Pajama parties are intimate and close-knit, considering that they happen at night in someone’s private premises. In most cases, these gatherings are small and often comprise of close friends and family with something in common. They can be as regular as the circle of friends wants. No matter how you choose to organize your pajama parties, it is only reasonable and polite to bring something with you whenever you are invited. But just what would make an excellent gift or items to bring along to such a party? The suggestions vary and may depend significantly on what the users prefer. It helps to know what the host likes. Even so, below are unique ideas that you can never go wrong with.

    1. Carry your Toiletries

    Some people assume that the host will have a little bit of extra for them to use. Imagine if everyone attending the sleepover or pajama party forgot to bring their toothbrush? This would be disastrous and probably cost your host more than is necessary to purchase new brushes for those who failed to carry theirs. It s only courteous to pack everything you need carefully. Do not expect that your host will provide everything for you.

    In addition to that, people with special care needs such as sensitivity are best advised to pack the specific items they use. It is unkind to expect your host to know what you use and have it present magically. Unless the host asks in advance and requests that no one attending the party should carry personal effects, it is safe to bring personal products. Just ensure that you are reasonable and not overpacking. Carry the items you need in few quantities because you will be resuming your ordinary life later.

    1. Pajamas

    Remember that this is a pajama party, and you are expected to be dressed appropriately. You should not have numerous excuses as to why you were unable to bring your outfit. It is most likely that the host will inform you in advance. Find time to buy a good pair of pajamas to match what everyone else will be wearing at the sleepover. It is best to know if there are any color preferences as well. If not, focus on being comfortable and decent since other people you may not know will be attending. If it is a group of familiar friends, you know what limits not to cross and make a wise choice.

    1. Sleeping Bag

    Most sleep-over hosts have plans on how their guests will be sleeping. However, when the attendees are more than they can accommodate, they are likely to indicate the need for a sleepover. It helps to ask your host if you should bring one just if there are few sleeping spaces for everyone. This shows that you are thoughtful and always willing to sacrifice your comfort for others. However, you need to understand whom you are dealing with. Some people may get offended when you ask about bringing sleeping bags. If this is the kind of person you are dealing with, then bring your sleeping bag but keep it until needed. You never know when the sleeping arrangements get tight.

    1. Carry an Extra Pillow

    Sometimes pillows are never enough, no matter how prepared the host was. While it is impossible to know if everyone attending the party uses a pillow, party hosts can hardly provide everyone’s pillows. It can be an embarrassing moment for them if some guests miss these pillows, yet they need them. You can be the thoughtful one that brings their pillow to spare the host the stress of finding you one. Some of the items that will make your sleep more comfortable should be on your list of things to carry. Some people need sleep toys to fall asleep. Bring your teddy and avoid stressing the host to find you something you can clutch on as you sleep. The fact that you understand your patterns should be enough to make you prepare for it.

    1. Bring Snacks and Games

    A thoughtful slumber party visitor thinks outside the box. Even though you may not be aware of what is planned, carrying a few packs of your card games or small board games is a great idea. You can offer to have everyone else join in when those attending seem to have gone through all games prepared by the host.  The bottom line is to be a thoughtful guest who contributes and offers solutions instead of sitting waiting for the host to come up with all points.

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    Whether you are attending a slumber party for the first time or are used to such events, always stay thoughtful and helpful. After all, it is meant to be fun and convenient, and bringing some items may help.