitizers, hand or body lotions. One can purchase such scrubs at the beauty store or decide to make home-made ones which I think is an excellent idea. Homemade scrubs will not only save your coins but you are in a position to explain to the guests how you made it so that they can make it for themselves when they run out and that is priceless!

    We hope that you have learnt a thing or two on hosting the ultimate pamper party. Try our pampering party ideas and let us know in the comment section how it turns out. All the best!