It is a fact that the costs of medical treatment and prescriptions are high and continue to be a problem for many people living here. Even people with jobs are facing the issue of not being able to afford medications for many things. Just recently there was the story of how the EpiPen prices were spiked overnight to more than $600 putting many lives at risk. Another example was when Daraprim rose by more than 5,000% in cost, an important treatment for people with AIDS. One of the things some Americans are choosing to do is cross the border to enjoy Canadian pharmacy prices, or to use online Canadian pharmacies.

    Concerns some people have about using a Canadian pharmacy

    One thing to consider carefully is the cost. Now yes Canadian pharmacy prices are lower, in some cases by a lot, but there are other costs to think about. If you are ordering online you need to check handling and shipping costs and make sure those things do not take the cost over what you would pay in the US. If you are heading across the border then consider gas costs and the time that takes and factor in whether it is then still worth doing. You also need to think about how the American dollar is doing against the Canadian, some times work better in your favor than others.

    Another thing to think about is the legality. Technically all drugs sold and made in the US should be approved by the FDA. There is the risk of not choosing a reputable online pharmacy and then having poor-quality drugs, things that have been mixed with other substances and so on.

    Advantages of using a Canadian pharmacy

    The biggest reason that more Americans are turning to Canada’s online pharmacies as the biggest supplier is the lower costs. Drugs can be from 30% cheaper all the way to as much as 80% cheaper depending. Copaxone for example a medication for multiple sclerosis costs as little as $1,200 for a month’s supply. In the US a patient would pay at least $4,500. Why are their prices so low? Their government monitors and regulates the prices drug manufacturers can charge for their products. In the US, they can charge whatever they want. That is how insane price jumps can happen overnight, and how they can charge ridiculous amounts. For people who might not have insurance, or who have not great insurance coverage, this is bad news. No wonder people need to find another option.

    Canadian pharmacy prices are not something to be ignored. It is also true that the FDA in general does not prosecute people using them as long as they are for personal use and you only order so much at once. In general, that means keeping your orders to 3 months or less. There are more states allowing it, especially those states on the border of Canada where it is easy and common for people to pop across and get things they want like prescribed medications.