Adults get together once in a while to enjoy a good time together. Usually, there is always a good meal baking or grilling and a few cold drinks that go around as people talk and catch up. Generally, adult life can be overwhelming, especially if you think about how you must meet family and personal expectations. As everyone tries to keep up schedules to keep up with, it is sometimes advisable to break and hang out with friends and family as a healthy way of unwinding. Fortunately, there are so many activities one can engage in to make this work. One such activity is organizing a BBQ party. While at such a party, remember to make it fun and not just about eating and laughing. Come up with fantastic game ideas as those suggested below.

    1. Great Minds Think Alike

    Yes, this is a game and a hilarious one at that. Depending on how comfortable the party attendants are, this is one game that will have people laughing. It is possible to invite people in your circle, and it is possible that they are familiar with each other, not to mention that they may have a few things in common. This makes it easy to predict what they are likely to think about certain things. Come up with a predetermined list of questions, making sure they align with the party’s theme. You can then ask a question and have people guess your possible answer to it. Whoever gets to answer the most questions correctly walks away from the winner. Have a mock trophy for whoever carries the day.

    1. Follow the Clue

    Fortunately, there are numerous free mystery games available online. Pick one that matches your current theme and download it. Print enough copies if you are many, and have people group themselves in smaller teams. The idea is to have each team attempt to solve the mystery. Whichever team gets to solve the mystery gets to honor doing something before everyone else, say to choose the best meat cuts. Who wouldn’t want to have this opportunity anyway? Watch as people compete. Surprisingly, one mystery case is enough to have everyone engaged all evening long, allowing those preparing the food enough time to do their thing.

    1. Not So Newly Wed

    If the party involves couples coming together, then playing the not, so newlyweds game is perfect. Watch as a couple struggles to describe certain aspects of their lives even after living together for years. You will get to discover that it is never really possible to know anyone fully, even after sleeping next to them for decades. The tears of joy and laughter will be worth it.

    1. Never Have I Ever

    This is a perfect choice for a mixed adult group. When people attending the BBQ party are adults from different backgrounds, and marital status, a general game like Never Have I Ever is an excellent choice. Choose safe but random questions and topics to avoid getting on anyone’s bad sides.

    1. Have You Ever

    Similar yet different to the Never Have I Ever, this game’s concept is to help you know more about your guests. Those attending will undoubtedly have something that you probably don’t know about them. Discuss such secrets as you wait for the meat to get ready. Definitely, people will be laughing.

    1. Truth Or Dare

    This one can be a risky game to venture into. However, if you are in a crowd that loves and understands that this is a game, you are safe to proceed. It is also good to set boundaries to avoid guilt-tripping each other, albeit innocently. The last thing you want is to break relationships because of a game.

    playing pictionary

    1. Pictionary/ Gesturing

    Nothing is hilarious than seeing people try to guess what you attempt to describe in gestures. There will be a lot of wrong guesses that you cannot avoid to laugh. You can also have people describing a picture without speaking, for instance, lip work. Have one person attempt to draw the picture. It will be hilarious.

    1. Lip Reading Guessing Game

    This is a perfect guessing game that adults can play. You can have one person wear a headphone with music playing and then utter words or construct a sentence and have the person with the headset guess what you are saying. You can be sure that the sentences they come up with will be hilarious.

    1. Kiss Marry or Kill

    You have to be a close circle of friends to play this one. It is a confession of people revealing the celebrities or other famous people they would marry, kill, or kiss. Create rules for the game to suit you. These rules can be as varied as you decide.

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    1. Two Truths and Lies

    If people attending the party are not familiar with each other, this should be a perfect ice-breaking game. Let people identify themselves with two truths and one lie. You can tweak the game to have the truths funny and the lies embarrassing.

    If everyone walks out of the BBQ party full and happy, your games and meat were great. You will also go down as a great host.